Will A Sharpie Work On Glass?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

Sharpies can be a fun marker brand to use. They have so many different colors to enjoy and they are used for multiple projects in just about any setting. 

Whether you work in an office, are part of a cheer program at school, or even as you mark the food you make onto tags to help identify the food you made, Sharpie markers are just about anywhere you may be. 

Sharpie markers have a brand name that they build upon and know people trust. They are used on cardboard, paper, card stock, walls, canvas, and many other materials. One thing many people ask however, is if a Sharpie will work on glass.

Sharpies will work on glass however you will need to make sure that you are careful not to touch it until it dries. If you accidentally touch the Sharpie after putting it on the glass it can wipe off. 

If you are like me and have kids, Sharpies, crayons, pencils, and anything else that can be used to write on must be put in a special case that must be kept closed when not in use. This is only allowed open with adult supervision. 

One of my kids currently loves to color on paper and anything else he sees. Because of this, I must be present to watch him whenever he wants to do a craft. 

As much as I love his creativity, I need to supervise his actions. I only own one Sharpie marker currently because of this reason. I don’t trust my son to NOT get into my marker sets and then draw on the walls. 

It’s part of the joys of parenthood.

As an avid crafter, I have used many different materials and writing utensils. One of them is a Sharpie marker. 

When I use my Sharpie marker, I always have to be very careful as they can stain most of what the ink will touch. Now, the question was asked earlier if a sharpie marker will work on glass. The answer is actually yes! 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using Sharpies on glass. When using a Sharpie on glass, especially if you’re using different colors, you will want to start with the lightest color first. 

For example, if you have a yellow Sharpie and also a green Sharpie, you start with the yellow Sharpie first. Otherwise your yellow Sharpie, if it touches the green ink from the green sharpie, will then have a green spot on the marker tip. 

You want to try as much as possible to keep the tips of your Sharpie marker from touching another color already on the glass as it may blend the color onto your current Sharpie marker that you are using. 

Also, remember to not go over your marker on the glass more than one time. If you do, you may accidentally wipe off the color from the glass. 

As a side note, make sure that you are dressed appropriately for this craft. It can be messy and stain whatever it touches until it dries.

The best part about using a Sharpie on glass is the beautiful artwork that it can create. It gives a stained glass look and when you put it in the light, it shines through to whatever is beneath the light. 

If you do a Sharpie color on a glass jar, and then put the glass jar on a window sill, you will have beautiful artwork shine through to your neighboring walls and floors.

How Do You Remove Sharpie From A Mirror?

We all have had that moment when we discover something is stuck on our bathroom mirror! It may be from a splash mark to makeup that can be found on a mirror. 

Occasionally you may even find the strange weird marks that you have no idea where it came from. 

Using different writing utensils on glass can bring different results with how easily it can be taken off. If it’s makeup, a simple wipe can be used to remove the mark. 

If it’s a splash mark, maybe some tissue or glass cleaner will work. Then there are the times you have the bright idea to work with a sharpie marker on your mirror. 

It may be an inspirational quote or even your dreams that you use to motivate you as you get ready in the mornings. Whatever the case, you always want the option to either change what you wrote at any given moment or remove it entirely. 

But then, you have those moments where you need to change or remove what’s written. Mistakes can happen or something new has changed your previous outlook. In either case, how do you get a Sharpie marker off of a mirror?

You can easily remove Sharpie markers by using either rubbing alcohol or by use soap and an SOS pad. Both of these options should work really well. 

Which one of these two different ways to remove Sharpie marker from a mirror you will want to use will depend on what you have in your house. You may be able to find these things either in a cabinet or in your kitchen. 

The first way is to use rubbing alcohol. You can soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then use that to rub off the marker. 

You can also soak the markings in the rubbing alcohol, and then use a clean dish cloth or rag to wipe off the markings. It sounds pretty simple right? 

The other way is to use a wet, soapy SOS pad. This actually works better for large markings that may be all over a mirror. 

Simply soak the SOS pad in warm water and put lots of soap on it. You will want to use the abrasive side to clean your mirror. 

Of course, if you wish to use this in combination with the rubbing alcohol presoak, all the better. These both provide simple options to clean your mirrors from Sharpie marks using things you may already have in your house.

I know I would make fun of my little sister at times as she would write and do silly drawings on her mirrors as she wanted to make her mirrors part of her personality. Sometimes it was the name of her current crush that would appear on the mirror, only to need to change the name in a week or two. 

Of course that would then cause the discussion of how often the name changed… gotta love the teenage girl and her constantly evolving mind about boys! It definitely isn’t for the weak of heart! 

There are some people who have a dream or mission to accomplish, and want to remember their “why” to keep them motivated and challenge them to do whatever they are doing. 

There are some people who need encouragement to remind them that they are important and that they are someone who’s worth living. Sometimes it even is part of song lyrics that you may find. 

Whatever the case, people write on mirrors all the time, and Sharpie markers are a great way to write on a mirror. 

Marking your mirrors with markers is very common. Whether you are marking your mirrors with Sharpies to decorate or inspire you, or you simply had the accidental brush of your marker on the mirror, you now have a way to clean your mirror and make it look new again. 

Thankfully common issues have common solutions. Using the rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball or rag, or simply using a SOS pad with warm soapy water, you have simple answers to help you in your desire to clean your mirrors from Sharpie.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

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