What Is the Best Nerf Tactical Vest?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:43 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:43 pm

If you’ve ever been in the middle of an intense Nerf battle, you know the importance of having ammo at the ready. The key to winning Nerf battles is the availability of ammo and the right timing to hit your competitors and gain victory. 

That’s why we love Nerf accessories so much. From goggles and bandanas to Nerf tactical vests, these accessories enhance the entire Nerf battle experience and make it as immersive as possible.

Nerf tactical vests make the game more immersive by pulling you further into the world and also give you a practical advantage, making them a great accessory for all Nerf gun lovers. However, I also understand how hard it can be to choose among the options that are available. 

From official Nerf tactical vests to third-party versions, making a choice can be difficult.

When you ask what is the best Nerf tactical vest, the choice is really between the Nerf Official N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest and TAVEKI Tactical Vest Kit. Both are good options but one is an official Nerf product while the other is made by a third party. 

There are other options available for you to consider as well.

In this article I will not only discuss these options but also give you a rundown of what features to look for when choosing the best Nerf tactical vest.

How To Choose A Tactical Vest For Nerf Guns

Nerf gun tactical vests have been around for years, and newer models have improved greatly upon older ones. Whether it’s an official Nerf tactical vest or a third-party seller making Nerf-compatible tactical vests, here are some of the factors you should take into consideration before making your final purchase.

Whether the Nerf tactical vest is for you or your child, taking these variables into account will ensure that you buy the best Nerf tactical vest for your needs.

Carrying Capacity

The main reason people buy Nerf tactical vests is because of the carrying capacity they provide. While they also add to the aesthetics of your getup, the biggest advantage to these accessories is being able to carry enough darts to last through long games. 

Check the carrying capacity before you make a purchase so that you have enough room to carry all the Nerf ammo you need.

Size, Fit, And Adjustability  

Whether you’re a teenager or a fully grown adult, Nerf guns are for everyone. There’s no age limit to be put on the fun you can have using your blaster and competing with your friends. Since Nerf guns are popular amongst young children, teenagers, and adults alike, it’s a good idea to keep size and fit in mind when shopping for a Nerf tactical vest. 

The best Nerf tactical vest is one that fits you comfortably so you can perform at your best while wearing it.

Always measure yourself and check sizes online before purchasing to ensure that the Nerf tactical vest fits you. Some of the available vests only come in small sizes while others are larger or adjustable. 

Your best bet is to choose a vest that can be adjusted so that it can fit multiple sizes.


Nerf tactical vests come in various styles and colors, from black and camouflaged to patterned and colorful. Keep this in mind when picking the best Nerf tactical vest for your needs. The novelty of bright patterns and colors may wear off for some who may then need to repurchase simpler ones. 

Think about the appearance of the tactical vest carefully, so you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

Accessories And Value Sets

Some Nerf tactical vests come along with accessories like extra darts or blasters. Others come with tactical glasses and bandannas, which can make your Nerf experience even more realistic. 

Value sets that come with darts are great because of how easy darts are to lose. Keep an eye out for value sets and sets that come along with accessories if that’s something that is a priority for you.

Best Nerf Tactical Vests

Now that you know exactly how to shop for a tactical vest for Nerf guns, it’s time to delve into my top picks for the best Nerf tactical vests on the market. There are so many different choices available for Nerf enthusiasts, but these highly rated Nerf tactical vests are among my favorites.

Nerf Official N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

This official Nerf tactical vest is not only affordable, but also suitable for many different sizes. In fact, since this Nerf tactical vest runs big, it can also be used by adults. 

However, since it runs so big, I suggest this vest for teenagers and adults, but not for younger children. If you’re an adult and have only been coming across Nerf tactical vests that don’t fit you particularly well, this may be the best option for you.

Additionally, this vest lets you load up on plenty of ammo and has enough space for 4 dart clips and 12 extra darts in the form of storage loops. It also has storage pockets that you can fill with either additional ammo or an extra blaster.

It comes with accessories including 2 six-dart clips and 12 Elite darts.

TAVEKI Tactical Vest Kit

This third-party tactical vest kit is perfect for children and lets them maximize their firepower. The kit includes a tactical vest, a waist pack, a tactical mask, a wrist band, protective glass, and 40 soft darts. 

If you’re after a great deal, this is definitely one, since you get a lot of bang for your buck with the vest, extra darts, and multiple accessories. The vest is also adjustable, making it suitable for kids of different sizes.

CUKU Tactical Vest Kit

If you’re looking to last throughout a long Nerf battle, this is the kit for you. It’s a two-pack so it comes with all the different accessories for both players, including two vests, 60 blue and 60 yellow darts, two wristbands, two pairs of glasses, two reload clips, and two masks. 

These vests are also a little more exciting since they’re not plain black and have a camouflage pattern.

This vest is also lightweight at only 1.68 pounds each and can be easily worn by younger children. In addition to dart loops and mesh pockets to hold additional ammo, the wristbands and reload clips also hold 8 darts each, making this a great accessory for those engaging in longer Nerf battles.

Final Thoughts

If you have your Nerf blasters and darts, and are simply missing a place to store your ammo, a Nerf tactical vest can be one of the best accessories you invest in. In addition to providing a more immersive experience, Nerf tactical vests can help you carry around all your ammo without impeding your movements or slowing down your play. 

I hope that this guide was helpful and aids you in choosing the best Nerf tactical vest for your unique needs.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:43 pm

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