Should You Glue Legos Together? (Why Or Why Not?)

Should You Glue Legos Together?

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If you hate putting together a Lego set and then having it broken apart or losing some of the pieces over time then you might have considered gluing the set together to keep that from happening. Obviously a Lego set that is glued together will never lose a piece and even if you accidentally drop it it should still stay together but should you glue your Lego sets? 

Gluing your Legos together defeats the purpose of buying separate pieces in the first place as they can only be used for that single set which is why I WOULD NOT recommend gluing your Legos together. Gluing your Lego sets together will keep you from accidentally destroying it or losing some pieces however the cons to gluing your Legos together are worse than the pros. 

When you glue your Legos together you can then only play with the single set as it was originally made since you glued it all together however when you don’t glue the set together you can use all of the pieces to make whatever you want or even combine multiple builds together. 

I personally prefer to have the flexibility to do whatever I want with the Lego sets even after building them the first time rather than only getting the fun of a single build and then gluing them together. 

However, not gluing your Lego sets isn’t the best choice for everyone. For example, my children love building Lego sets however, once they build the sets they often will get mixed in with the rest of their Legos and that set can never be built exactly right again since the Lego pieces needed for that set get mixed in or even lost. 

If you or your kids have a special set that you love looking at or are using as a main centerpiece for your Lego collection then gluing it together might be worth doing just to ensure that it never gets lost or taken apart. 

If you are unsure whether you want to use permanent glue for your Legos or not then there is an amazing alternative that many people aren’t aware of… that is non-permanent glue! 

Non-permanent glue/adhesive works great if you are undecided as it allows you to hold your Lego sets together but if you want to take it apart in the future you can still do that! 

You can find this non-permanent adhesive/glue by clicking here. 

What Is The Best Glue To Use For Legos? 

If you have decided that you want to glue your Legos together to keep that set in one piece there are really only two main options that you should consider when looking for glue. 

The two best options for gluing your Legos together are Le Glue Temporary Glue (can be taken apart in the future) or Gorilla Super Glue (can not be taken apart in the future). Both of these are great options for gluing your Lego’s but really have different purposes. 

If you are sure that you will never want to use any of the Lego pieces from your set on another build and are sure that you won’t ever want to take them apart and build them again then simply using Gorilla Super Glue is an excellent option as it has a virtually indestructible hold and also dries clear. 

However, often people will realize (too late) that they want to use some of the pieces of a build on a different build or need to adjust some parts of the build to connect it with a new build they are working on and if you have used Gorilla Super Glue then there is nothing that you can do about it. 

If you use Le Glue Temporary glue on your Legos instead it will still have a tight bond and will hold together quite well but you can also take it apart in the future if you need a couple of pieces for another build or need to move a section to connect another build in with it. 

I personally don’t prefer to use any permanent glue for my (and my kids) Legos as needs can change over time. The temporary glue option is a great choice if you are like me or if you are worried that you might need to disassemble part of it in the future. 

Why Do People Glue Lego Sets Together? 

If you have seen Youtube videos (or even watched the Lego Movie and saw the dad try and do this) you might be wondering why anyone would ever glue their Legos together. Afterall, part of the fun of Legos is the process of taking them apart, putting them together, and even using your imagination to make new things with your Legos. 

Some people glue Legos together because they enjoy the sense of accomplishment that they get when looking at a finished project. If they (or someone else) were to accidentally break a completed Lego build they would be mad or frustrated so instead they permanently glue it together so that doesn’t happen. 

Other times people will glue Lego sets together because they are using it as a part of a giant build (think a massive city) and although they will still be building in the future they want to continuously expand their city and aren’t interested in rebuilding a set once they have completed it. 

Those are just a couple of reasons why someone might choose to glue their Legos together rather than continuously taking them apart and rebuilding them. 

I personally love the process of building a Lego set (or even building random things with Legos) far more than simply looking at a completed Lego build but everyone is different so some people prefer to glue their sets together. 

Is There A Spray Glue For Legos? 

If you have a Lego build that you are wanting to permanently glue together but you don’t want to use the Gorilla Super Glue (mentioned above) then you might be wondering if there is a spray glue that you can use instead of brushing glue onto each piece. 

The most highly reviewed spray glues for Legos that are on the market are the Gorilla Spray Adhesive and the Loctite Spray Adhesive. There are many other options on the market but both of those options are quite inexpensive and have the best (and most) reviews. 

Some people will use spray glue over their entire build to eliminate the need to glue each individual brick while others will use spray glue to simply make the gluing process easier and less tedious. 

Whichever reason you prefer to use spray glue, both of the options mentioned above should work perfect for you. 

However, it is important to know that you are likely to need a lot more spray glue for your Lego builds than you would normal glue which means that you will likely spend 2-3X as much to glue your Lego set together with spray glue than you would using traditional glue. 

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