Is Monopoly Plus Cross Platform? (Xbox, Switch, PC, PS4/5)

Is Monopoly Plus Cross Platform?

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Monopoly is one of the most recognized board games in the world. It has weathered the years and maintains an enormous amount of popularity among every age group it targets. 

Its monocle wearing mascot is likely the most recognized board-game based character ever. Board game designers dream of putting out a product that could compare to the popularity of Monopoly.

So when you are so vastly popular, how do you start capitalizing on new markets? 

How do you expand your potential purchaser base? 

You enter a new genre, online gaming. Enter Monopoly Plus. 

Monopoly Plus takes the classic board game, and places it not only on PC, but also on major video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

One of the most loved features of the video game platform is the ability to play with others. 

With Monopoly Plus, you can play Monopoly with friends all over the country from the comfort of your own home!

There are some restrictions, however, and that all your friends have to be on the same platform. 

Monopoly Plus is not a cross platform game and online multiplayer can only be played with friends who have the game on the same platform. Some other Monopoly games will work on multiple platforms (such as the Monopoly game for phones) but Monopoly plus is not cross platform. 

This means that you cannot play against your friend on Monopoly Plus on PlayStation if your friend only has an Xbox or Nintendo Switch. While this might cause some frustration, the development team for Monopoly Plus does not have any plans to implement this feature.

That drawback aside, playing a virtual Monopoly game is pretty cool. Who would have thought back in 1935 that people could play this board game against someone in a whole other country!

The gaming industry sure has made some massive strides over the last couple decades, and Monopoly Plus is definitely one of them.

To get your own copy of Monopoly Plus you can click here. 

Is Monopoly Plus Online Multiplayer?

The internet has brought about some wonderful expansions in the gaming industry. Before, if you wanted to play a board game you only had the option of playing it with the people you could round up for a game. 

With the advancements in the internet, we now can play almost any game with friends across the country.

Monopoly is no exception to this. 

Released in 2014, Monopoly Plus is an excellent way to play the classic board game online. Not only is Monopoly Plus available for PC, but consoles as well, and it can be taken online in every iteration of its release. 

Playing online is fun, because you can play Monopoly even if no one else is with you. 

Naturally, with online play you can play with strangers, but often you might want to play with your friends. So you might wonder if it is a multiplayer game. You are in luck. 

Monopoly Plus does have online multiplayer. With the various online platforms for the respective gaming systems, you can play with up to six of your friends online in this digital simulation of Monopoly.

It is pretty cool to just switch on your PlayStation or Xbox and start playing this classic game with your buddy that lives a few states away. 

Though, you will miss out on the actual physical game being in front of you, this does keep anyone from getting so mad they flip the board over and you have to start over because no one remembers where everything was.

Can I Play Monopoly Plus By Myself?

With Monopoly Plus, you have an opportunity to play the classic board game whenever you want. All you need is a gaming system! 

This can be a PC, an Xbox, a Nintendo, or a PlayStation. You don’t need anything other than one of these and a copy of Monopoly Plus to get started.

You can play Monopoly Plus online with random people, or you can play a “local” game with artificially intelligent “bots”. These bots are controlled by the game, and allow you to play by yourself or with people from all over the world. 

If you just want to play, but don’t have someone to play with, you can also hop online and play with complete strangers.

Monopoly can also be played alone in this digital version. It lets you choose just how alone you want to be, too. 

You can play against computers only, or you can go online and play a multiplayer game that has random players from across the globe assigned to it.

So whether you choose to play Monopoly Plus against the A.I. bots, or online against people you don’t know, the game really only takes you to play.

How To Play Monopoly Plus With Friends?

Monopoly Plus is an online platform for the classic board game Monopoly. It is a downloadable game on pretty much any gaming platform you can think of. 

From personal computers to consoles, Monopoly Plus is a great platform to play with your friends online!

With Monopoly Plus, you can play online games against your friends near and far. You each will need your own copy of the game, an internet connection and the same gaming platform.

Once you have gotten online with your preferred system, start the game and select the Online game mode. Afterwards, you will be able to select if the game will be Public or Private. 

Public games will allow others looking for a game to join, while Private games will only be available to your friends.

After choosing your mode, you can select from the optional rules that you would often use in real life. Then your friends and family will be able to join.

Though you all have to use the same system to play together, you can also play a local game where multiple people play from the same system. 

Either way, you have a great game to play, as any way to play Monopoly is a good way to play Monopoly.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a lot of friends and family nearby to play games with. Whether it is work, health, or personal choice, many live hours away from their closest loved ones. 

Monopoly Plus is a great way to shorten the distance and have a little fun together.

Next time you find yourself with an Uncle Pennybags shaped void, hop on your favorite gaming system and look up Monopoly Plus. You will never have to suffer through a Monopoly-less day again.

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