Why Are Lego Baseplates So Expensive? (Are There Cheaper Ones?)

Why Are Lego Baseplates So Expensive?

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If you have ever built any major structures with Legos then you have likely used a large Lego baseplate. These flat plates are perfect as a base to build Legos on or even to connect two different structures together to form one giant one. 

However, Lego baseplates are really quite expensive which makes many people wonder, why? Why is a simple flat Lego piece so incredibly expensive? 

Lego baseplates are so expensive because they are made by Lego and Lego charges higher prices for all of their products. That’s because all of the items that they make are high quality and designed to last for decades! 

Base plates are also complex to produce as the pieces are designed in huge chunks as compared to the smaller normal sized Legos which also increases the prices. 

Most of Lego’s other bricks are interchangeable and can be used in a wide variety of different sets whereas the baseplates can only be used and sold as those making them more expensive to produce since they can’t be made in as high of volume as other Legos. 

Another reason that Lego base plates are so expensive is that they are not made with regular plastic. They are made with ABS which is a thermoplastic that contains butadiene monomer, acrylonitrile monomer, and a styrene monomer.

Such durability explains why most Lego pieces are long-lasting but also why they are more expensive. 

By looking at the bigger picture, many purchasers begin to understand the mechanism of producing the base plates and how it reflects in the cost. 

But while some Lego customers don’t have a problem with the high cost of base plates, there are other purchasers who find it peculiar and very overpriced.

What Is The Biggest Lego Baseplate?

Measuring 48 x 48 studs, or 15” (38cm) x 15” (38cm), this massive Lego baseplate is the biggest of its kind.

There is also a large Duplo baseplate that measures 24 x 24 DUPLO studs, or 15″ (38.1cm) x 15″ (38.1cm).

These are currently the largest Lego/Duplo baseplates available so if you are looking to build a massive city that is larger than that you will have to connect multiple baseplates together to form the base. 

Can Lego Baseplates Be Cut?

It is a little bit tricky to cut a Lego baseplate as it is too brittle for a saw while also being too hard for scissors. Another downside is you will also lose the intended spacing of the studs on the baseplate as well once you cut it. 

If you absolutely have to cut the base plate, you can use a hot wire to melt the piece and that will make it easier for you to cut through it using a knife or scissors. 

Still, it’s hard to do it since it could produce a wrinkle on the edge of the base plate. However, if you are looking to cut it then this is likely the best solution. 

7 Of The Best Baseplates Currently Available

Now that I’ve covered some general information about baseplates and why they are so expensive, I want to give you some additional options. 

Some of these baseplates are actually made by Lego so they will be more expensive while others are just compatible with Legos so they will be cheaper. 

You will have to decide if saving the money is right for you or if it’s worth it to buy the more expensive (but better quality) baseplates. 

Dream Builder Toy Upgrade Stackable Building Base Plates

This is one of the stackable building base plate bestsellers. The Dream Builder Toy Upgrade is composed of 2 gray, 2 blue, and 2 green plates.

It is a baseplate that is known for tender and ’buttery’ clicks. The Dream Builder Toy Upgrade base plates can fit all brands but some brands (Legos) won’t fit as well as they would on their own brand baseplates. 

This baseplate set has a new design featuring the advantage of additional linking brick bits. They also have the largest base plate with undersides that is available today.

This set of 4 large baseplates can be found by clicking here. 

Strictly Briks

This baseplate is compatible with K’NEX, Mega Bloks, and Legos. Strictly Briks allows players to take their building game to the next level as it is best for forming giant structures such as castles, parking lots, skyscrapers, and large towers.

Not likely to be found in other brick brands, Strictly Briks has a plate that is perfect to be combined and stacked with your bricks to achieve virtually unlimited creative building possibilities.

Strictly Briks plates are made of premium construction material that guarantees a tight match with your piece and block collections. 

This baseplate set can be found by clicking here. 

Lego Education Large Building Plates

Lego education came up with an idea to build baseplates that centers the children’s structural learning.

Sold individually, Lego’s  big construction plates can be used for landscapes and large buildings.

The green plates are good for forming and establishing grass scenes and forests. Gray plates, on the other hand, are excellent in constructing roofs and streetscapes.

The Lego building plates have various types and variations that a buyer can choose from including large or small options to fit all of your needs. 

LEGO City Straight and T-junction 60236 Building Kit

If you are searching for baseplates that can help you stretch and maximize your Lego city build, then the Straight and T-junction 60236 Building Kit is likely the best option for you.

The T-junction street and straight plates measure 9″ (25cm) per square. 

This is a kind of base plate set that is ideal for constructing innovative buildings and is compatible with most Lego bricks.

The LEGO City Straight and T-junction is applicable for children of all ages and can be found here. 

Dream Builder Toy Classic Building Baseplates

These Dream Builder base plates come with 6 top quality pieces measuring 10″ x 10″ or 32 x 32 in studs. 

As Lego base plates are known to be highly expensive, this generic version is a great choice since it is considerably cheaper than all of Lego’s baseplates. 

The baseplates are intricately crafted from an ABS plastic material, ensuring a secure and durable build.

The Dream Builder Toy Classic Building base plates are suitable for storage desks as they are also easy to cut and paste. These pieces are indeed child-friendly and can be purchased here. 

Lego Classic Gray Baseplate

Gray baseplates are at their best in the LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate 10701 Building Toy. These baseplates are big enough to expand kids’ creativity in building and construction sets.

The Lego classic gray base plates are the perfect pieces for all LeGo  building bricks and will give you the perfect fit every single time (unlike the generics). The kids can use all the building brick accessories to construct a toy building or a toy castle. 

The LEGO classic base plates can also be used as toy screens for hours of fun and creative play. The set complements any construction brick toys or toy playsets. 

You can find the current price for this item here. 

Lego Classic Green Baseplate Supplement

Down to the most sought-after base plates, the Lego Classic Green Baseplate offers a limitless building game experience.

Using the package’s accessories, kids can build, play, and display their Lego creations right on this plate. 

The Lego Classic Green Baseplate maintains a firm and sturdy construction to help kids achieve building their favorite sets and characters.

This item can be found here. 


Lego baseplates are built-in using durable ABS plastics. The production cost and its complex process influence the market price which is why they are so much more expensive than their generic counterparts. 

However, these pieces can be purchased individually so you don’t need to buy them in bulk. You also don’t have to worry about them fitting with your normal pieces perfectly like you do with the generic baseplates. 

Though these pieces can cost quite a bit of money, some believe it to be a necessary investment in order to maximize the Lego builds that you can achieve. 

Further, you get durability, usability, and versatility with the price. 

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