Are Dry Erase Markers For Whiteboards?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:48 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:48 pm

If you are a teacher, or you have a presentation coming up that requires you to use a dry erase marker, you probably want to know what they will write on. 

Are they just for whiteboards? 

Is there any other thing that you can write on with a dry erase marker? 

There are times that a whiteboard is not available and all you have to present is a dry erase marker.

Dry erase markers are designed to be used on whiteboards but you can use them on many other surfaces too. Dry erase markers will work well on most non-porous materials, like whiteboards, porcelain, melamine and glass. 

Dry erase markers are not limited to just whiteboards though and can be used on many different objects. 

A dry erase marker can be used on many surfaces without anything messing up. So if you have something to present, and there is no whiteboard around, the dry erase markers will allow you to write on just about anything. 

There are such things as glass boards, or you could even write on the window. Sometimes, if there is one of those old projectors around, you could bring a piece of clear plastic and use that to show the rest of the people what you want them to see. 

So although dry erase markers are made for whiteboards they are not necessarily limited to them. 

Are Whiteboard and Dry Erase Markers The Same?

You may wonder sometimes if the whiteboard markers are the same thing as the dry erase markers? I’ve wondered that myself many times. 

Usually you will see the two paired together, nothing else really writes on a whiteboard, but you can write on many things with a dry-erase marker. 

But back to what the original question was. Are they the same thing?

Whiteboard markers and dry erase markers are the same thing. Whiteboards are also known as dry erase boards. This describes the act of writing with dry erase markers and easy removal of marker ink using a dry eraser or cloth. 

Ceramic Steel whiteboards will also tolerate permanent markers and other inks.

I guess that it can be said that they are the same. They both go by “dry erase” and they are usually paired together in most settings.

Can You Use Washable Markers On A Dry Erase Board?

So you made the mistake of using a Sharpie or some other type of permanent marker on a dry erase board. That’s not going to come off very easy at all. 

You’ve even made the mistake of a washable marker sometimes. Will that come off?

Most washable markers can be used on a dry erase board but not all brands can. The Crayola washable markers are designed for use on dry erase boards. 

Crayola markers come in a range of bold, rich colors for creating beautiful works of art. The markers erase easily, and the ink also washes out of clothes and off skin with minimal effort.

So that is a yes, you can use a washable marker on a whiteboard and clean it off with no problem; because that is the hardest part of doing anything with a whiteboard, cleaning it off afterward.

Will Dry Erase Markers Come Out Of Clothes?

Oof!! It happened, you got a stain on your favorite white shirt. You were just writing on the whiteboard like the teacher (or your boss) asked you to and it just slipped out of your hand and onto your shirt. 

What will you do now? Will dry erase marker come out of clothes?

Dry erase ink contains pigments and release agents. When these small particles of color come in contact with clothing fibers they become trapped in the fiber and do not come out!

Oh NO!! however all is not lost… Apply rubbing alcohol around the stained area that you see from the back of clothing, using a sponge. That might work to remove the dry erase marker from your shirt. 

A dry erase marker is very unlikely to come out of clothing so your best bet may be to just throw out the piece of clothing and buy a new one. But there may be hope, so it’s at least worth trying. 

What Is the Longest Lasting Dry Erase Marker?

What is the best brand of marker for a teacher that wants to just simply write on their board, leave it there for a few days, and erase it without any problems. 

That would just be one of the greatest things ever for every teacher. The question is, what is the longest lasting marker?

BIC dry erase markers are a well-kept secret: they offer excellent color in a variety of hues, are long lasting, and deliver a fluid writing and drawing experience. The inks are vivid and bright—the boldest, most vibrant, cleanest colors available.

You may have your own favorite brand that works for you, but BIC is one of the highest rated brands of dry erase markers. 

You should at least give it a try and see what you think about them.

How Do You Get Dry Erase Markers To Work Again?

It looks like your markers are about to bite the dust and you will lose your favorite marker, you may just have to buy new ones; God forbid!! 

How do you get your markers to last a bit longer so you don’t have to say goodbye so soon.

There are a couple ways. The first way is by flipping the tip. 

Disassemble the body of the marker and then put it back together. When you take it apart, remove the ink cartridge; use a pair of tweezers or needle nosed pliers to pull the tip out from the head of the marker and reinsert the felt tip into the head, then you can reassemble the rest of the marker. 

The second way is to soak the markers in water. 

Pour a cup of hot water in a bowl you don’t mind maybe losing. Place your dried out dry erase markers in the bowl tip first and let them sit for about five minutes. You may now remove the markers and place them uncapped on a dry towel for 24 hours.

There may be other ways to revive your markers to get a bit more life out of them, but start with these. You don’t have to say goodbye to your good markers so soon, you should be able to enjoy them a bit longer.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:48 pm

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