What Is Play-Doh Drizzle? (Can You Reuse Or Eat It?) 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:20 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:20 pm

Play-Doh Drizzle, what is that!? 

We all remember the days when we were kids playing with our kits of three colored Play-Doh we got for our birthday or Christmas; it was so simple, just mold the dough to make it look like a house or an animal, just make sure you don’t eat it though. 

Today those kits have come a long way from just plain old dough; now we have full blown machines coming with kids Play-Doh. 

You can buy things from mixers to ice cream makers, each with different types of Play-Doh and gadgets to make creating anything and everything more fun.

Play-Doh Drizzle is a compound used as pretend syrup that turns into a candy-like shell when you squeeze it on top of regular Play-Doh for your child’s weekly “ice cream” party. Unfortunately it is not reusable; also, you might want to watch out for your young children trying to eat it as it is not edible either.

Play-Doh Drizzle comes with the “ice cream” maker Play-Doh set in two different “flavor” bottles: strawberry and chocolate.” The set also comes with spoons, multiple types of bowls (depending on what type of ice cream you’re in the mood for), and of course multiple colors of Play-Doh. 

You may be looking for the next gadget you or your child needs for your Play-Dog collection. If so try out the ice cream set and have an “ice cream party” every day without getting your kids all wired up with sugar. 

“Wow! What a concept!”

If your child’s birthday is coming up or they just did a good job in school, reward them with an ice cream Play-Doh set that just happens to come with some Play-Doh Drizzle, just be careful not to let them eat it.

Is Play-Doh Toxic? 

With small kids, it can be so hard to keep track of them every minute of every day, let alone know exactly what they are putting in their mouths when you aren’t looking directly at them. 

It can be worrisome thinking that they could put something extremely dangerous or poisonous into their stomachs. 

They have so many toys and so many things that look like food in THEIR eyes. With Play-Doh, in small quantities, there is no need to fear.

Commercial Play-Doh is not toxic, but it is very important that you read product labels and check for warnings and age recommendations. 

The CPSC (consumer product and safety commission) does not define “nontoxic,” but they allow a manufacturer to place a nontoxic label after testing has been done and proves that it has no chronic health hazards.

Although the box may say that it is nontoxic and have your child’s age group put on it, it’s still probably good practice to only let them play with Play-Doh with supervision. Play-Doh can be so much fun, but not if you get sick from eating it instead of playing with it. 

It may not kill you, but it won’t make for a very pleasant day after. 

What Can You Do With Left Out Play-Doh? 

Have you ever been playing with your child and their Play-Doh set, then somehow they got distracted and left all the Play-Doh out to dry? 

Ah, darn, what a sad terrible thing that’s happened, what can we do with this stuff now?

A couple things you can do with Play-Doh that has been left out are try to revive it or be creative and make something else out of it. 

The choice is yours to make.

The best way to revive hardened Play-Doh is to 

1. Place it on a surface

2. Wet your palms and fingers, then shake off excess moisture. 

3. Press your hands into the dough and knead until the dough has softened. 

4. Repeat as necessary. 

After you have completed the process, be sure to store the Play-Doh in a plastic container to avoid having the Play-Dog dry out again.

Another thing that you can do with the dried out dough is to make fun and helpful items out of it.

Simply shape the dough as you like, preheat your oven to 250 degrees, bake for 30 minutes, and voila, you have a Christmas gift for dad’s office.

Play-Dog can be more than just a fun pastime for your children as you can make gifts or other fun creations with it too. 

What Is Play-Doh Made Of? 

Ever wonder what was in that fun, moldable stuff that your children love to play with day in and day out? Or ever been just a little curious as to what the ingredients are so you could attempt to make your own? 

Doesn’t seem too complicated, does it?

Play-Doh has some pretty basic ingredients put into it.

It has flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil. 

Virtually all of these ingredients are fairly easy to get your hands on at your local grocery store so you can make your own if you like. 

Now these are just the basic ingredients and Play-Doh says that there are some “secret ingredients” as well. However you can make your own Play-Doh easily by simply following one of the many recipes online. 

Does Play-Doh Still Exist? 

Most young adults and parents today had such a blast with Play-Doh when they were kids, along with many other toys and gadgets, but most of the things that we enjoyed as kids have disappeared entirely. 

Is Play-Doh one of those great inventions that has been phased out? 

Thankfully Play-Doh does still exist and is still sold in stores and online. If anything Play-Doh has become more popular over time as they have created a variety of different sets to encourage even more creativity. 

Play-Doh was created in 1956 and was bought by Hasbro in 1991 who has kept it alive ever since. The first color was plain white, but they have ventured out to more colors now. 

Play-Doh has come a long way and there is at least one thing that we were able to enjoy in our childhoods that is still available for our kids to enjoy today.

Play-Doh was one of the first things that I got to enjoy as a kid and I don’t think that it is going anywhere any time soon. Many great memories are wrapped up in playing with Play-Doh. 

What Is the Point Of Play-Doh? 

Play-Doh, while also fun and games, has to have more of a purpose than just entertainment for kids. There must be some other reason why it is still such a popular toy. 

While molding the Play-Doh, children are actually building and developing strength in their hands. The acts of squishing, rolling, and flattening are actually helping develop the muscles in your child’s hands for motor movements they may need in the future.

When thinking about the next gift or toy you want to get for your child, consider something that will help them in their development. 

Try some Play-Doh. It’s fun, easy, and helpful for your child—especially in their early years.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:20 pm

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