In Chess, Can A King Take A Queen?

In Chess, Can A King Take A Queen?

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Did you know that about 70% of the population in the US, UK, India, Russia, and Germany have played chess at some point in their life? That’s a pretty huge group of people that have at least tried the game and are somewhat familiar with chess. 

It is thought that 605 million adults play chess regularly. 

Theoretically, you can get your opponent in checkmate with only 2 moves! Now, I personally haven’t witnessed that theoretical statement, but it still sounds cool if you can make it happen!

With 16 different pieces that are each mirrored on the opponent’s side of the board, everyone knows to protect the king. But now we wonder if that king may actually be more than just a crown and glory for a person to use at their whim. 

Is it possible for a king to take/capture a queen?

A king can capture a queen in chess as long as doing so doesn’t put him into check. However this is rare since the king has such a small area to move in (one space in any direction) while the queen can move from much further away. 

With chess being so popular, it’s always amazing to know that you can potentially make a friend anywhere. Chess may be a great way to open up dialog with a perfect stranger. 

There are also some pretty cool chess sets out there. The most famous chess sets out there are made out of pure gold and decorated in diamonds and other rare gems.

Often rare chess sets are available by expert craftsmen and famous jewelers. 

The ten most expensive chess sets range from $33,575.05 to $1,401,537.10. You can imagine that chess truly has a stronghold in the world just by knowing how much someone is willing to pay for something incredibly special to show people.

Now, looking at your chess board, the king is extremely valuable, yet honestly can’t move much. It’s only able to move one square at a time. 

Now it’s not contained to only one direction of movement, but it still is only able to move one space at a time, which makes its movements slow going on the board. 

Despite its slow movement, if the king is in a position to be able to take a queen it can definitely take that opportunity. Understand, this is extremely rare though. 

Any king or queen is generally extremely watched, so to have a queen in such a position may cause you some thought to look around the board to make sure it’s not a trap. It would be an extremely rare opportunity to do so, but if all is clear, use that king to capture the queen!

Knowing how popular chess is, you can bring your set just about anywhere and find someone who would like to play against you. You don’t necessarily need an expensive chess set either, but they sure are cool to look at. 

When playing chess, always make sure that your king is well protected, but if the opportunity arises, the king can definitely capture the queen. So happy playing!

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Is Chess A Dying Game?

Did you know that while Nixon was in the middle of his presidential campaign where he would eventually be reelected, people would phone in to the news network and beg the tv channel to instead show the preferred hours long chess games between Bobby Fisher and Borris Spassky? 

The 1972 PBS network still claims that the chess games between Fisher and Spassky was the most popular chess show in their history! 

Knowing how popular chess was, chess enthusiasts have bemoaned the fact that chess seems to not be as interesting to the general population as it used to be. 

Does this mean that chess is a dying game?

Between 2004 and 2017 chess decreased in popularity worldwide by about 50% (according to Google) however in the last few years some of that popularity has come back. 

Overall since 2004 the popularity of chess has dropped by about 30-40%. 

With over 605 million chess players around the globe, it’s hard to imagine that chess is possibly becoming a dying game. With a cheaper chess set ranging between $10-$20, and a general set the cost ranging $50-$200, chess is a very accessible game with very little learning but a lifetime of mastery. 

All 64 alternating colored squares represent the greatest minds that are around today. It is a game that crosses cultures and most people have at least heard of it, if not at least a general knowledge of how to play the game.

The general reasons that are given for the lack of excitement for chess in America are as follows: 

There is a lack of charismatic players in the industry for the last few years, and along with the FIDE’s political and financial problems have not induced new players to take the stage of chess. 

There is also a shortage of compelling stories for the game of chess to interest the next generation. This is all working together to cause chess not to be as popular. 

So would you consider chess to be a dying game? 

There are some hopeful enthusiasts who believe that it will make a comeback in the future. There is hope for better and more enthusiastic players to come, but until that time, it may be a game that isn’t thought of much.

Americans have hope in Hikaru Nakamura, who became a grandmaster when he was only 15 years old. It is said that he’s very charismatic and a great personality that they are thinking will help the popularity of the game once again. 

There’s also the possibility that the Dutch supermodel, Magnus Carlsen, will be able to revive the game as well since he has the sponsors and fame to go with it. He is claimed to be one of the strongest players in history. 

With very imaginative players, the chess world is hoping that they will be able to snag media attention and eventually bring back a love for the game of chess.

With chess still an extremely popular game around the world, I honestly can’t give an answer on if it’s a dying game. 

True, it has lost some of its popularity in the last few years, but with some promising new players and engaging stories coming out, it now has a greater chance of entering the hearts and minds of people once again. 

As stated above, there are over 605 million active players around the world. With the online games of chess now, people don’t even have to be with other people to play. That is to its favor right now. 

The popular TV show, Game of Thrones, is said to be based off of the game of chess too! This sudden influence with the game may also help people to be more interested in chess. 

With Nakamura and Carslen taking up the helm of the game’s media presence, there is more hope for its future.

With chess being such a huge part of history and also its present media output, chess is still an active part of people’s lives. No matter which country you are in, there is hope that chess will stay as popular as it has been for all these years. 

The game of chess brings people together to master the minds of another. It creates a kingdom with followers to conquer another kingdom. 

It still creates excitement as people will battle with their minds across a board to another. People still have a love for chess, and that’s the hope that the chess leaders have that the game will continue for many more years to come.

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