In Chess Can A Queen Kill/ Take A King?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:03 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:03 pm

You see a board with 64 alternating squares of 2 colors and 16 different pieces on each side. If you’ve never seen a chess board before, you may be scratching your head trying to figure out what each piece is and what their function is. 

However my favorite pieces are always the king and queen. They represent power and the prestige of a kingdom all on a board.

 Pretty sweet in my opinion. Now when playing the game, there’s a question on if a queen can take/capture a king.

In chess the king is never officially captured by any of the pieces. Instead the king is put into checkmate which means there is no way within one turn for the king to not be able to be captured. 

So although the queen (or any other piece) can put the king in checkmate no piece ever officially captured the king since the game ends one turn before the king is captured. 

The queen brings grace, beauty, and love to any courtroom. She’s thought of as being a person who represents the heart of her people. But in war, the queen is the one who will raise morale as she takes care of those under her. 

Thankfully, in chess, there’s no bloodshed! However, she is extremely powerful in her moves and her main goal is to protect her king.

The king brings honor, courage, faith, and trust to his kingdom. He is the one who will rally the troops under his command and lead his followers to regions beyond. 

The king sounds the battle cry in the war. He leads and fights for his kingdom. Once again, I’m thankful that chess is a bloodless war!

In chess, the king and queen fight side by side, and together they fight the battle for dominance. The queen may be the most powerful piece on the chess board with her seemingly abundance of moves that are available; however, the king represents the country or kingdom. 

If you lose the king, you lose the war.

Now, since the queen and king are so well protected in the game, it’s almost impossible for this move to happen. If your opponent isn’t thinking clearly, he may leave his queen and king as easy targets to be taken. That’s one reason why it’s important to pay attention when playing the game.

When playing the game of chess, you really want to protect your king and queen at all costs. But if the opportunity arises to capture the opponent’s pieces, be careful to keep your king secure. 

If the queen sees the option to take the opponent’s king, it would mean the end of the game as that would be a checkmate. 

What Is The Chess Game Setup?

Holding a rook in your hand, you debate which square it needs to go. Questioning the queen gives you no answers as you are trying to locate your pawns. The bishop is no help as you look at your king, and so and so forth. 

Looking at chess pieces, you can see the fascination that comes with each individual set. The more personal ones are often made to suit a certain personality, while general chess sets have a plain make and model. 

If you want a personalized chess set, they can be very cool to look at. The game is extremely popular, so even people who have never played chess know about it. 

Even with so many different types of chess sets available, you will always have the same designated areas for your pieces. Thankfully, it’s a rather simple process to place your pieces where they belong.

Now, to actually set up a chess board, there is a definite place for each piece. In looking at a chess board, you will see 64 alternating squares of two different colors. Most of the time, the colors will alternate between white and black, while personalized chess sets may be different. 

All of the pieces each player has goes in a designated spot while the king and queen are switched on each side depending on the color that they are.

You will have 2 sets of alternating colors on your board with 16 pieces on each side. Each person will have their pieces to set up on the 2 rows closest to him. The second row will be all 8 pawns. 

It doesn’t matter the color square they are on. 

Then the first row, the row closest to the player, is where the other 8 pieces will be arranged. On either corner closest to the player will be your rook. 

I’ve also heard this piece called a castle, depending on your chess set. It will also help you to remember as all four rooks on the corners make the board look like a castle. 

Next to both of your rooks will be your knights. Since they have the horse shape, they are sometimes called a horse. 

Next to the knights will be the bishops. Personally, I’ve never been told an alternate name for them, and yes, I have looked at different chess sets in stores! So no worries on getting the name confused. 

Next the queen will go on her color. So if she is a white piece, then she will go on the white square available and vice versa. Then the king goes on the last available square.

Based on how a chess set is set up, the king and queen are the most protected pieces you have. All other pieces protect their rulers. Now, if you choose your pieces based on the color, you have an advantage. 

The white pieces always go first! It is said that the more motivated player will always choose white. It gives a sense of empowerment even if the player they are up against is a stronger player.

Whether you choose to play as the white or black pieces, the game of chess is always set up the same. Whether you decide to buy an expensive set or a general set, it doesn’t necessarily put you at an advantage. 

Except if you buy a really cool set, that will be a great talking point with people, so a great ice breaker when having guests! 

However, even with this in mind, you always will have your chess board set up the same way every time. The only known advantage is that the white pieces always go first. 

When you play chess, know that you are one of 605 million adults who are known to play chess. It has crossed countries and cultures to conquer the globe. I always look on it as my personal kingdom, and I need to conquer the other. 

Today, I’m just thankful I can play the game without the responsibility of an actual kingdom to do it with!

Did you know that the most expensive chess board in the world is worth $9.8 million USD? If you look at the king piece in this set, it has 146 diamonds and 73 studded rubies all placed in 165.2 grams of beautiful 18 carat gold! 

Now, if you work at McDonald’s, this set may not be for you. A chess set budget can be anywhere from $10 to several thousands of dollars. If you want just a generally nice looking chess set, you may want to budget $80 to $200 USD. 

Of course, the choices are endless, and finding the one that suits you can be a fun shopping adventure.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:03 pm

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