Is There A Lego Dr. Who Video Game?

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Ah, the age-old question: “Is there a Lego Dr. Who video game?” It’s a conundrum that has plagued whovians and brick-enthusiasts alike for eons. Well, maybe not eons, but it sure feels like it.

Unfortunately as of now the only Doctor Who in the Lego world is in the Lego Dimensions Video game. Lego created two different sets that you can purchase and play in the Lego Dimension’s world but there is no stand-alone Lego Dr. Who game (although my wife who is a massive Dr. Who fan would 100% buy it on release).

Let’s venture into the timey-wimey world of Doctor Who and Lego to find out if this fusion of two beloved franchises has finally come to fruition. So, buckle up, grab your sonic screwdriver, and let’s dive into the vortex.

A Brief History of Doctor Who Video Games

Before we tackle the main event, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the Doctor’s journey through the gaming multiverse. It’s been a bumpy ride, folks.

From the modest adventure games to the not-so-stellar Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR experience, the Doctor has had his fair share of virtual escapades. But, it wasn’t until our favorite Time Lord stepped into the brick-built universe of LEGO Dimensions that things started to look up.

The Doctor’s Appearance in LEGO Dimensions

When the Doctor made his debut in LEGO Dimensions, he became an instant hit. Who knew that the secret ingredient to the Doctor’s gaming success was, in fact, tiny plastic bricks?

In Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO Dimensions, the Doctor played a pivotal role, bringing joy to fans who had long wished for a decent Doctor Who gaming experience.

The Potential for a Standalone LEGO Doctor Who Game

Now, let’s address the elephant in the TARDIS: Could a standalone LEGO Doctor Who game be the best thing to happen to this franchise? We’ll take a look at the Doctor’s integration into LEGO Dimensions, explore the possibilities of a standalone game, and ponder whether my children will ever let me play with their LEGO sets again.

Spoiler alert: The answer to that last question is a resounding “no.”

Doctor Who’s Track Record in Video Games

Let’s stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the Doctor’s finest video game adventures. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s more like a casual saunter down a street filled with disappointments.

Past Doctor Who Adventure Games

If you’ve ever dabbled in Doctor Who adventure games, you know they were decent enough experiences, but they left something to be desired. The gameplay and visuals were reminiscent of a Dalek’s dance moves: clunky, awkward, and hard to watch.

To be fair, I’m sure the most die-hard Whovians still enjoyed them but that doesn’t mean they were actually very good.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR Experience

In an attempt to embrace the future, Doctor Who ventured into the world of virtual reality with Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. The game saw the return of fan-favorite David Tennant, but sadly, the experience was as bare bones as a Cyberman’s smile.

I tried playing it with my 12-year-old daughter, and she just rolled her eyes and said, “Dad, I’ve seen better graphics on a calculator.” Ouch.

The Doctor’s Successful Integration into LEGO Dimensions

Ah, finally, a glimmer of hope in the Doctor’s gaming saga. LEGO Dimensions was the one game that seemed to get it right.

The Doctor was a standout addition to the game, and his appearance in the multiverse crossover title was nothing short of fantastic. Who would’ve thought that the perfect recipe for a Doctor Who game was to combine it with our favorite childhood (and adulthood, let’s be honest) toy?

The Doctor’s Role in LEGO Dimensions

Now, let’s explore the Doctor’s adventures in LEGO Dimensions in more detail. It’s time to revel in the glory of plastic bricks and Time Lords.

The 12th Doctor’s Pivotal Role in the Story

In LEGO Dimensions, the 12th Doctor played a crucial role, joining forces with characters like Batman, Gandalf, and even Scooby-Doo. The Doctor’s involvement in the game added a delightful charm, and his wit was sharper than a Dalek’s plunger.

Plus, we got to enjoy the talents of Peter Capaldi, who lent his voice to the Doctor.

Doctor Who Level Pack and Fun Pack

The Doctor Who universe was further expanded in LEGO Dimensions with two different play sets:

Play SetContents
Level Pack12th Doctor, K9, and TARDIS
Fun PackCyberman and Dalek

These play sets unlocked an Adventure World that took players on a trip through iconic locales like London, Skaro, and Trenzalore. It was like taking a mini-vacation through space and time, but without the risk of getting exterminated by Daleks.

Adventure World Featuring Iconic Doctor Who Locales

The Doctor Who Adventure World was a smorgasbord of fan-favorite locations. I spent hours exploring with my five-year-old daughter, who would gleefully shout, “Look, Dad, it’s the TARDIS!” every time we found it, despite the fact that we’d already discovered it 37 times.

Bless her tiny, easily-amused heart.

The Regeneration Feature in LEGO Dimensions

One of the most ingenious aspects of the Doctor’s inclusion in LEGO Dimensions was the ability to regenerate. Traveller’s Tales really went the extra mile to capture the essence of Doctor Who.

Unique Gameplay Aspect of Doctor Who Characters

The regeneration feature was a game-changer, and it perfectly embodied the Doctor’s ability to cheat death. When players died as the Doctor, he would regenerate into the first Doctor, then the second, and so on, all the way back up to the 12th.

It was like a magical merry-go-round of Time Lords.

All Iterations of The Doctor Playable in-game

Being able to play as every iteration of the Doctor was a dream come true for fans. My eight-year-old son would spend countless hours trying to perfect his impersonations of each Doctor, much to the chagrin of his sisters.

