What Does Barbie Eat? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

Since 1959 Barbie has been in the hearts of little girls everywhere. Young girls and grown women alike adore Barbie and with that she has truly branched out. 

Not only is Barbie a doll that millions of children play with but she also stars in movies and television series, in several books, is featured on clothes, and even has a makeup line. 

With Barbie everywhere a person looks, it is easy to understand why a child might want to know what she eats. 

In the Barbie universe there is never any specific mention of what she does or does not eat. However it has been said that she tries to eat healthy. 

What if your child wants to throw a Barbie themed tea party or slumber party and she only wants to serve foods that Barbie would eat? In a case like this you can be pretty creative making up a menu. 

If your household has special diet restrictions you can tell your little ones that Barbie has that same diet. The wonderful thing about Barbie is that she is so adaptable. 

Your child needs to be gluten free, guess what? Barbie can be gluten free too. 

Is there a nut allergy in the household or is your family vegan? Barbie can be those things as well. 

Since Barbie doesn’t actually eat you can create any menu that you want. If your child wants Barbie to have food that they can feed to Barbie then you can create some mini food out of clay. 

My youngest went through a clay obsession about a year ago. She loved making tiny things out of clay, one day she even made a baguette. You can certainly have a crafty afternoon where you and your little one sit down with some polymer clay and create an entire menu for Barbie. 

You can create hamburgers, French fries, steak, pizza, cake, bread, and so much more with polymer clay. You can even use the clay to make dishes for your Barbie to use as well. 

Your imagination is the only limit that you have here. 

Polymer clay comes in a wide variety of colors. Once you are finished with your creations all you need to do to keep them to use over and over again is to follow the directions on the package of clay to oven bake them. 

Now, your child has a kitchen full of food for their Barbie to be able to eat.

Is There A Plus Size Barbie?

Over the years Mattel, the creators of Barbie have faced criticism over the unrealistic body image that Barbie produces. People have been complaining that Barbie causes self-esteem issues in young girls. Making them want to have a thinner frame like their dolls. 

In 2016 Mattel released three new dolls to the Barbie line; Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, and Petite Barbie. The company has received some praise for creating more realistic looking dolls.

What Can You Make For Barbies?

You have a collection of Barbies and would like some new accessories for your dolls but do not want to run to the store to buy some off the shelves. What can you make for your Barbies? 

The only limit here is your own imagination and craft skills. You can create virtually anything for your Barbie, I even know people who design and sew clothes for Barbies. 

Below are a few ideas for what you can make for your Barbies.

A new tote bag

The little purses and bags that come with your Barbie don’t really hold much, if they hold anything at all. But you can easily make an adorable little tote bag for your doll with just an old empty travel shampoo bottle, some washi tape, single hole punch, pipe cleaners, and scissors. 

The first thing you will do is to cut the empty bottle in half horizontally and discard the top half. Then wash it out and remove any labels that are on it. 

Once the bottom half of the bottle is dry, cover it in the washi tape of your choice. Be sure to fold the tape down over the edges to give them a nice smooth finish. 

Now you will use your hole punch to punch four holes into the bag for the handles, two holes on each side. Take your pipe cleaner and cut it in half and then insert them into your holes to create handles! 

You’ve now made an adorable tote bag for your Barbie and you can make several more to coordinate with her different outfits if you want.

Make a Barbie wardrobe 

Barbie needs a place to hang her clothes, you can make a wardrobe and hangers for her. 

To make a wardrobe for Barbie all you need is an empty shoebox, ten small empty matchboxes, some beads, a chopstick or dowel, bottle caps, hot glue, cardstock, and paint if desired. 

The first thing you will do is to stack 5 matchboxes together and glue them. Then stack the other five matchboxes and glue them together as well. Once these two stacks have dried you will glue the two stacks together. 

This creates the drawers for your wardrobe. 

Once the drawers have dried you can cover the sides and back of it with cardstock of your choice. Then take ten beads to glue to the front of the drawers for handles. 

While that is drying, take your shoebox and set aside the lid, now you’ll glue cardstock to the sides, back, and inside of your shoebox. 

Stand your shoebox on it’s end and glue the drawers that you have made into the bottom corner. Take the lid of your shoebox and cut it down to the depth and width of your wardrobe. 

This will be used to make a shelf that will sit across the drawers. 

Cover the piece of cardboard in cardstock, gluing it in place. Once your glue has dried, glue your shelf onto the drawers and onto the side of the box. 

Now you’ll take your chopstick or dowel and cut it to the width of your box, this will be your clothes rod. Decide where you want your rod to be placed in your wardrobe and mark the spot. 

Take a bead for each side of the box and glue it to where you marked for your rod to be. While the glue is setting you can color your clothing rod. 

Gently place each end of the rod into the pony beads. You now have created a wardrobe for your Barbie. 

To make metal hangers all you need to do is bend some paperclips into the shape of hangers.

There is so much that you can create for your Barbie. So go ahead and make her a kitchen full of food and a house full of furniture and clothes.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

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