Will American Girl Dolls Melt in the Attic?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:39 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:39 pm

If the idea of storing your American Girl doll in the attic gives you an eerie deja vu feeling, then it’s not just you. It’s the copious amount of horror movies you’ve binged!

As a blogger I get asked tons of questions about the best storage tips for dolls. Queries about haunted dolls often make an appearance when superstitions come to play as well but that’s a topic for another article. 

I come bearing good news and bad news on that account. 

First and foremost, your American Girl doll will not come to life when you stack it up with the other household relics! Yay!

 But you still have to ask yourself…

Will American Girl dolls melt in the attic if I store them there? 

Unfortunately American Girl dolls could melt in the attic of a house if it gets hot enough. How hot an attic gets will vary depending on where you live but it’s a good idea not to store your dolls up there. 

Improper storage might harm your doll’s pretty vinyl face and delicate limbs. In turn causing it to deteriorate due to neglect and prolonged heat exposure.

If you aren’t planning to donate your doll, sell it on eBay or hand it down to a younger family member, then you need to consider how to store your American Girl doll so it stays in the best possible shape. 

Attics might seem like a good preservation space for this childhood companion, but there are terms and conditions applied such as how hot the attic will get and if you have any possible access for animals to get in your attic. 

I will try and help you with that aspect with a few tricks and storage tips for your dolls.

Before I get into storage tips, let’s consider the million-dollar-question:

Why Do American Girl Dolls Melt?

American Girl dolls can melt when you keep them in direct sunlight or if you store them in a dry, hot, and humid place for prolonged periods. 

That’s because American Girl dolls have soft vinyl skin and blended mod-acrylic fiber hair. Both of these materials react to long-term exposure to heat and harsh UV rays. 

That can cause your American girl dolls’ delicate features to become distorted under unfavorable conditions.

Due to this, improper storage in the attic can cause your favorite friend to turn into a melted mess. You can avoid this nightmarish scenario by taking every step possible to preserve your American Girl dolls in safe storage spaces.

What’s more?

Melting dolls isn’t the only issue you might experience during storage.

The dingy, dark corners of your attic are well-known breeding grounds for mold and mildew. That means your American Girl dolls require extra protection against mold if you plan to place them in the attic for years. 

Also attics are notorious for having creatures living there such as birds, bats, and even raccoons. Although this might be pretty rare (and not a concern that you have) it is something to consider before storing your dolls there. 

How to Prevent Your American Girl Dolls From Melting During Long Term Storage?

Standard storage tips for dolls focus on three things; location, container, and environmental condition. If you have these things under control, you can expect to unbox a good-as-new American Girl doll years later.

Here’s what you need to do:

Find The Perfect Location

Attics and basements pose many threats for dolls because of high humidity and low ventilation.

That’s why your main floor and regular rooms of your house are better storage options for dolls. 

Place them in a trunk, closet, or secure cabinet to keep away pets, sunlight, and insects.

Choose A Storage Box

American Girl dolls make excellent collector’s items and mementos too. If you’re aiming for this, I recommend investing in archival storage boxes. 

These containers are acid-free with zero traces of lignin. These factors protect your dolls from toxic residues that might damage their vinyl bodies.

You can also wrap your dolls in acid-free packaging paper for maximum protection.

Handy Tip: If you’re storing multiple dolls, you should label the boxes to keep things organized.

Maintain Optimal Environmental Conditions

Will American girl dolls melt in their trunks or storage boxes? Once again, the chances are 50/50 if you’re unable to maintain a steady environment for your prized possessions.

Here are a few things to consider:

• American Girl dolls require a well-ventilated storage space away from direct sunlight.

• Avoid storing your dolls beneath harsh fluorescent lights. Choose softer, incandescent lights instead.

• Invest in temperature-control devices to maintain a consistent environment for attic/basement storage.

• Install ceiling fans or portable fans if your storage area doesn’t have ventilation.

The same conditions apply for owners interested in displaying their vintage and latest American Girl doll collection.

Here are some other popular topics related to storage tips for American Girl dolls:

Can You Store Your American Girl Dolls In Plastic Bags?

If you aren’t ready to commit to archival boxes and acid-free packaging, you can opt for plastic wrapping. Keep in mind that this setup won’t work for permanent preservation. 

That’s because some plastic sheets aren’t as reliable.

They can leave behind toxic residue that reacts with your doll’s vinyl skin.

How to Store Your American Girl Doll Accessories?

You can utilize jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, and bead containers to organize your American Girl doll accessories. Best practices involve labels and tags to catalog each item for inventory purposes. 

That way, you will keep track of her possessions when you’re shifting or planning to donate/sell her in the future.

Should You Buy the American Girl Keepsake Box?

If you are looking for more on-brand long-term storage, you might like the American Girl Keepsake box. It’s a vintage-looking heavyweight cardboard box with different drawers and labels for the organization. 

It features three large drawers for outfits and four smaller drawers for accessories.

It’s spacious enough to store your 18-inch American Girl doll and her belongings. Customer reviews suggest that there’s sufficient room to store 7-8 ensembles, accessories, and your doll’s pet.

Besides this, there’s a panel to list the contents you store. It’s an excellent feature for collectors archiving their vintage American Girl dolls. Your cute keepsake box comes with a bow that ties the cardboard closet together.

The overall design allows your storage box to stand on a shelf or slide underneath the bed. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for preserving your child’s dolls or ensuring your collectible item doesn’t melt during storage.

Handy Tip: The manufacturers don’t recommend this storage box for day-to-day usage, traveling, or rough play. Instead, consider it a token of gratitude for doll owners who want to keep American Girl dolls and their beauty intact during preservation.  

Final Thoughts 

In the end, if you’re planning to preserve your dolls, tread cautiously.  Unprotected American Girl dolls can melt in the attic and basements due to fluctuating environmental conditions. 

Use the above practical storage ideas and hacks to keep them in prime condition longer.

That way, your dolls can be part of the family for generations.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:39 pm

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