Is Painting Expensive? (Is It Worth It?)

Is Painting Expensive? (Is It Worth It?)

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To those art lovers that don’t know how to paint yet, but want to give it a go, there are a few things that you should consider before you go all out and buy anything and everything to get started. 

Because, knowing just myself, when I want to start a new hobby, I like to buy ALL the things that you “need” and all the best things. So keep these things in mind before you break the bank.

Painting is an expensive hobby in the beginning when an artist needs to initially buy all the needed supplies including paints, canvases, and brushes. Overtime, painting expenses can be reduced by using lower quality materials and taking advantage of sales. 

Just like in every other hobby, this will be the case in painting as well. If you just want to get basic paint and paper then your expenses will be minimal however if you are planning on taking the painting seriously you will need to spend a good amount of money up front. 

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How Expensive Are Painting Startup Costs?

Starting any hobby is going to be expensive. That’s true whether it’s painting or car repair. Before you begin a new hobby it’s important to first consider how much it is going to cost. 

Here are some of the startup costs for painting.

1. Paint

How much this will cost depends on the quality of paint that you buy. The hobby style paint tubes can range from $5-$15 for just ONE tube. And you are going to want at least several colors.

 For paint, you are looking at at least $20-$30 for the lower end quality paint. 

2. Brushes

You can buy these in sets or individually. These vary in price by size of the brush as well as the quality. 

A small brush is about $5 while a bigger brush can cost around $60. Now, a brush set on the other hand can range in price greatly depending on what they are made of and the brand. Typically you will spend $30-$70 for a decent brush set. 

This price just reflects the cost of an average brush. The highest quality ones can cost into the hundreds of dollars. 

I would suggest starting off with the lower end until you become more proficient and professional with your painting.

3. Canvases

There are a huge variety of options for things to paint on from paper to wood to a canvas. A stretched canvas can range from $2-$400+, that is definitely a very big price difference! 

These vary in cost because they can vary a lot in size. The smaller ones are going to be a lot cheaper and probably what you are going to want to start off with just because I don’t think that you will be doing any massive paintings quite yet. 

If you do want to start off with something a little bigger, then I suggest that you look into regular paper or watercolor paper; this can range from $3-$30.

In total to start off with a painting hobby, a good lower end budget to have would probably be around $70. This can get you some decent supplies that will cover your startup needs.

At the higher end, if you think that you are ready or you just wanna go all in, you’re probably looking at around $300 for some really nice supplies and larger canvases. Based on this information, if you really want to start a painting hobby, then I say go for it; it would be worth it. 

The price doesn’t seem too high for most people as long as they aren’t buying everything too of the line at the beginning. 

What Are The Best Acrylic Paint Brands?

If you are planning to start painting, then you want to make sure that you have some good quality stuff to get you started. Things that are not too expensive, but will also look nice after you are finished. 

Let’s start with paint; here are some of the best acrylic paints that are out there.

1. Blick Studio Acrylic Paint

For the student or budding artist, this brand of paint features 60 vibrant colors with high pigment concentration for superior covering power. The texture of the paint is described to be a butter, thick texture that holds the brush and palette marks when dry. 

The price starts at around $5 for 4-ounce tubes.

2. Arteza Acrylic Paint

This paint contains artist-quality acrylics, has a smooth consistency that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, from canvas to rocks. This brand also sells iridescent and metallic acrylics, and even acrylic markers.

3. M. Graham & Co. Acrylics

For the more experienced artist, this paint contains superior quality than that of others. It is made from pure solid resins with no fillers or bulking agents. This will allow you to get the highest concentration of pigment for vibrant colors and great coverage.

Want to be a great artist and want your paintings to look great and vibrant then do a little research to see what paint would be best for you. 

Also, try a few different brands to actually get a look at them. You should also try to use the same brands in the same paintings so that you can get the same feel and don’t have different qualities in the same painting.

What Are Some Of The Best Paint Brushes?

Now that you have the paint that you like, hopefully some good quality stuff, you will want to have some good brushes to go along with it. 

Here are some of the best brushes that money can buy.

1. Loew Cornell

The Golden Taklon line of brushes specifically is a great set to start off with. This brush delivers enough spring to make for great results on the surface while also being able to withstand the abuse of acrylics. 

This brush can also be expected to keep its point after a few paintings have been completed.

2. Grumbacher Goldenedge Acrylic Paint Brush

This brush is available in 9 different sizes, the artist grade brushes not only perform great, but can work even with a student friendly budget. So if you are starting off and don’t make a whole lot of money, this one is great. 

The synthetic bristles ensure that they won’t fall apart or shed with repeated soaking in the water when cleaning the paint off these brushes.

3. Mont Marte Gallery Series Acrylic Paint Brush Set

In this set, there are 6 different types of brushes. Not only do they look sleek with the gun metal ferrule, but they are a well-rounded offering perfect for entry level artists. The variance in size makes these brushes great for the larger washes in your painting and also finer detail work.

As you can see, there are many different types and sizes for anything and everything in the painting world. Different products will produce different looks.

I suggest that you try different brands and qualities to see what you like and what looks good to you.

You may ask again, is painting worth it? I think that it is. It will be more up to you on how much you have and are willing to spend. It can get a little pricey, so only you can decide if it is worth it.

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