Is Drawing The Same As Painting?

Drawing and painting are the two most recognized methods of art. They are both great ways to express your feelings and who you are inside to the rest of the world. 

When you draw or paint, you are either recreating something you once enjoyed or creating something new that only you see in your imagination.  To better understand if drawing is the same as painting, we need to look at the similarities and differences. 

Easy Drawing Ideas Cubist Portrait
Easy Drawing Ideas Cubist Portrait

Although drawing and painting are similar they are not the same. Many artists will start with drawing and move to painting while others will perfect their drawing art. 

Drawing focuses on creating lines and shapes with pencils. Drawings are also often exclusively one color. 

You can also take your sketchpad and pencil and draw anywhere. 

Painting focuses on color and form. Paintings often have a wide variety of colors. Instead of creating lines and shapes, painting requires you to focus on brush strokes and the blending of colors. 

When you paint you are bound to where you can carry your canvas and paints. 

Drawing and painting are two very different forms of art. Even though they may look similar, they are each a unique form of expression. 

If you have a bright and vibrant personality, you might be drawn to express yourself through all the different bright colors of paint. If you prefer observing your surroundings and recreating the real world around you, then you might be drawn to the art of drawing. 

Another difference between drawing and painting is the types of tools that you use to create your art. Drawing requires paper, pencils, pens, and sometimes charcoal. 

Painting requires much more; you can need paints, drop cloths, painting clothes, canvas, brushes, and an easel. 

If you are not the type who enjoys pulling out all the things to create, then you might prefer drawing. 

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Which Is Harder, Painting or Drawing?  

If you asked different artists which was harder, painting or drawing, you would get dozens of varying answers. There is no clear answer as to which activity is more difficult. 

Basic drawing is typically easier for most people than basic painting. However as drawing and painting becomes more advanced both are about the same in regards to difficulty. 

To answer the questions of which one is harder, it really does depend on the artist. If you prefer to stare at a blank canvas and envision bright colors to put on the canvas, then painting might come easier to you than others. 

If you are not afraid to make, “happy accidents,” then the art of painting might be more the type of art that you use to express yourself. However, if you would rather erase your “happy accidents,” and start over, then the art of drawing might be best for you. 

Another way this question could be answered is by asking another question. How patient are you? 

If you are the type of person who does not like to wait, painting might be more difficult for you. You have to wait for the first layer of paint to dry to fill in some places that may have been missed or where the stroke looks a little off. 

Either way, most paintings require more than one coat of paint. This means you need to wait until the first one is dry to continue painting. 

If you decide to draw, this requires a different kind of patience. You start to sketch and erase, sketch and erase, over and over again. Some people don’t mind working on the same piece for many hours.

What Are The Different Types Of Drawing And Paintings? 

Several different styles of art can contribute to the difficulty of drawing and painting. If you are drawing stick figures, drawing can seem easier than painting. 

If you decide to abstract paint with no lines, rhyme, or reason, then painting might seem easier than drawing. 

Here are the different types of drawings and paintings you can create. 

Drawing Styles

  • Illustration Drawings: This is an imaginative drawing. You create whatever you see in your imagination. This is the type of style used for books, advertising, etc. 
  • Life Drawings: This style is realistic. You draw what you see around you in life. You could draw nature or capture the likeness of people you see. 
  • Emotive Drawings: This is the style that allows you to draw your emotions. This can be considered one of the harder styles as sometimes it can be difficult to draw your emotions. 
  • Geometric Drawings: This style focuses primarily on shapes. You would use specific dimensions and scales to draw your creations. 
  • Architectural Drawings: Using this style, you would create buildings and blueprints for others to follow. This is the basis for architectural work. You see and draw the building before it’s a reality. 
  • Perspective Drawings: This style is used to create three-dimensional drawings. This focuses mainly on scale and perspective. You can create illusions on paper. 
  • Analytic Drawings: This is used to draw accurate depictions. For example, this style would be found in textbooks where the illustrations are based on observation. 

Painting is a bit different when it comes to styles. Paintings are defined by the material used as well as the technique. 

Using different paints and skills create different results on the canvas. If two artists are asked to paint the same scene, the results can vary greatly. 

These are the different types of paintings created with different materials: oil, watercolor, acrylic, matter, ink, texture, enamel, gouache, sand, and digital painting. The different styles of painting are realism painterly, abstract, hyperrealism, impressionism, and expressionism. 

Is It Better To Draw Before You Paint? 

Typically when you paint, it is based on a drawing. Many artists will even draw their designs on a canvas before they begin painting. 

Will your paintings turn out better if you draw them out first?

It is not necessary to draw before you paint. However, if you feel more comfortable following a pattern when you paint, then go ahead and draw your design before you begin painting. 

Some people believe that you have to get good at drawing before you can paint at all. However this isn’t really the case since drawing and painting are really two totally different styles that take different skills. 

Final Thoughts 

Drawing and painting are two very different forms of expression through art. The main difference is that drawing focuses on lines and shapes while painting focuses on colors, form, and texture. 

You do not need to be an expert in drawing to be successful in painting. It does not matter what your preferred method of drawing or painting is as long as you have fun creating your art. 

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