In Chess Can Bishop Move Backwards?

In Chess Can Bishop Move Backwards?

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A mahogany chess board sits atop a sleek wooden table. Multicolored squares proudly displayed several pieces of royalty. 

Lining up for battle on one side are the white pieces. On the other rows, the black chess pieces stand ready. Each of its unique pieces play a different role in the game and all have the duty of protecting the king. 

Chess can be a challenging game to play. You must know which piece is able to be moved where and when. 

One piece located on the chessboard is called the bishop. A common question related to this piece is how it can move.

The bishop piece in chess can move backwards. Its movements are long range but it is limited to only moving diagonally in a straight line forwards or backwards.

At the start of the game, each player begins with two bishops. It comes as no surprise that this important piece is placed between the king and his knight and the other between the queen and her knight. 

The bishop can move anywhere he pleases as long as the move is diagonal. He may not jump over other pieces but can capture any piece that is blocking his path. 

A bishop is capable of capturing any other piece and taking its square.

Even with this limited ability, the bishop is a useful piece with his diagonal and backward movements. Having the ability to do so, the bishop is held to only landing on squares of the color he starts the game on. 

Your bishop can capture an opposing piece by landing on the square it is on. During the game a player may move their bishop forwards or backwards on the same diagonal color as they wish. 

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Which Chess Piece Cannot Move Backwards? 

There is just something mesmerizing about a chess piece. The game includes weak and strong pieces and it is complicated in the fact that there are only certain ways you can move each piece. 

Chess pieces all move in different ways. The pawns can only move one square at a time. 

This little piece can only advance across the board as well, meaning only forward movements for the pawn.

The only piece in chess that cannot move backwards is the pawn. The most common piece has limits to its movements but is still important to the game. 

All other pieces on the chessboard can move backwards. The queen, knights, rooks, king, and the bishop can all move backwards during their turn. 

When a pawn reaches the other side of the board, you may then promote your pawn to a queen and gain the ability to move in the same way a queen can. Then the pawn may move backwards.

Chess is a game of using your brain to play smart and when you do, you will be able to win easily. Each piece has a different way of moving across the squares. 

Knowing how all the different pieces move around the board will help you know what move is best to take.

What Is The Most Powerful Piece In Chess? 

Every good chess game begins with placement of the pieces. Each has their own specific square on which they must start the game. 

Imagine a castle setting as you put all the pieces in order. 

The pawns fill up the first row and the corners are reserved for the rooks. Moving your way inside the board place the knight, next the bishops, then the queen placed on her own color and finally the king. 

Because of the way a queen is able to move throughout the game she is very important.

The queen is the most powerful chess piece with its ability to move in any direction and as many squares as she wants as king as another piece is not in the way. 

Combining the power of the rook and the bishop the queen can move one to seven squares in a turn in any direction. She is able to move up, down, left, right, or even diagonally. 

She is limited by being able to capture only one piece per turn and cannot jump over any other pieces. Still, the queen is the most powerful chess piece and aims to protect her king.

The opposing king may be able to capture the queen. 

This is hard to do since her movements are so many but it is possible. 

The queen is responsible for the protection of her king because if the king is trapped, the game is over. Her abilities make her well qualified for the position and she is the strongest chess piece.

Can Playing Chess Improve Your IQ? 

Let’s be honest, chess isn’t for the faint of heart. The game takes a lot of focus and skill. 

Chess takes time to play and strategy to perfect. Since it requires so much brain power, can this impressive board game raise your IQ?

According to some studies, playing chess is known to make you smarter and improve your IQ. The game consists of thinking and strategy which both involve exercising your brain power. 

Using your brain to think on how to move your pieces every turn for the best outcome, chess can help strengthen it. 

A study was done in Venezuela to see if chess improved the IQ of some students. The end result suggested that it does when the students produced a significant rise in IQ after just four months. 

Expert chess players’ brains are said to be much more active than the average person’s brain.

Chess can also help with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s disease. The brain works like a muscle and when it is worked and strengthened it is stronger. 

Because playing chess exercises both sides of the brain it is a way to activate your mind for better brain power while letting you be creative and choose how you want to play the game. 

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Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the bishop piece is able to move backwards if you need to do it in a turn and can only be moved diagonally forward or backward in a line. 

The bishop can also travel across the board a long way making it a very useful piece. 

When you understand how to play chess it can be a fun game. Every piece has its own special way of moving around the chessboard and things they can and cannot do. 

Challenge your brain to an enjoyable and competitive game of chess.

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