Why Are American Girl Dolls So Expensive?(Are They Worth It?) 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:42 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:42 pm

A generation of parents has asked this question. Yet, there’s some charming and one-of-a-kind experience that compels us to cave in and buy these dolls no matter how expensive they are. 

I did some extensive market research and browsed toy store aisles before buying my first American Girl doll for my daughter. From that experience and watching children play in-person, I have tried to unravel the mystery behind this pricey purchase.

If you ask me if American Girl dolls are worth it I will say yes, every single time.

American Girl dolls are expensive because of their premium-quality design, customizable options, and variety of accessories. However, despite being expensive they are worth buying for these same reasons. 

No other brand has managed to score 10/10 in these traits.

Hence, AG manufacturers proudly present their branded collectibles without thinking twice about the price.

Read on to explore these features in greater detail.

Understanding Why American Girl Dolls Are So Expensive

American Girl dolls have been winning hearts for decades. All thanks to their stellar customer-centric ideas and trusty doll-making process. 

It’s why their popularity never seems to diminish, and we keep on buying their cute creations.

Here’s a closer look at the things that set them apart from other dolls:

Traditional Toy-Making Techniques – the Triple T

The triple T refers to classic doll-making traditions practiced by every manufacturer years ago. These days, only American Girl dolls carry on the old values and methods to retain their unconditional bond with customers. 

Instead of becoming a doll manufacturing factory, the team aspires to give each new American Girl the time and effort required to reach perfection.

Due to this, each feature of these dolls undergoes a lengthy production process compared to other doll creators.

Here’s a breakdown:

She Has Expressive Eyes

American Girl dolls have hand-painted eyes with unique markings and hand curled eyelashes. Moreover, they don’t click or create noise when they open and close as other dolls do. 

Instead, their eye movement mimics human-like fluidity. This gives these dolls a lifelike appearance.

The Premium-Quality Wigs  

Yes, wigs.

The reason why American Girl dolls flaunt natural hair is the wigs sewn into their scalp. Ditching the rooted hair option other dollmakers choose gives these beauties more flowy and textured tresses. 

In comparison, these realistic hairstyles are easier to style too.

Therefore, some American Girl dolls can withstand hot styling sessions with blow dryers, curlers, and straighteners better than their off-brand counterparts.

She Has Soft Well-Sculpted Skin

American Girl manufacturers use a specialized formula to create smoother, softer doll skin. The vinyl they use might be more fragile than other dolls, but it gives American Girl dolls the lifelike quality we admire most.

Designers Create a Durable and Moveable Body

Lastly, American Girl dolls are made for more hands-on play as they have soft bodies and well-connected limbs. They have a neck cord attachment (or zip tie) that connects their body to their head. 

Due to this, your doll heads are less likely to topple off during rough play and sibling quarrels over the same toy.

Apart from this, the central connection makes it easier to move the limbs. Much like our spinal cord, except doll owners are the ones in control of the doll movements.

Shaped Around Your Life & Imagination

Over the years, America Girl has become an inclusive and ethnically diverse brand. For example, their current collection includes African American Girl dolls (Addy Walker), Native Indian Dolls (i.e., Kaya), and Asian American Girl dolls (i.e., Emerson). 

In addition to this, they have a unique line of dolls with visible disabilities or struggles. Dolls in wheelchairs, with braces, and with hearing aids are all part of different collections.

The backstory of each doll becomes a learning lesson for children of all ages. Automatically instilling good values of acceptance and love at a young age.

Moreover, you can introduce an online build-a-doll service too. This opens more diverse and personable options for what the doll looks like and what she does. 

As a result, you can own an American Girl doll that’s 100% unique.

No other brand takes the time and energy to curate a diverse range of doll collections that resonate with American children from different backgrounds.

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories.

There’s no other doll in the market with as many accessories as the American Girl dolls.  These dolls have everything from party clothes, doll-sized tech gadgets, dollhouses to sleepover accessory sets. 

Then, historical characters come with their books to teach children an important aspect of history.

Moreover, Create Your Own American Girl doll features accessory options that children can select to match their personalized buddy.

This benefits children in two ways. They show children that the brand values their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, it allows them to be creative when it comes to playtime.

What’s more?

The continuous popularity and limited edition dolls have made these toys a valuable collectible item too. Due to this, the race to purchase exclusive dolls has become more competitive than before.

The brand capitalizes on this while ensuring that consumers receive dolls that are worthy of an investment.

The Verdict: Is An American Girl Doll Worth It?

An American Girl doll is a valuable purchase your child will cherish for years. Your experience with American Girl dolls goes beyond its exemplary toy-making skills and it is worth buying. 

These days, the company presents customizable doll packages shaped around your child’s imagination. Online custom-made requests allow you to choose everything from facial features, hair color to hobbies and occupations. 

Each doll comes with tons of specialized accessories too.

These factors promote imagination and creativity in children while stimulating motor skills in toddlers. These are just a few of the reasons why American Girl dolls are so expensive.

Alternatively, if you decide to make a straightforward store-bought purchase, you will still marvel at the premium-quality design. 

The trademark lifelike qualities of this terrific toy are another advantage in their favor. These features seal the deal for parents and children eager to immerse themselves in a unique American Girl doll experience.

Do you think American Girl dolls are worth it?  

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:42 pm

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