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Which LOL Dolls Change in Water?

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Little Outrageous Little (LOL) introduced a surprise element in their collectible range a few years back. Some of their adorable dolls changed color when they came in contact with cold (or hot) water.

Despite some controversial reveals, most new versions of LOL color-changing dolls seem popular amongst parents and children.

So which LOL Dolls change in the water?

All dolls from the LOL Surprise Color Change Dolls collection can switch color, outfits, or hair when you dip them in water.  You can complete the color-changing family by purchasing LOL Surprise Color Change Pets and LOL Surprise Color Change Lil Sisters.

In this article I will dive into how LOL Dolls change in water along with answering your burning questions about the trending toy.

How Do LOL Dolls Change In Water?

At the moment, MGA Entertainment Inc. hasn’t disclosed the secret behind its famous LOL color-changing dolls.

A reviewer deduced that the manufacturing company uses a special thermochromic paint and vinyl that reacts to fluctuating water temperatures. That’s why you notice a color change when your doll comes into contact with water.

The manufacturers only share a list of instructions to set the color-changing process in motion. You have to pay close attention to the temperature to ensure your LOL Surprise Color Changing Dolls reveal their secret outfit or color-changing surprise.

According to the product description, not only will your LOL dolls change color in hot/cold water, but their balls  (and some accessories) can too. You might even find dolls that react to both hot and cold water differently. That means a 2-in-1 color change experience awaits when you test these toys at the optimal temperature.

All this leads to some exciting experiments and fun during playtime.

Here’s what the user manual says about the color change:

Cold Color Change

LOL dolls change colors when you expose them to chilled water (approx. 59°F/15°C). For best results, you might want to dip it in ice water with an optimal temperature of (32°F/0°C). You can accelerate the shade change by placing your doll in the freezer for a few minutes.

Warm Color Change

Color-changing LOL dolls react to lukewarm water too. In such cases, you will observe a difference when the water temperature reaches (100.4°F /38°C). Yet, the visible change appears when the water temperature rises to (104°F/40°C).

If your children are young, you might want to supervise them during the color-changing process. It’s especially true for the warm color change procedure, as your child might get hurt if things go amiss when they dip their dolls in hot water.

How Do You Take Care Of Color Changing LOL Dolls?

The coolest thing about LOL surprise dolls is that they return to their original outfit (or hair color) when at room temperature.  That means your child can play the color-changing game again and again. It makes for an entertaining activity for kids aged 4-7, especially when they want to show off their trendy toys in front of playmates.

That said, these special LOL dolls need extra care and attention to ensure they retain their shade-shifting powers.

Here are some doll care rules you need to follow:

● LOL dolls change in water. It’s why you should avoid using soapy water to clean your dirty dolls. Only use a dry microfiber cloth to rub off visible dirt and smudges.

● Make sure your wet LOL dolls dry completely before putting them away. Air-dry or towel-dry your dolls to remove all the traces of moisture after the transformation game.

● Never expose your dolls to hairstyling tools that use heat as it harms their temperature-sensitive color-changing capabilities.

● Don’t submerge your LOL doll’s hair or accessories in the water unless stated otherwise.

● Always cover your doll’s head when you dip the body in water to minimize moisture exposure.

Lastly, store your trendy toys in a dry and covered place to prevent the vinyl coating from reacting to the environmental elements.

Why Didn’t My LOL Doll Change Color?

There might be a problem if your LOL Surprise Color Change dolls and their co-color changing family members (i.e., pets and Lil Sisters) don’t react to water. The reasoning behind most non-color changes is simple.

For instance, there’s a chance you purchased a non-color changing collectible from the store. It’s why you should read the packaging and poster before dipping dolls into the water.  

Here are a few other reasons why your LOL doll did not change color:

● The water might not be at the required temperature.

● You submerged the doll for too long. That can prevent your doll from switching colors because its plastic body remains at the same temperature as the water.

● Prolonged exposure to heat and harsh UV rays of the sun can cause its color-changing abilities to deactivate.

● Weather changes might influence the color change by canceling it.

If adjusting the temperature and the best storage practices for your LOL dolls don’t help, you might be experiencing a manufacturer defect. In that case, you should contact the manufacturing company. 

Valid complaints can result in an exchange with a well-functioning color-changing LOL doll.

Why Do LOL Surprise Color Change Dolls Come in a Ball?

All LOL dolls and accessories come in a ball. Its unique packaging distinguishes it from ordinary boxed toys. Plus, the balls function as a surprise element for young owners. 

Each sphere holds a mystery color-changing LOL doll.  

In most cases, it implies that you don’t know which LOL doll you actually bought until you get it home and unbox it.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, knowing which LOL dolls change in water allows you to buy the best birthday present, Christmas toy, or celebratory present for kids. The LOL Surprise Color Change Dolls are a good start. 

You can keep adding to the collection by gifting complimentary Lil Sister dolls and modifying toy pets on other occasions.

What do you think about color-changing LOL dolls? Yay or Nay?

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