Will the Lego Store Hold Items? (Lego Store Info)

Will the Lego Store Hold Items?

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Sometimes a new Lego set is released but you just are not able to get to the Lego store when they are open to make a purchase. You might worry that they could sell out before you even get a chance to make it to the store and pick up the new set.

Well, there is some good news. 

While there is no official rule set by Lego stores on whether or not they will hold a Lego set for you, most branches will generally reserve an item or items for you until the end of the day. 

They will typically do this for you a day after the release day of the new set.

You can learn more about the LEGO store holding items for you as well as some other policies and helpful tips you may not be aware of if you continue reading through this article.

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Learning about the LEGO Store

There are many important things that you should know about the Lego store if it is your go to place when trying to get yourself a new Lego set. 

I will discuss each important aspect in more detail below. 

Will The Lego Store Hold Items?

There has not been an official statement released by the Lego Group on their policies regarding keeping items on hold for customers to pick up at a later time. As mentioned above, the Lego Stores will almost always be willing to hold an item for you for one day.

Some limitations to putting items on hold for a customer are present, however. The first of these limitations is that Lego stores will generally not place an item on hold for a customer on the release day of a new set or item.

This seems to be a universal rule across all of the Lego stores. 

While it has not been explicitly stated, many individuals have noted that the Lego store will not allow them to hold or reserve an item on the day that it is released so it holds true over and over again. 

It may be a bit frustrating for some who are busy with work or other things to take care of on the day that a new set is released, but this rule is in place so that more customers have a fair chance at obtaining the set. For the release day of a new Lego set, the general rule is “first come, first served”.

Although you cannot have the store hold an item for you on the day of release, Lego stores will usually allow you to place an item on hold a day after the release day of said item or Lego set. If you cannot make it to the store on the day of release and are busy the following day as well, then this is your best bet to secure yourself a set.

Another limitation to take into account is that the Lego store will only hold your item until the end of the day on which you reserved it. That means that picking your held item up before the store closes is important because if you miss out on purchasing your item that same day the Lego store will return the item back to the shelf making it available for purchase to any walk-in customers the following day.

Of course, because there is no official rule or statement that has been released by the Lego Group concerning putting items on hold at their stores it is always worth a shot to call and inquire on what the individual store’s policies are regarding putting items on hold.

Will LEGO Stores Ship?

Another option available is having the Lego set shipped to your home. The Lego store will normally ship out any sets you purchase for free so long as you order them via the store itself. This is a very good way to get a hold of a particular set that you want even if it is not currently in stock or you fear that it may sell out before you are able to get a hold of one by physically going to the store. 

Since placing an item on hold still means that you will need to go down to the store to pick it up yourself, placing an order online and having it shipped to your home may be more convenient and easier for you if you are a very busy person.

You only need to pay the regular price of the item plus sales tax, shipping is totally free. So, if you are not able or willing to have the Lego store hold an item for you you can instead have it shipped to your home.

What Happens To The Lego Store Displays?

If you have visited a Lego store in the past then you know that they put on display various Lego sets. When these sets are no longer needed for display the Lego store is not able to sell them off, so they either end up thrown in what is known as the “dump bin” where extra loose pieces go or are shipped off as donations.

Even if you miss out on getting a Lego set that you really want you may still have a chance of obtaining one in a different way. You may want to check with your local Lego store and see if they are willing to give you (or sell you) the display set after they no longer have use for it.

Lego stores are known to either give the display sets to employees when they are no longer needed, send them off as donations, or break them down into pieces and place them aside in a “dump bin” of extra parts.

There are multiple accounts of lucky customers being able to take home the display sets when the Lego store does not need them anymore. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the manager of the Lego store and whether or not they are willing to give the display set to you once there is no longer any use for it.

It never hurts to ask, and the worst they can say is no. So, if you manage to snag a set this way then consider yourself very lucky indeed!


Should you ever find yourself wanting to pick up a Lego set but find that you are quite busy you can always ask your local Lego store to hold an item for you. As long as it is not the release day of the item you will likely be able to have the item held until the end of the day.

Hopefully, this article can help you to secure yourself some more Lego sets in the future!

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