Is Sorry A Good Game?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:32 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:32 pm

Remember back to the days when you were a worry free kid enjoying life and summer break? You and your siblings would enjoy relaxing in the house after dinner and playing nicely together. 

Until you brought out the Sorry board game and all the niceties went out the window. Well, to a certain extent. 

Sorry’s familiar blue, yellow, red, and green spaces and pawns bring back many childhood memories.

Sorry is a popular game that is kid-friendly and fun to play. It’s easy to learn and can even be frustrating at times for everyone involved. 

Sorry involves a lot of counting and numbers but is a good game for kids to play. It’s simple style and easy actions are perfect for that family friendly game night. 

It comes with a board, deck of cards (no 6s or 9s that could confuse players) and four sets of pawns with four of each color.

The earliest version of the game can be traced back to England but the American version of Sorry was adopted by Parker Brothers in 1934, Sorry is now owned by Hasbor who purchased Parker Brothers in 1991. 

The game has been a part of households everywhere and a favorite game to play with families and kids. Just be sure to move around the board faster than anyone else!

What Age Is Appropriate For Sorry? 

Children of all ages can play Sorry as long as they know their numbers and can count. It can actually be educational.

Younger kids can easily enjoy playing the classic board game, Sorry. It is for ages 6 and up but once your child can recognize numbers and count, they can play!

Sorry can help with kids counting skills since it involves a lot of numbers. You can also ask mathematical questions during the game to help increase your child’s knowledge of numbers, adding,etc. 

For instance if they draw a card displaying 7 spaces ask them what number adds up to seven.This will help your child learn quick math while also having fun. 

This board game is great for kids to play with its simplicity and fun that has never gone out of style. 

Are Sorry And Trouble The Same Game? 

Based on the ancient Indian cross and circle game Pachisi, Sorry involves pawns and spaces to be moved. When bumped by an opponent’s pawn you must return to the beginning and start all over again.

Although Sorry and Trouble are not the same game they are virtually identical. The only real difference is that you have cards in Sorry and a dice in Trouble. 

Trouble differs in the fact that it uses dice to play the game. It features a Pop-O-Matic container that makes a popping sound while rolling the dice for fast paced fun. This container also keeps the dice from being lost or prevents cheating and can be done in rapid succession.

Sorry uses cards to move the players around the board but also some cards allow you to move backwards, split the card between two pawns, etc. which is not done with Trouble. 

There are quite a few different editions of the game Sorry including Star Wars, Disney, and Spiderman themed games. There is also Sorry Sliders,which involves using a roller pawn to land on a target to earn points, and Shakin’ Sorry Roll-N-Grab that is a fast paced version using dice to play. 

A vintage 1939 version of the game is available for purchase too. 

How Do You Play Sorry? 

Playing Sorry can actually be quite frustrating especially when you keep getting bumped back to start. There’s really no skill involved in playing it, just luck. Anyone could be the winner.

Playing Sorry is easy and fun! But beware. When you think you’re almost there then someone may send you back to the start while from their lips comes the classic phrase “Sorry!”.

To play this game, set out the cards in the middle of the board and then select the color of pawns you want to use. Place all the pawns in your start space and draw a card. 

Follow the directions on the card and move accordingly, but remember that you can only get out a pawn if it is a 1 or a 2. Then the play continues with everyone. 

If you draw a card you cannot play, you must forfeit your turn. If you land on a space occupied by another player’s pawn you then bump them back to their start space. If you land on a ‘slide’ then you slide all the way across it moving pawns you hit along the way back to their beginning. 

You may jump over other pawns but if you land on a space where you already have a pawn you must forfeit your turn (or move that other pawn) 

The seven cards can be split between two pawns which means you can use those to intentionally land on top of someone else! 

Some versions of the game also have “fire” and “ice” power. Fire gives the pawn the ability to move fast, but Ice freezes the pawn in place. If a Sorry card is drawn you can either move four spaces or take a pawn from the start and bump another player’s pawn back to their start area while saying Sorry! 

But actually you’re not sorry at all, don’t lie! 

The cards will tell you what to do and some will have you moving backwards. If you move a pawn back at least two spaces past your start space, on a different turn you can move into the safety zone without going all the way around the board. 

If you make it around the board and into your ‘home’ safety zone you must get the correct number of spaces to move your pawn into home. When all of your pawns are ‘home’ then you are the winner!

 If you have a larger group, you can also play Sorry using teams.


Sorry is a good game to play that is not difficult at all. Even though it may be aggravating at times, the game can go relatively quickly with many opportunities to win. 

This game from Hasbro has colorful pawns and fun features that are great for family game night, or just for some board game fun. Move your way to victory as you reverse the other players’ advancement and uttering Sorry! along the way.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:32 pm

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