Will Trampolines Hurt Or Kill Your Grass? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:56 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:56 pm

A trampoline is a great way to burn some energy and have some fun in the summer. You can spend your summer bouncing and jumping the days away. 

You and your family can make many fun memories on the trampoline. While you are having some fun in the sun, the grass underneath the trampoline won’t see the sun. 

Will having a trampoline in your yard hurt or kill your grass? 

Having a trampoline in your yard can potentially kill your grass or cause it to not grow as fast. However it will not always kill the grass underneath it. 

Whether a trampoline will kill the grass under it or not will have a lot to do with the type of grass in your yard, as well as how sunny the area naturally is. If the location your trampoline is in gets sun all day then it will likely not kill the grass. 

Enough sunlight will get through during the day to allow the grass to continue to grow. 

However if the area is already mostly shaded then putting the trampoline there can cause the grass to thin even further or die entirely. 

Why Do Some Trampolines Kill Or Harm The Grass? 

There are a few reasons why the grass underneath your trampoline may thin or die entirely. 

Lack Of Sunlight

The mat on the trampoline is dark and thick. The trampoline mat is made thick so it will not break easily. 

The thickness and darkness are great because it allows you to jump safely. However, the thickness and darkness of the mat are also the reason not much sunlight will reach the grass below.

 Without proper sunlight, grass will not grow so that is why a trampoline in an already shady spot might kill the grass. 

Not Enough Moisture

In addition to needing sunlight, grass also needs moisture to grow. Since the trampoline is thick, rain may be diverted around that area of grass rather than onto it. 

Again, the thickness is a great safety feature, however, it will prevent some water from falling to the grass below. 


The weight of jumping in the same spot can also cause damage to your yard. Every time you jump, the trampoline digs a little further into the ground. 

The pressure of the trampoline on your yard will eventually cause the grass to die where the frame and supports are at. 

The best option to keep your lawn intact is to regularly move your trampoline. If you move your trampoline weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, you are giving the grass a chance to get sunlight and moisture. 

If you keep your trampoline in the same place, the grass underneath may die or become sickly over time. 

How Do You Properly Prepare Your Yard For A Trampoline? 

Taking the time to prepare your yard for a trampoline is a good investment. It is important to make sure your yard and trampoline are safe. 

A trampoline can be a fun way to make memories. Those memories can either be a great time jumping around or the one time you went to the doctor’s office. 

Here are a few tips to help prepare your yard for a trampoline. 

Make Sure The Trampoline Fits 

You will need at least three to four feet of space all around the trampoline. If you place your trampoline too close to a shed, wall, or house, it could result in memories made at the doctor’s office. 

Leaving space around the trampoline is the safest option. You can choose to either lay down mats or other soft material around the trampoline. The space of grass is also a safer option than too close to a playset or pool. 

Do The Yard Work

You will need to mow the lawn and make sure the grass has been cut before placing your trampoline. If there are any unwanted bushes or tree branches in the way, you will need to remove those as well. 

Even though the trampoline may have three to four feet of space around, make sure the overhead clearance of tree branches is clear as well. 

Make The Ground Level

It is never safe to have your trampoline on an angle. One wrong bounce and the trampoline could topple over. 

If your yard is not level, you can either add some dirt or take it away. Keeping the ground level not only reduces the risk of injury but also enhances the lifespan of your trampoline as well. 

Use A Grass Mat

If you are worried about your trampoline killing the grass underneath, you can use a grass mat. If your backyard has some bare patches or even concrete, the grass mat is also a great option for protecting your trampoline as well. 

What Do You Do With Grass Under A Trampoline? 

Even though the area under your trampoline may not be seeing much sun, it may still see some. The angle of the sun changes throughout the day and the edges of the trampoline will most likely see the sun. 

The same applies to rain under the mat as well. Though it may not get rain directly, the wind may bring some moisture under your trampoline. 

If the grass does happen to grow, what do you do with it? Is there a way to keep the grass under the trampoline alive? 

The best option for maintaining the grass underneath the trampoline is to move the trampoline regularly.  It is recommended to move your trampoline a minimum of once a month. 

You could also choose to move the trampoline every time you mow the lawn or every couple of times. 

The constant moving of the trampoline will not only allow your grass to continue to grow well but will also give you a chance to keep the grass under the trampoline cut as well. 

If your yard is not big enough to constantly move around the trampoline, you can use a sprinkler to make sure the grass underneath has moisture. Even if you move the trampoline a little bit each time, the grass underneath should remain healthy. 

Can You Put A Trampoline On Turf? 

Artificial grass is a nice way to keep your yard looking green. However, you recently purchased a trampoline and need to know whether or not the trampoline will hurt the turf. 

A trampoline should be fine on turf as long as there are no sharp edges on the frame. However, the frame bars may end up flattening the artificial grass. 

You can brush your grass back up if you decide to move the trampoline. All you would need is a stiff yard brush to bring your artificial grass back into shape in most cases. 

Final Thoughts

The most important part of owning a trampoline is making sure that you make memories. The grass that may die underneath your trampoline will grow back but your kids only have a few summers at home. 

If the grass underneath your trampoline does die, you can use lawn seed to regrow the grass. You can also use artificial grass underneath to help prevent the grass from dying as well. 

Be sure to have fun and make lots of memories on your trampoline 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:56 pm

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