Uno Card Size (Are They Standard Sized or Smaller?)

Uno Card Size (Are They Standard Sized or Smaller?)

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The card game Uno is at the very least one of the most popular card games ever invented. You would have a very difficult time finding anyone you know that hasn’t at the very least heard of the game. 

Famous for it’s simple, fast, and friendly game play, Uno holds a special spot in the lives of us all.

When looking at the size of cards that make up a standard deck of Uno cards you might wonder what size they are. You might want to know this before you decide to invest in an electronic shuffler, or if you are looking for a storage case because the box is no longer usable. 

Whatever your reason, you are probably going to be happy with the answer.

The majority of Uno decks use standard sized cards. That means that they are the same size as a standard deck of playing cards, which is 3.5” x 2.5”

This means that any storage container or shuffler made for standard playing cards will most likely work for your Uno cards as well.

There are of course some exceptions. 

Uno has produced decks of cards that are both smaller and larger than a standard deck of cards, so if you own one of the smaller or larger versions of the game, it is most likely on purpose. 

For example, you can buy a set of both the world’s smallest Uno cards (2” x 3”) and also giant Uno cards (7” x 10”). 

If you have these card sizes though, you will probably already know that the cards are made a different size than normal on purpose because they are so much smaller or so much larger. 

To see all of the different Uno editions and spin-offs currently available you can click here.

Can You Play Uno With Two Decks?

Uno is a game that a lot of people like to use as a party game because it is both simple and fun. Most people know how to play, so you don’t have to explain the rules. 

It is also quick enough that you aren’t committed to a really long game. There are a lot of positives for Uno to be a great party game.

The one thing that can be a bit of a buzzkill, though, is how many cards it has. The game is designed with only 108 cards, and is able to be played by anywhere from two players up to ten players. 

Most people would agree that the best experience of a game of Uno is with somewhere between 4 and 7 players, as too many players means the cards get too scattered out. 

To combat this, some party planners will combine two or more decks of Uno cards. 

You can absolutely combine multiple Uno decks into one to ensure that there are plenty of cards to play with. Although there is nothing in the official rules about doing this it will work perfectly and even add variety to your games. 

Though there aren’t any rules against it, doing this with a smaller group of players is a little bit of overkill and can make the game last quite a bit longer. 

Some people have even developed games that require extra decks of cards. 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. 

At the end of the game, all you have to do is sort out the cards so that you finish with the same number of cards in each deck that you started with.

Large games of Uno can be fun, and mixing multiple decks of Uno cards makes planning out your Draw Four Wild cards and other action cards much more difficult. Throw in a few other house rules like stacking in there and you could have a really fun, though chaotic, party on your hands.

Can You Skip Your Turn In Uno?

In a game of Uno, players have to take turns playing cards in a way that matches the last card in the discard pile. They can match in color or number/action, and then play moves to the next player. 

There are times when you won’t have a card in your hand that you can play.

If you don’t have a card to play, you must draw a card. Once you have drawn that card, you can play it if it is a legal play. 

However you can only play the card you drew; you cannot select another card from your hand to play. 

You cannot just skip your turn in Uno. Every turn in Uno must involve either drawing one or more cards or playing a card on the discard pile. 

There are some that play with house rules that you must draw cards until you draw a card that you can play. This can be very disheartening, as you could easily go from having as few as one card left to having a hand packed full of cards. 

If you are playing with house rules like this, be sure to discuss them prior to the start of the game to ensure players are aware of the adjusted rules and can agree to them before there might be a conflict about them. 

What Happens If You Don’t Call Uno?

In a game of Uno, in order to warn your competition that the hand is almost over, you must call out “Uno” when you play your second to last card. This is a way that the game ensures that players don’t sneak their way to a win.

Some players try to sneak into a win by not declaring “Uno,” and hoping that no one notices. Once you play your last card the round is over and depending on if you are playing with points or not, you would have each player tally up their hands for scoring.

If you forget to say “Uno” when you put your second to last card down, and another player notices, they can say it and you have to draw four cards. This means you are much further away from winning the hand. 

Some players try to get away with this so that their competition doesn’t start using their action cards to prevent them from winning, but the risk is very high. If at any point before you play your last card someone notices you only have one card remaining, you can be subject to the penalty.

According to the official Uno rules, the player who has gotten to the point where they can call “Uno” can do so as they play their second to last card. Once the card has touched the discard pile, all other players are able to call “Uno” in order to subject the player to the four card penalty.


There are a lot of reasons that you might need to know the size of your Uno cards. 

Be it making it easier to shuffle by buying an electric shuffler, or wanting to buy a case to store your cards in, you don’t have to worry, most decks of Uno cards are a standard size, and you will be able to use devices and containers made for any standard playing card deck.

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