When Does A Monopoly Game End? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

Monopoly has been a classic board game in the home of many Americans over the last few decades. Almost every parent or sibling in America has some memory associated with this popular game.

Not every memory is a happy one though. 

Many people associate the game of Monopoly with family fights and frustration. Those only happen because of the intense competition this game incites in all of its players. 

Personally I have many good memories of playing Monopoly. 

One summer I played every day with my friends at daycare. I learned some valuable lessons during that time such as the art of the deal or when to call it quits.

But when does the game actually end? 

When the bank runs out of money? Or is it when the table finally gets flipped because of one too many arguments?

The game of monopoly officially ends when every player except one has gone bankrupt. However the game is over in a practical sense when only one player is left who has all of the monopolies on the board. 

Once one player holds all the monopolies then it’s just a matter of time until they win so most games will end at that point. 

Once all of the players but one have no money left to pay for their rent when they land on a space, the game is over. The player who monopolized the best or most properties and ended with all the money wins the game.

Some people try to keep the game alive by offering deals or giving a pass on the payment. That kind of thinking could backfire if you play with someone really competitive or your vindictive little brother.

Once the game ends just let it end. There is no need to prolong the agony of the other person counting out every bill they have in their possession. You can always start a new game.

That summer I played Monopoly every day, I can vividly remember playing two or three games a day. We would immediately set up for the next game once someone won.

Sometimes, we had to leave the game and come back the next day because daycare was over and our parents had arrived.

The many house rules and less cutthroat rules can potentially make the game never end. It’s best to just stick to the general rule of no money no gameplay.

How Long Does A Monopoly Game Last? 

Monopoly is all about the roll of the dice and the whims of the players. If you have time, you could pass up on a property that you landed on and come back to it later.

Some people play that you have to land on the property to buy it, while others play with the auction rule.

Auctioning off the unpurchased property will make the game move faster because once all the properties are purchased the only thing left to focus on is bankrupting your opponents.

Depending on the players and their style of gameplay Monopoly could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 days.

If the game is played strictly by the official rules it will end within a couple of hours. However, each family or group of friends most likely has their own “house” rules that will prolong the game.

I did play a 20 minute game one time. 

That was because each player was actively engaged in the game and we left no room for talking in between turns.

Not every game is like that though. Some people like to talk in between turns or do other things. That makes the game seem to last forever.

I remember playing with just my sister one time, and she had been lucky. She had a full color set of property before I could even buy two. She put just enough houses on those properties to keep me from going bankrupt but still in enough poverty that I couldn’t afford to buy any more property.

I was so mad at her for prolonging the game just to keep me miserable. She says I was upset because I was losing. I just wanted the game to end since I already saw the outcome.

I was going to lose eventually, so why not end the game now.

She wanted to keep playing because she knew how much I loved the game and liked playing games with me.

That memory still haunts me to this day.

Some “house” rules that make the game go way too long are the common misconception of free parking and free money.

When the money keeps flowing to players who did absolutely nothing but land on a space, it throws the game mechanics out of whack and prevents bankruptcy from happening earlier.

Deals that keep a player from having to pay rent or trades that have too many strings attached can also affect the length of the game.

Jailtime and the rules played around that make the game longer as well. 

The bottom line is that the more rules you change, the longer the game will last.

Is Cheating Allowed In Monopoly? 

What do you consider cheating? That should be the first question you ask someone who accuses you of doing it. 

Cheating is not allowed in Monopoly unless you are playing Monopoly Cheater’s  Edition. Technically, Monopoly doesn’t have a punishment for cheaters, but you may find that your friends won’t want to play with you anymore. 

Cheating is a common practice amongst siblings and close friend groups. Some do it just to see if they can get away with it, while others cheat because they want to win at any cost.

I have a friend whose motto is “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.” He is a difficult person to play games with! 

Cheating in monopoly is not always blatant. You may have a rule that once a player rolls the previous turn is over.

I have used this to distract a certain player after I landed on his Hotel and didn’t want to pay. He distractedly rolled after getting caught up in conversation and noticed after the fact that I was on his property.

Needless to say, we had a little bit of a heated discussion and he paid a lot closer attention to my rolls in the future.

The worst cheaters are the bankers who embezzle during the game. 

Oftentimes no one really watches the banker and he can easily short change people or slip himself a few hundreds when no one is looking.

Cheating can make the game more interesting at times, but I do not recommend that you become a habitual cheater because you may lose interest in the game or find that you have a dearth of friends and family who trust you in any game ever.

Monopoly is fun enough if you follow the correct rules. It may stink when you are losing, but it is so much fun to be the high roller at the table.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

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