What Is The Best Puzzle Brand?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

To all those puzzle junkies out there, you may want to know all the secrets as to which puzzle to buy. You may have a specific brand that you have done for years and have loved it; but there is always room for change. 

Although it may be hard at first, here are the top rated puzzle brands to help you broaden your horizons and grow.

Based on popularity, quality and the number of positive reviews the best puzzle brand on the market currently is Ravensburger. This puzzle brand is made in Germany and not only has great pictures but also great quality puzzle pieces. 

Now, of course there are different brands across the world for those puzzle lovers all around the globe so you will want to do your research and possibly find those more obscure brands to make your collection more unique. 

However in this article I will focus more on the different options that are normally purchased in the USA.  

Now you may have a preference and may know the difference in feel of different puzzles or you may not but below I will cover the most popular brands and how I feel like they rank. 

To me the top brand is absolutely Ravensburger but if you don’t like the options that they have for pictures or they are currently sold out then these other brands aren’t a bad choice at all. 

Level A Puzzle Brands (Top Rated Brands)

First, we have Bits and Pieces, which have thick pieces with non-grid cuts. These are considered the best shaped puzzles in the industry.

Next, Buffalo Games—this brand has a standard grid cut, quality sturdy boxes and quality puzzle pieces. Typically this brand is cheaper than some of the other top tier brands. 

Eeboo these puzzles will come with a standard grid cut, quality sturdy boxes and puzzle pieces and the pictures will be more modern folksy round table images.

Lafayette Puzzle Company—this will usually be a grid cut puzzle with seamless pieces. This puzzle has sturdy and attractive boxes and pieces.

The next brand on the list is Pomegranate. These are described as fine art puzzles with excellent quality. That says it all in my opinion.

Sunsout: Said to come with unattractive boxes but has great puzzles. This brand comes with thick pieces and non-grid cuts, tight cuts, and lots of different images.

Springbrook: This brand includes thick puzzle pieces, a super tight fit, unusual piece shapes and good colors. The images are fairly average, but come in a great variety.

Vermont Christmas Company: This is more of a seasonal brand with lots of unique Christmas and Halloween images. The pieces are fairly thick and have a semi-random cut, as well as an overall nice quality.

The last but surely not least on this list is White Mountain. This brand has a great image selection and regular releases. The pieces are a bit larger and are a nice random cut; they are on the thin side, with some occasional lift and some puzzle dust.

Based on these descriptions, you are free to pick and choose as you like. Depending on your preferences, you may like one over the other. Some are better quality than the others and some are better in other areas; what do you like in a puzzle?

Level B Puzzle Brands (all about the picture)

These are puzzle brands that are ok when it comes to quality and how long lasting they are, but are purchased more for the pretty picture you see on the box. So if you are a fanatical puzzle person, you may not care too much for these.

First, the New York Puzzle Company—if purchased, you can expect a nice box, thick pieces, and a creative non-grid cut. It will also come with a loose fit and high visibility of the piece cut when the puzzle is complete, but all in all, the picture is a beautiful thing to look at.

The second one is Masterpieces. The quality of this puzzle brand is a bit inconsistent, and some of the puzzles are thinner than you may want. The boxes and images are great and it comes with a non-grid cut.

Level C Puzzle Brand (for the Price)

There is nothing better than finding a good deal, but are you willing to sacrifice the quality and imagery to save some money?

The only real Level C puzzle brand in the U.S. is the Ceaco brand—the description of this one is that the pieces are too thin and the pieces are often warped inside the box. There is some image lift and a lot of puzzle dust to clean up.

So, now it is up to you to decide the best puzzle brand for you. 

Would you like a good quality puzzle? 

Are you going to buy a puzzle just for a pretty picture, or do you want to save some money? 

It is now in your hands and only you can decide the “best puzzle brand” for you and your preferences.

Tips For Choosing A Good Puzzle

Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to picking a puzzle; to you it may be just about the picture on the front of the box and feeling that accomplishment when you finally place the last piece. 

Well that may be the case for you, but there are those that actually have studied many great puzzles and what to search for if you want the best experience with a jigsaw puzzle.

There are several steps when finding the next perfect puzzle that you want to tackle. There are different qualities, images, and sizes. These are the things that most experts think about and search for when it comes to doing puzzles.

The very first thing that you need to search for is the image. Pick something that makes you happy when you look at it. 

You don’t want something that will be boring when you look at it as you will spend many hours staring at the picture while you try to put it together. 

The next thing that you need to consider is purchasing from a retailer with a good reputation. 

Ask friends that know about puzzles and see what they like. You want a good quality brand that will stay intact while you are putting it together, and will not fall apart. 

You can also do research into the best rated brands and read about random people’s experience. Also, you should consider the place that you are buying from.  

There are online websites and also the toy section of most stores. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, it just depends on what you are comfortable with.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what puzzle brand is the best based on your preferences. 

I personally prefer the Ravensburger brand as I like their blend of quality, images, and price but you might want something different and that’s ok. 

Find out what you prefer and what you are most concerned about when you put together a puzzle. 

You may even prefer a different type of puzzle like a Rubix cube or Suduko and again that’s fine. We are all different and so different products, pictures, or puzzles will appeal to different people. 

Heck, you might even want to get a 3-D puzzle and build it up instead of just one on a flat surface! 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

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