Different LEGO TARDIS Interiors for Each Doctor

Traveller’s Tales didn’t stop there. Each Doctor also had their own unique version of the LEGO TARDIS interior. It was a lovely touch that demonstrated the developers’ dedication to capturing the essence of Doctor Who.

Crafting an Original Story for a LEGO Doctor Who Game

Now, let’s ponder what a standalone LEGO Doctor Who game could look like. With nearly 60 years of storytelling, characters, and settings to draw from, the possibilities are as infinite as the TARDIS itself.

Utilizing 60 Years of Doctor Who Storytelling

A LEGO Doctor Who game could use the wealth of lore to craft an original story that takes players on a journey through time and space. Lego could concoct a tale that involves every iteration of the Doctor, giving a good excuse for why each one is playable.

Involving Every Iteration of The Doctor

Imagine playing as all the Doctors, each with their own unique abilities and quirks. My kids would have a field day trying to decide which Doctor is their favorite.

It would be like choosing a favorite flavor of ice cream at the Galactic Ice Cream Parlor: impossible, but incredibly fun.

Incorporating Iconic Companions and Villains

A LEGO Doctor Who game would be incomplete without a cast of iconic companions and a horde of terrifying villains. From Rose Tyler and Amy Pond to the Daleks and the Weeping Angels, the game would be a veritable who’s who of the Doctor Who universe.

My five-year-old daughter might finally overcome her fear of “the scary statues” if she gets to defeat them with her favorite Doctor.

Adapting Popular Doctor Who Arcs for a LEGO Game

Another approach to a LEGO Doctor Who game could be to adapt some of the most popular Doctor Who arcs. With so many thrilling storylines to choose from, Traveller’s Tales would have no shortage of inspiration.

Following the Cracks in Time with the 11th Doctor

Imagine guiding the 11th Doctor through the enigmatic cracks in time, unraveling the mysteries of the universe while wearing a fez.

Because, as we all know, fezzes are cool.

The 10th Doctor’s Battle Against the Master

Join the 10th Doctor as he confronts his arch-nemesis, the Master, in an epic struggle between Time Lords. The snarky banter alone would be worth the price of admission.

Revisiting the Eighth Doctor’s Movie

Step into the shoes of the Eighth Doctor and experience his adventures from the Doctor Who movie. Who knows?

Maybe this time around, the experience will be less polarizing for fans.

The War Doctor’s Appearance in Day of the Doctor

Embrace the darker side of the Doctor’s history by playing as the War Doctor in the Day of the Doctor adaptation.

This would be a rare opportunity for players to delve into the Time War and witness the Doctor’s fateful decision.

The Potential for Time-Traveling Gameplay

A LEGO Doctor Who game wouldn’t be complete without time-traveling gameplay. Let’s explore how this concept could be incorporated into the game.

Expanding on the TARDIS Exploration from LEGO Dimensions

Building upon the TARDIS exploration from LEGO Dimensions, a standalone game could offer players the chance to visit iconic locations from Doctor Who’s history.

The excitement of stepping out of the TARDIS and finding yourself on another planet or in another time would be nothing short of thrilling.

Visiting Iconic Locations from Doctor Who’s History

The game could feature locations such as Victorian London, the distant future, or even the lost city of Atlantis. With countless settings to choose from, players would never tire of exploring the Doctor’s universe.

Encountering Characters and Events from Different Eras

With the Doctor’s ability to travel through time, players could interact with famous figures like Shakespeare, Churchill, or even Cleopatra. Imagine the witty exchanges and hilarious hijinks that could ensue.

The Role of Traveller’s Tales in Developing a LEGO Doctor Who Game

Traveller’s Tales has a proven track record of creating successful LEGO video games. Their passion for the Doctor Who franchise, coupled with their expertise in game development, makes them the perfect candidate for bringing a LEGO Doctor Who game to life.

Their History of Creating Successful LEGO Video Games

From LEGO Star Wars to LEGO Harry Potter, Traveller’s Tales has demonstrated their ability to adapt beloved franchises into engaging and entertaining games.

Their expertise in blending humor, storytelling, and gameplay would be instrumental in creating a LEGO Doctor Who game worthy of the franchise.

Demonstrated Passion for the Doctor Who Franchise

The attention to detail and dedication to capturing the essence of Doctor Who in LEGO Dimensions showcases Traveller’s Tales’ passion for the franchise. This love for the Doctor’s adventures would surely translate into a standalone game that would delight fans of all ages.

Their Expertise in Combining Humor, Storytelling, and Gameplay

Traveller’s Tales is known for their ability to balance humor, engaging storytelling, and addictive gameplay in their LEGO games. This unique blend of elements is essential for a successful LEGO Doctor Who game that captures the spirit of the series.

In Conclusion: The Possibilities are Endless

In conclusion, a LEGO Doctor Who game has the potential to be a phenomenal experience, blending the timeless charm of the Doctor with the whimsy of LEGO bricks. With a universe as vast as Doctor Who’s, the possibilities are truly endless, and the potential for joyous adventures through time and space is immense.

Whether it’s a game that follows the Doctor’s classic adventures or an entirely new story that takes the Doctor on a journey through the LEGO multiverse, one thing is certain: A LEGO Doctor Who game would be a hit with fans of all ages (including my family!)

So, here’s hoping that the Time Lords at Traveller’s Tales and the LEGO Group come together to make this dream a reality.

Until then, I’ll be waiting in the TARDIS, biding my time with my sonic screwdriver, and dreaming of the day I can finally say, “Allons-y!” in a world of plastic bricks.

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