How To Store Your Drawing/Art

How To Store Your Drawing/Art

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You love to use your creative side to draw and create beautiful pieces of art. Hours of dedicated time was spent making sure each line was correctly drawn. 

Pondering how to best display your feelings, you made sure your masterpiece displayed the perfect shade of colors. After completion they were hung on the wall of your home to be enjoyed daily. 

If you are needing to store your artwork more permanently, there are some ways that will help keep them in good condition.

The best way to store your drawings is to cover them with a clean cloth so that they will stay dust free. You will also want to keep your art at a comfortable room temperature when storing them.

Collecting artwork or creating it yourself can be a fun hobby. To keep the pieces safe, store them carefully. 

Most paintings are sensitive to light so you should always store the art out of the way of direct sunlight. You don’t want the rays of the sun to fade the painting. 

An upright position is best for storing art and maximizes storage space. Storing your panting away from moisture and humidity is also a good idea. 

You don’t want them to become too hot and warp the picture so a controlled climate is best.

Never lay the art on the ground. By doing this, you can avoid the art being stepped on or spilt on. If the art is on a canvas, you can purchase a canvas storage rack to keep them off the floor. 

If the drawing will be in storage long term, covering the drawing with a cloth will help keep dust and cobwebs from accumulating on them. You can also buy some mirror boxes or a crate to put your drawing or art in to keep them safe. 

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What Is The Best Way To Store Drawings? 

When it comes to your precious drawings, a lot of time was spent making them. There may be times that you need to store them away and if so, you don’t want to have to worry about them getting ruined somehow. 

You can store your drawing under your bed or even in a climate controlled storage unit. These places are much less likely to slow your drawings to get damaged. 

Another way you can protect your drawing is to frame it in glass so that it is better protected from dust and spills. This is also a great way to store them so that when you want to hang them on your wall you can do so.

If a piece of art includes more than just work with a pencil then it will be more fragile and need extra care when it comes to storing it.

For a charcoal drawing you can spray them with a fixative spray so they won’t collect dust. A color pencil drawing needs to be set with a varnish or fixture so that they don’t smudge and remain dust free. 

Then you can store them by matting and framing or even storing them in a portfolio.Like I mentioned earlier, avoid humid areas of storage for your drawing or artwork.

How Do You Pack Art For Storage? 

You have enjoyed the beauty of your handiwork hanging on the wall for years. And now the time has arrived for you to put your precious art in storage. 

Whether this is long or short term you want to take the proper steps to keep the art pieces safe.

When storing your art, be sure to wrap them in protective materials. You can use blankets or bubble wrap and tape them tightly to keep them safe in storage.

The ideal humidity for art or a drawing to be stored in is forty to fifty percent with a temperature of around seventy to seventy-five degrees. You don’t want the climate to be severe because this can ruin your painting by cracking, warping, yellowing or growing mold.

If your art is unframed consider wrapping it in glass which is an air and water resistant material and then you can place it between some foam or cardboard.

Make sure the entire art piece is covered and wrapped before boxing it up. For boxing you can use a mirror box or a crate or a large box big enough to fit the art. Don’t stack the art  on top of each other or even lay them flat since the frame may collapse under their own weight.

If you feel that the art needs an additional layer of protection, a plastic bag can be used around it. Keep it away from direct sunlight and you’re ready to store your art.

Why Is It Important To Clean Art Before Storing It? 

Drawings and art are a way of expressing feelings or creating pictures of different forms. There are so many types of drawing and art and each is amazing. 

If you are someone who collects art or enjoys the hobby of creating art, you know how important it is to keep the pieces clean and safe.

It is important to clean art before storing it because it prevents dirt build up and it is easier to protect the pieces.

It is better to prevent the painting or drawing from getting dirty than to actually clean it. So when you make sure it is clean before storing it you are on your way to keeping your art safe and well-cared for. 

If you are the artist, applying some varnish over your art will protect it from dust but this should only be used on specific kinds of art. Reading up on your artwork to see how to best care for it will be helpful when it comes to storing your masterpiece.

Something inevitable when it comes to art is natural aging. The signs of this type of damage are flaking paint, discoloration, cracks, and warping. If this has happened to any of your art, it can be brought to a professional restorer to bring it back to its former glory. 

By taking the proper steps to keeping your art clean you will be able to keep your pieces for years without worrying about bigger issues in the future.

Final Thoughts 

Storing your drawings and art is not something hard to do. As long as you have the needed materials for proper storage you are set to pack them away for future use. 

Wrapping the drawing or art and packaging it will keep it from getting dirty and damaged. When you know how to store the art correctly you will keep them from getting ruined so you can continue to enjoy the colors and designs of your pieces after storing them.

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