How To Store Lego Sets Long Term (Built Or New Sets) 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

It is disheartening to have your painstakingly created Lego sets knocked over and destroyed. Anyone who has experienced the feeling of spending time and energy creating a Lego structure only to either drop it, knock it over, or have someone dismantle it, knows the feeling of wanting to keep it safe.

If you want your fully built Lego set to be safe, or if you have never built the set and want to protect it as a collectors item then you will want to store it in three main ways. 

To store your Lego sets you will want to use totes, bookshelves, or display cases to protect them while also keeping them organized. 

These optimal storage solutions are not only great for large structures, but they make your Lego collection easier to access as well even if they are still in the box. 

I will go into more detail below about these popular and effective ways to store your Lego sets for a longer period and protect them from any sort of damage. 

Enjoy showing off your creations or displaying them for yourself!

Store Your Legos in Totes/Bins

Totes are excellent storage solutions and also allow you to make sure your creations are positioned correctly. It’s a good idea to invest in transparent totes so you’re able to see any potential damage to your structure or boxes and fix it immediately before any real damage is done. 

You’ll find numerous types and sizes of totes available at your local stores, so you are never without options. Make sure you get one deep enough for the structure you have in mind (if it’s already built) or make sure it’s long and wide enough to fit all the Lego sets you need to store. 

Carefully place the built Lego (or unbuilt sets) inside the bin so that the pieces don’t break off.

You can do this with multiple Lego structures and stack the totes on top of each other without taking up too much space. Just make sure you’re not jostling the box too much. 

To make storage more effective you can use dividers and store more than one of your smaller structures in one tote. Reposition parts of the structure that don’t fit in the box in a way that the whole structure isn’t damaged.

Store Your Legos On Bookshelf

Storing your Lego structure (or unopened boxes) on a bookshelf is a great way to show off your hard work and keep it safe. Make sure the shelf is wide enough so the Lego set doesn’t topple over or hang over the edges of the shelf. 

Start with placing the smaller Lego sets on the top shelves so that there are fewer chances of someone getting hurt if it falls. Place the larger ones closer to the bottom shelves.

Play around with layouts that appeal to you or match your room’s aesthetic. You can even follow a theme with your Lego structures. 

Place ones that are travel-related with books on traveling, or superhero structures with comic books, for example, giving your room a finished decor with your constructions.

You can put TV and movie characters beside your console or near an entertainment center. Put some of your favorite Lego sets on the desk to inspire ideas, while making sure they are within your reach and not a fall risk.

Use Display Cases

Having people admire your hard work is an incredible feeling. To keep your built Lego structure safe and displayed proudly, buying display cases is a great idea. They are perfect if you want to display your creations for people to look at without damaging them or accidentally knocking them over.

Display cases are especially important if you have pets who like to play with or climb anything they see as fair game, so you need to confine everything to the shelves or display cases. 

Buy a clear display case that is tall enough for your structure, position the Lego set inside, and put the lid back on.

Having a display case for rare Lego sets or those that hold sentimental value for you is always a good idea. 

Store Your Legos Under The Bed  

Storing smaller Lego creations under the bed might seem strange, however, storing your Legos this way might be one of the most effective ways to ensure that they remain intact and untouched.

You can easily slide in the Lego structure after placing it in a cardboard box for maximum protection. You can make compartments within the box so the storage doesn’t take up too much space as well. 

You don’t have to be overly cautious with the placement of the box because there are hardly any chances for someone to move or jostle the box underneath the bed.

You can simply take the box out to access the Lego set whenever you want or use it during play sessions. 

Just make sure the Legos are pushed inside well enough so you don’t have to worry about accidentally kicking them and that your bed doesn’t sag down when people sit on it.

Hang Your Legos From The Ceiling

Lego structures like planes, birds, and flying insects are an interesting concept if you hang them from the ceiling. 

It will feel as though they are flying around your room, and aesthetically add character to a playroom.

Install hooks on the ceiling where you want your Lego set to go, measure how low you want the structure to hang, and use a fishing line of the required length. Carefully wrap the fishing line around the structure in a way that keeps it balanced while hanging.

The key is to ensure the weight is evenly distributed when using the fishing line on the structure. 

Use multiple hooks with larger creations if necessary.

Warnings When Storing Legos

While storing your Legos can take a bit of maneuvering, doing it ineffectively, will ensure that your efforts are in vain. Here are some things to watch out for while storing your Lego sets.


Keep the Lego structures away from natural light as much as possible to avoid discoloration. The chemicals in the plastic bricks are broken down by UV light exposure and it will cause the color to fade.


Try to store your Lego bricks in air-tight tote bins or wrap them in bubble wrap so there are fewer chances of dust coating the whole structure. It is hard to clean dust out from the smaller ridges so it is best to ensure that Legos are stored with minimal exposure to dust.


Keep bricks at room temperature and in a dry place. If kept in sweltering heat or direct sunlight, they are likely to reach their melting points faster and meld together or begin to lose their original shapes. 

Final Word

The beauty of Legos is that a multitude of bricks gives you more potential to create something fantastic and lets your imagination run wild. 

This comes with using time and effort correctly so that you get the best results. Use the multiple ways I have listed above to carefully store your Lego sets and make sure they last you a lifetime

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

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