Should You Quit Drawing? (Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn’t)

Should You Quit Drawing? (Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn't)

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Do you enjoy drawing? Drawing is a way to express your creativity and duplicate pictures of things you have seen or imagined. 

Being an artist can get difficult once you begin to draw more complicated things. When these times come, you may start to think that it would be better to just stop drawing than to struggle with the challenges you are facing. 

Maybe you feel as though you aren’t good enough or can’t seem to get your drawings exactly right. Sometimes we lead busy lives and we just don’t have time to sit down and let our creative side draw the things that inspire us. 

Should you just quit drawing?

You shouldn’t quit drawing because if it’s what you love to do, it will make you happier over time. Don’t give up on drawing just because you don’t feel it isn’t “good”. We all get better with practice. 

However, if you feel like quitting drawing, it probably means it’s time to take a break. Getting away from the drawing pad and coming back to it later can reinstate your excitement about drawing again. 

Then again, maybe you will discover a new hobby and realize that you’d rather do that than draw. 

You started out enthusiastic about your new found love for drawing. Taking a pencil and paper you scribbled down shapes and lines of everything you saw. First it was a flower, then animals, and so on. 

Then came the time you realized that the images you were copying onto paper didn’t quite look exactly like what they did in real life or in the pictures. You got discouraged thinking that you should just stop drawing all together and find a different hobby. 

However, if you love it, you will want to stick with it. If you don’t enjoy drawing much anymore then maybe another form of art will be for you. The good thing is that there are so many types of art to explore and try. 

If you’re good at it and like to do it, then don’t quit drawing. It may be hard at first but in time, you will get better and better.

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Should You Quit Art? 

It may seem like a simple solution to just give up if you’re getting nowhere with drawing. If you are to the point where you just don’t want to do it anymore, should you quit art?

If you just really do not like it, then quitting drawing and art may be in your best interest. But if you’re good at it and like to do it, don’t give up!

Maybe you took up drawing thinking it would be a fun pastime and you turned out to be miserable. You realized you really don’t care for the form of art at all and want to quit. 

If you really dislike drawing and don’t want to do it anymore, there is no reason to continue doing it if it isn’t what you want to do. However, if you are talented in the art of drawing you shouldn’t give up. 

Maybe you long to be an artist and thoroughly enjoy drawing all the lines and shades down on paper. You love to draw things in such a way that they resemble the real- life version. 

Everyone that sees your artwork is amazed at how creative and realistic it is. But there are some that tell you there is no money In being an artist. 

While these people may mean well, you should never give up on your dream just because someone discourages you. 

Or maybe you have to put it on hold since your life is extremely busy. That is understandable and sometimes it is good to take a little break. But if it is what you like to do, you can always set aside time to draw so you can keep at it. 

Having a plan and sticking with it will help you go far with your drawings. 

Being an artist can get overwhelming. There are so many reasons why one would want to quit the art. What if you feel as though you can’t support yourself? 

Should you just quit being an artist? The main reason we want to quit being an artist is because we are either not earning enough to work full time, or we are just not feeling it. 90% of us want to quit because we are not able to support ourselves.” says Wasted Talent Inc

They continue to say how you shouldn’t quit but keep doing what you love.

Why Should I Keep Drawing? 

There are so many reasons why you may want to quit drawing but if you hang in there it will be with it. 

Why should you keep drawing? I’m glad you asked.

You should keep drawing because it helps you stay creative and if you love to do it, it can make you happy.

Drawing is known to provide you with cognitive and cerebral benefits as well as creativity. Our brains are used a lot whenever we draw and this also releases endorphins improving our mood. 

When we draw we use both sides of our brain. We use the right side for creativity and the left side for logical thinking. But brain strengthening isn’t the only reason why someone should keep drawing. 

For those who enjoy it, drawing is something that makes them happy while also bringing joy to others. You can also get satisfaction in a job well done. 

Motivation is key to doing anything and this doesn’t exclude drawing. As an artist you have to overcome your mind and stay motivated to draw and to get better at your drawing everyday. 

Sometimes if you are trying to be a famous artist and it isn’t working out, this can discourage you from continuing to pursue the hobby. It is best to stop thinking this way. 

Just draw because you enjoy it and other people will enjoy it too. You don’t have to be so focused on just becoming famous that it ruins that part that got you started drawing in the first place. 

Final Thoughts

Are you thinking about quitting drawing just because it is too much work? Maybe you feel like you are not good enough at recreating the images you see. There are countless reasons why one would want to quit drawing. 

The good thing is that the hobby really doesn’t take up too much time (if you don’t let it) and the more you practice at it the better you will become. Don’t get discouraged and keep at it. 

Drawing takes time and practice to get good at something and one day, you will be glad you stuck it out. Sometimes life can get overwhelming for an artist and when this happens, plan out your work so you do not start to feel overcome with the pressures of juggling life and drawing. 

If you need to, take a break from drawing and come back to it when you feel you are ready and excited to tackle the hobby again. 

So, when you want to give up, just take it one day at a time. Plan out your work, overcome your mind, and remember why you started drawing in the first place. If drawing makes you happy, don’t quit!

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