What Are The Best Paint Markers For Shoes? 

What Are The Best Paint Markers For Shoes? 

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Everyone’s shoes will eventually become worn down and dingy. If you are on your feet all day, your shoes will take a beating much faster than others. 

You have grown very fond of your shoes and almost don’t want to throw them away. Is there a way you can save your shoes and make them last just a little bit longer?

You can make your shoes last a little longer by painting them. All shoes eventually lose their bright look and new smell. One way to repair that is by painting them. 

You can add new life to your shoes with just some paint markers. 

When shoe painting first came on the scene in the 90’s it was popular to use spray paint on your shoes. However, you weren’t able to get very detailed graphics in such a small place. Sharpie and ballpoint pens were also used to create intricate designs on shoes. 

However, when using Sharpies and ballpoint pens, the ink would eventually fade. If you have never painted shoes before, the options of paint may be overwhelming. 

Here are some tips to use when looking for the best paint markers for your shoes. 

The best paint markers for your shoes will be either oil or acrylic based. Ideally you will want to use weather resistant paint markers if at all possible for your shoes. 

Since the 90’s there have been other types of painting tools that can be used to add paint to your shoes. These different types of pens you can use on your shoes are also designed for clothing, graffiti, and leather. 

These paint pens/markers will typically have either an oil or acrylic base. Both of these options are fine to use when designing your shoes. 

These paints come in various shapes and sizes. For example, most fabric paints that work well on shoes will come in squeeze bottles. 

You can also use weather-resistant paint markers to customize all the parts of your shoes. Neon paints will typically come in a set that you need to apply with a paintbrush. 

You can also use acrylic airbrushing and even spray paint on your shoes to create your design. 

It is always best to use a white shoe for your canvas. However, these pens, sprays, and paints will all work on any color. 

If your shoes are not white, it may take a few coats of paint to get the specific color you are wanting. 

To see the most popular paint markers just click here. 

How Do You Waterproof Painted Shoes? 

You have found the right paints and spent hours creating the design for your shoes. You put them on and are ready to show them off to the world…only to see that the forecast is calling for rain. 

You spent all this time creating the design for your shoes only to have them get ruined by rain. Is there a way to waterproof your shoes after you have painted them? 

To protect your painted shoes from all kinds of weather you will want to add a sealant and then use a waterproof spray on top of that. The sealant and waterproofing spray will protect your painted shoes from the rain. 

Be sure to let each layer of paint dry properly before wearing. When painting, be sure to use thin coats of paint until you get your desired color. 

If the paint is put on in thick coats, you risk the paint dripping and not fully bonding to the shoe. Be sure to let each layer dry before applying another layer. 

After you have your final coat of paint on you can use a sealer to protect the design. You can either choose a matte, normal, satin, or high gloss sealant to protect your paint. 

Once you have properly sealed in the paint, you can then use waterproofing spray for your shoes as well. Make sure that your paint is all covered with the sealant before adding the extra layer of weatherproofing.  

How Do You Keep Marker On Shoes? 

Whether you were doodling and creating a new look for your shoes or just filling in spots where the leather cracked, you want the marker to stay on your shoes. Permanent markers can be used but will eventually fade. 

Fabric markers are the best choice when drawing on your shoes. If you step out into the rain or even wash your shoes, is there a way to keep all that ink from blending and ending up as tie-dye shoes? 

The best way to keep marker on your shoes is yo use a waterproofing spray. This should protect the art you have drawn on your shoes whether it is rain or shine. 

The first step in making sure the marker stays on your shoes begins before you even paint. 

Brush Off The Dirt

If you are using a brand new pair of shoes to draw on then you can skip this step. If you are drawing on your favorite shoes, you will need to remove all the dirt that’s on them currently. 

This does not just mean the dirt on the top side where you will be drawing, but from the soles as well. Every time you set down your shoes, the dirt will readjust and could even come get on the marker you just put on the shoes. 

You can even throw your shoes in the laundry to make sure that every part of your shoe is clean. 

Allow The Ink To Dry

If you are strictly using markers on your shoes, it can be very tempting to think the shoes are dry once you touch them and nothing comes off. However, the best way to let your shoes dry is by waiting for 24 hours. 

This gives your shoes time to absorb the ink and allows the ink to stay longer and not fade as quickly. 

Use A Sealant

There are clear spray paints that you can use for your sealant. You can choose whether you want your shoes shiny, matte, or just normal. Whichever spray you choose, make sure to use the spray in a well-ventilated place. 

Hold the spray a minimum of six inches away. Be sure to test a small area first. If the spray is not used properly it can cause splotching on your design. 

Apply the spray in even strokes and over the entire shoe. If the entire shoe is not sprayed your shoe will wear unevenly. Give the spray plenty of time to dry before wearing the shoes.

Add Coats If Necessary

After waiting for your first coat of sealant to dry, you can choose to add another. If you feel comfortable with the amount of sealant on your shoes you can then add a waterproofing spray for an extra layer of protection. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are an artist looking for a new canvas or just drawing on your shoes for a new look, you can use markers to create some cool designs. 

Be sure to allow the proper amount of dry time between layers and always add a sealant to protect your designs. 

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