Why Are Toys So Expensive?

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​As parents, we love providing for our kids. This also includes buying them toys, especially those that align with their interests. 

Most kids find a TV show that they love and then latch on to that theme meaning they want the bedding, the toys, the DVDs etc. 

I know I love getting things for my kids and seeing them happy makes me happy, but this can also become expensive.​ ​There are many reasons why toys are so expensive. 

One of the main reasons that toys are expensive is simply supply and demand. The most popular toys will be the most expensive because the demand is so high. 

​The more popular an item becomes the more expensive it is. 

Manufacturers, as with all people, want to make a profit. They are going to sell things at a price point that is going to make them money and if they know their item is in high demand, they will increase the price of that item based solely on its value to the consumers.

​There are tons of off brand or knock off brands available for most major manufactures but these can be good and bad. While it is great because the prices are often far lower than the major companies, you might also sacrifice quality and safety. 

These other companies are able to sell these products at a much lower cost because they make them at a cheaper and more affordable price. This often means that the plastic is thinner, the item is more fragile and it is more prone to breaking, etc.

​While the savings are great, one downfall to companies making knock offs is that this adds to the supply and demand issue. If multiple companies are offering similar items, but if the quality of the name brand is much better, then it can cause there to be even more demand for the quality products. 

As more and more knock off brands or generics are released it can drive up demand for the product line in general and when people go to buy quality items they will inevitably go to the brand… keeping prices higher. 

​Also adding to the issue of supply and demand is the attitude of today that you have to be “better” than everyone else. 

That means everyone wants the expensive things, the popular things, etc. We have generally taken on the “they have it so why can’t I have it too” or “they got it so now I need to have it to show that I am just as good as them” attitude. 

When manufacturers see this competition in their consumers, they are able to increase the cost of their goods, again based on the value these items hold to the consumers.

Yes, this holds true for toys as well as other items. 

​It is also common for companies to have limited edition products. These are often products that the company makes a certain number of and once they are sold out, they are gone for good. 

This can lend to a higher value that is placed on the product which will drive up the cost of purchase. Sometimes, if the product sells well, the company will decide to bring the toy back as a regular product but will leave the cost of the toy the same as it was.

​Apart from supply and demand there are many other reasons to be considered when looking at the cost of toys. 

The quality of the toy is another reason why it might be expensive. If the product is made of high-quality plastic, rubber, silicone etc. it is going to cost the manufacturer more money to produce the item meaning it is going to cost the consumers more money to purchase it. 

If a company makes products out of cheaper materials their costs to produce the toy will be much lower and will allow consumers to purchase it at a cheaper price. Keep in mind though, that the less quality material made means less quality overall in the item.

​Should Santa Bring Kids Expensive Toys?  

​Santa and what presents he brings to children is a hot topic. Parents, including me, have wildly different opinions on this so if you ask ten parents you are likely to get a variety of answers. 

Is there a reason for Santa to bring, or not bring, expensive gifts to your children?

Personally I believe it is up to each household to decide what Santa brings to their children. If some parents feel like Santa should or shouldn’t bring expensive toys to their children then they are free to tell him so. 

It’s not up to me to dictate what a parent should or shouldn’t do in regards to allowing Santa to bring expensive gifts or not. 

​Ultimately it is up to you as the parent to decide what Santa should bring your children as a present and don’t let other parents shame you into doing something that you don’t want to. 

​I have a sibling who was the parent who always had Santa bring the best gift. One year they were scrolling through Facebook and read a post that changed their opinion on Santa gifts forever. The post was from a young, single mom talking about how she thought Christmas was great that year. She was able to get some money scraped together and got her child some stuff they really wanted on their list, some things they needed, and overall thought that it went really well.

​When her child went back to school after Christmas break all the kids were talking about what they did, what presents they got, what Santa gave them etc. 

Her child came home upset and asked why one of their friends got an Xbox for Christmas from Santa and all they got was a book and some pajamas. At that time the mother decided to tell her child the truth about Christmas and Santa, and it ruined the magic for them at a much younger age than it needed to be. 

She chose to do this simply because she couldn’t find a valid reason for why Santa brought them a book and pajamas and somebody else something far more expensive. My sibling read the comments and did some soul searching, and it truly changed their perspective on the topic.

My sibling asked why we have Santa bring the expensive or best gift? 

Shouldn’t we as the parents get the praise and thanks for getting them the big item they really wanted? What about the families who don’t have a lot of money? How do you justify to one child that Santa brought them an Xbox while their friend got a pair of pajamas and a book? 

These kids are going to be left wondering what they did wrong or why Santa gave someone else a much cooler gift than them. Parents might even be forced to ruin the magic of Christmas far sooner than necessary.

Despite my sibling feeling this way my wife and I still allow Santa to get expensive gifts for our children for Christmas. Granted we typically don’t have Santa get them gaming consoles but they have gotten bikes, scooters, big toys, etc. from him over the years. 

As I mentioned earlier it is totally up to your discretion on whether you feel that Santa should only give your child small toys or clothes or whether he should give them all the toys on Christmas. 

Whichever way you believe, just be careful not to shame people who have a different opinion. 

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