Will Paint Markers Work On Fabric? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:34 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:34 pm

Shopping online for graphic t-shirts can be challenging. You have a specific design or saying in mind and it can take forever to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Sometimes, there may not even be a t-shirt for sale that matches the idea of what you’re searching for. 

There are a few different ways you can create your own t-shirt and one of those ways is by drawing or painting. You can even design your own creation on a t-shirt but will paint markers work to do that? 

Paint markers can be used to create designs or simply to write on t-shirts or other fabric. Paint markers contain permanent dye, whether it’s paint or ink, the writing or drawing will be set on the fabric. 

Even some marker pens can be used to write on fabric, but just a regular permanent marker may wash out. The paint markers come in different size tips, so be sure to use a tip that works best for drawing your design. 

What Is The Difference Between Fabric Paint or Paint Markers?

If you have decided to create your own t-shirt, you have a few decisions to make. Will you work on a colored t-shirt or just a plain white one? Will you use stencils to create your drawing or will you be drawing freestyle? 

Also, will you use fabric paint or paint markers to work on your shirt? Here are a few things to consider when deciding between fabric paint or paint markers when designing your very own t-shirt

Fabric paints are designed to be bright and vibrant in colors that will stay on fabric. Paint markers will do the same thing but it is easier to control where on the fabric it goes. 

In both cases, the paint will not only stay on the fabric but will also retain its vibrancy through several washes. 

You can either brush, stencil, spray, or sponge the normal paint onto the fabric. If you place the fabric paint into a squeeze bottle, you can also use the bottle like a pencil to draw the design onto the shirt. 

Paint markers are essentially a more controlled version of fabric paint. 

The paint markers come in several different felt tips to help with the size of lines in your drawings. If you are writing, a thin tip paint marker will be the best option to get nice clean lines. 

You can also use a thin tip marker to create an intricate design. 

If you are drawing or coloring, then a thicker, chisel-type marker might be the best option to get a more vibrant picture. 

What Can You Do With Paint Markers? 

If you are a crafty person, the wheels are probably already turning about what else paint markers can be used for. Since the markers are a bit superior to sharpies, what other crafts can you do with paint markers? 

Here are just a few different craft ideas that paint markers can be used for. 

Customized Home Decor

The possibilities with home decor are virtually endless. 

  • You can turn that plain glass vase into a customized masterpiece. 
  • You can use the markers on mason jars and create a holiday-themed decor set. 
  • You can use the paint markers on pillows and create custom pillowcases that can add a bit of pop to your living room. 

Make sure that you check the paint marker that you are using. Some may be acrylic, oil, or paint-based.  Whatever the case, the marker will tell you what surfaces it works best on. 

Customized Glassware

The oil-based paint markers are great for customizing glassware. You may have a wine glass that needs some sprucing up with polka-dots or may even need a saying like, “It’s wine o’clock somewhere.” 

Maybe you have a glass cup that you have decided is your favorite, you can now personalize it with your paint marker. 

Maybe you’re tired of seeing empty glasses all over the counter. Personalize each of your glasses and the daily debate of whose glass was left on the counter with some liquid still inside ends. 

Customized Phone Cases

You can get really creative and design a phone case that is unique to you. All you need is a paint marker and a clear phone case. 

The material of the case doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you know the marker will remain permanent on that material. Whether you write your name all fancy, a punny saying, or just doodle on it, you can customize your phone case any way you like with paint markers. 

Customize Jewelry

Paint markers can be used to take your clay or faux feather earrings to another level. Draw designs specific to your liking or even personalize your earring with a fine tip paint marker. 

Do you have spirit days at work or school? You can customize your jewelry to match the spirit theme of the day. 

Customize Graduation Caps

Growing in popularity is customizing your graduation cap. There are several different ideas of what saying or graphic can be drawn on your cap. 

The best way to accomplish the saying or graphic you are wanting is with paint markers. You can be sure to get better-defined lines with a paint marker than you would just a regular paintbrush. 

Do Paint Markers Last A Long Time? 

Paint markers are a great way to create art. They are far less messy and still provide the same great results as painting. But how long do paint markers last once they’ve been opened? 

Typically paint markers can last anywhere from one to two years once they are opened. If stored properly the paint markers will last closer to the two-year mark.  

Be sure to store your paint markers felt tip down. This allows the paint to stay closer to the felt and ready to go for the next use. 

If stored felt tip-up, the paint will run toward the bottom of the marker and may take a bit for the paint to run back down to the felt tip. 

On projects, there is no set time for how long your creation made with a paint marker will last. If used on fabric, it really depends on how many washes the paint can endure. 

There are also other factors with fabric such as the type of fabric, what detergent and fabric softener are used when washed, how hot is the heat setting when drying, etc. 

When using the paint marker on other surfaces it is not totally permanent there either. For example, on glass, some strong acetone and a little elbow grease can begin to remove the art. 

As long as things are handled with care and no one is actively trying to remove the paint, the paint marker creation should stay on your item or craft for several years. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:34 pm

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