Is Risk A Good Game? 

There are many benefits to playing various kinds of board games. Some games are designed for teamwork while other games help develop individual, critical thinking skills. 

Board games are also a lot of fun to play and make for some great family and friends game nights. 

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Risk can be a pretty long game, but is it a good game to play and worth all that time?

Risk is a great game to play. Not only is it fun but it can also teach a few life lessons such as patience and controlling your emotions. However, this long game can create a bit of tension when competing for global domination. 

Risk will not only teach your children patience, but you patience as you end up trying to teach your children. In a world where everything is instant, Risk is a game that needs time and thought in order to be played properly. 

It also helps with learning the emotions of others and yourself as well. It can get frustrating if you are not the one dominating the board and sometimes you can let your emotions slip. 

There are quite a few teachable moments with patience and emotions while playing Risk. 

Another great lesson learned while playing Risk is actions and consequences. There is no going back when you’ve decided to attack. 

If you attack and didn’t have enough troops, tough luck, you just lost your territory. There is always a consequence to every action when playing Risk. 

  • Did you add enough troops to the right territory? 
  • Did you attack in the direction you really wanted to go? 
  • Did you choose the right territory to fortify? 
  • When should you hand in your mission cards? 

In Risk there are many actions with many consequences to go along with them. To see the most popular Risk editions just click here. 

Can You Play Risk With Two People? 

What if you just aren’t feeling up to playing with multiple people? How about Risk as a date night activity? 

Can you play Risk with just two people? 

You can play Risk with two people however, just because you are playing with two people doesn’t mean the game will go any faster. With two people, you also may want to strategize a bit differently in how you will achieve world domination. 

Whether your strategy is more on the defensive or you decide to attack, attack, attack, Risk is still a fun game to play with just two people. 

How Do You Win At Risk? 

Winning at any game is the ultimate goal, so how exactly do you win in the game of Risk?

In order to win Risk, you need to have total control over the board. The game ends when there is only one player left standing. The winner is declared when they have troops occupying all territories. 

Winning may sound easy, but it does require a bit of strategy. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you win the next time you play. 

Understand Your Opponent

Once you have their strategy somewhat figured out, you can bring their entire regime down. Maybe they were thinking of forming an alliance, the only problem with that is Risk is not a team game. 

If alliances were formed, eventually their alliance will fall apart as one will betray the other. 

There are no perfect moves or planned out paths to victory in Risk, it’s all about understanding your opponent and predicting what their next moves might be. 

They may be holding onto mission cards as long as possible to earn more troops, or they may be stacking up borders to preserve their territories; whatever their strategy may be, it benefits you to figure it out quickly and strategize how to stop them. 

Eliminate Opponents

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is worth stating. Make sure that you are the one eliminating your opponents. Once you have conquered an opponent and gained control of their last territory,  you will seize their mission cards. 

This can help you get multiple troops much faster. Not only does defeating an opponent bring you one step closer to victory, but it also helps to build up your defense systems as well. 

Control Continents

When setting up the game, you can’t control where your opponents put their pieces; however, you can control where you place yours and how many you place there. Strategy begins with the setup of the game. 

After all the territories are claimed in setup, whichever continent you have more control over, stack your pieces on it. Place troops in the continent not only to defend borders but also to take over opponent-controlled territories. 

Be careful, once you control a continent, you become a target for all other players. Make sure that your borders are defended with plenty of troops and that you also have enough troops in other territories to continue your strategy of world domination. 

Be Spontaneous

Make part of your strategy to be spontaneous. Switch it up a bit. You can stack a territory and then attack somewhere completely different. 

Even if you are spread a bit thin in some areas, always attack, but be spontaneous about it. 

This will keep your opponents on their toes. They’ll think they have your strategy all figured out, but with some sort of spontaneous attack or placement of troops, you’ll have them rethinking if they really know your plans at all. 

Avoid Unnecessary Attacks

Risk can be a very aggressive game. If you are a more boisterous player, you may draw some unnecessary attention to your troops. If you play logically instead of emotionally, you’ll have a better chance of winning. 

Another way to prevent unnecessary attacks is to fortify your territories. If you are focused on taking over one specific continent, be sure to add plenty of troops for fortification. 

A well-fortified territory is a rarely attacked territory. 

Control Asia First

Most of your opponents will be focused on “easier-to-control” continents like Australia, Africa, or South America. These continents have fewer territories and fewer entry points. 

While it is nice to control these smaller continents, there is a bigger bonus and reward for controlling Asia. Since most of your opponents will have their troops focused on those countries, taking Asia might be easier. 

Typically the best time to take Asia is after you turn in your first set of mission cards for extra troops. 

Attack Wisely

There is also a strategy for when and how to attack. It is best to attack when you have an almost 100% chance of success. 

For example, if you have three troops and decide to attack your opponent who also has three troops: bad idea. You have a 50% chance of winning or losing all your troops and that territory. 

The best strategy is to stack your territory and when you feel confident, attack. 

If you have five troops and your opponent has three, your chances of winning are significantly higher and you will lessen your risk of losing many troops and your territory. 

Also, when you attack, make sure that if you do lose a number of troops that your territory can handle being attacked on the next turn. You can make sure your territories are protected during the fortification process. 

Always attack wisely and fortify when possible.  

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