Is Drawing An Expensive Hobby? 

There are lots of different hobbies out there to partake in. Some can be a bit more expensive than others; it just depends on the type of hobby you are looking for. 

If you are an outdoorsy person, sporting equipment like golf clubs and tennis rackets are typically just a one-time purchase. If you prefer crafting, there are all different types of crafts you can create. 

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Whether you like to draw, paint, hot glue, or do other DIY’s, the possibilities are endless. What about drawing? 

Is drawing an expensive hobby to pick up?  Will you constantly need to buy supplies? 

Drawing as a hobby doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. In reality, all you need to get started is a sheet of paper and pencil. 

Many of us already have those two supplies in the house. If you want to take your drawings to the next level, then the costs may start to add up. 

Even with these other supplies needed to get started, drawing as a whole is not an expensive hobby especially when compared to things like golf, drones, bowling, etc. 

If you decide to get serious about drawing as a hobby, here are a few of the supplies you will need to get started. 

  • Graphite Pencils: There are different ranges of graphite pencils that help in creating the right textures and shadings in your drawings. The tips of the pencils are a bit softer to help with shading and also won’t break as easily as a regular pencil. 
  • Sketchpad: Sketchpads can serve many purposes. They are easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. They are there whenever or wherever you have an inspiration to draw. Your sketchpad can also be used as a way to track your progression in your hobby of drawing. 
  • Erasers: You will need great quality erases to make sure that you don’t accidentally smudge other areas of your drawings. You may not want to admit or even think that you need an eraser, but everyone makes mistakes and needs a redo every once in a while. 

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Are There Any Benefits To Drawing?

Drawing can be considered as something only people that are talented or passionate about it do. But drawing is much more than that. Drawing is not only a way to express your emotions but also comes with some health benefits. 

What are the benefits of drawing? 

Improve Memory

Drawing can help boost your memory skills. Alzheimer’s patients often enjoy drawing as a way to express the memories they still cherish.

Drawing also helps strengthen your recall. It will sharpen your mind as you try to draw the things that you remember.

Improve Communication

Drawing allows you to express your inner feelings. Many people find it difficult to find just the right words to the emotions that they are feeling. 

Drawing may also help children explain their emotions on paper instead of bursting out into temper tantrums. 

Drawing is also a great way to allow children with autism to express themselves when they don’t feel comfortable enough using words. 

Once your feelings are out on paper, it is easier for others to understand just where you are coming from with your emotions. 

Improve Creativity

Each person uses one side of their brain a bit more than the other. Right-brained people tend to be artistic and left-brained people are analytical. Drawing will either further the creativity in the right brain or draw out creativity in the left brain. 

Drawing is a great use of the imagination. It is also a great way to communicate emotions and produce memories. 

Because drawing can increase creativity, it is highly recommended for children. Drawing can help with a child’s full brain development. 

Improve Problem Solving Skills

Drawing improves critical thinking and problem-solving. Drawing requires you to think outside the box. 

You have a blank sheet of paper and can produce whatever artwork you desire. Drawing helps to address situations. 

You can work out a problem by drawing different answers to your problematic scenario. 

Relieves Stress

A major health concern throughout the world is stress. We have stress every day of our lives. Some days the stress may be a bit better than others, but it is still stress. 

Drawing can take your mind off your stress by allowing you to get lost in your drawing. You can also reduce stress by addressing your stress while drawing about it. 

Reducing your stress through drawing is a great benefit to your health. 

Increases Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are developed at an early age. Grabbing a pencil as a baby is a big task to ask. As a child gets older, it becomes much easier to grab the pencil. 

The next stage is proper gripping and control over the pencil. Eventually, grabbing and controlling a pencil becomes second nature. The same is true for drawing. 

Drawing requires a different kind of control over the pencil. While drawing, your brain sends signals that help to improve fine motor skills. 

Increases Observation

Drawing will help you pay attention to all the tiny details. As you learn all about color, shading, darkness, and other aspects of drawing, you are also teaching your brain to be more observant. 

You can now see more intricate designs and are aware of other details in drawings that most won’t see. 

Is Drawing A Talent Or Skill? 

Drawing may seem a bit intimidating, to begin with. If you are just jumping into the hobby, it is important to remember that you cannot compare your drawings to anyone else. 

You can use other people’s drawings for inspiration but never for comparison. With that in mind, do you need any talent to begin drawing, or is it a skill that can be learned? 

Drawing is a skill that can be learned. It may feel like a talent that should have been acquired at birth, but it is simply a skill that can be mastered. 

Drawing is just a series of lines and shapes that you can control and bend into beautiful drawings. Once you have learned the skills of shading, texture, coloring, lines, and shapes, others will look at you and think you were born with the gift of drawing. 

Final Thoughts 

Drawing is not an expensive hobby to start and even once you get into it there are many other hobbies that are far more expensive. To get started with drawing all you really need is a pencil and a piece of paper and you are good to go. 

You will master the skill of drawing in no time as you also reap the health benefits from it as well.  

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