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Is It Easy Or Hard To Take Apart A Trampoline? 

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Whether you are moving houses or just taking down your trampoline for the winter, disassembling it can be overwhelming. If your trampoline is old and you are wanting to toss it away, it is best to disassemble it first. 

Whatever your reason is for disassembling your trampoline, is there an easy way to take it apart, or is it always going to be a huge task? 

Taking apart a trampoline is relatively easy and can be done in under 30 minutes in most cases. If your trampoline includes a net/enclosure it will take you longer than that to disassemble your trampoline. 

Disassembling a trampoline takes less time than it does setting it up. Most trampolines include the tools needed to disassemble the trampoline and you really only need a spring puller, a 10mm Phillips head screwdriver, or an electric drill. 

How easy or hard taking a trampoline apart is really depends on what you plan on doing with it next. If you are going to sell it you won’t have to entirely take the frame apart which will save you some time. 

If the mat or net is already ripped and you are going to be throwing them away, that will also save you some time since removing those two parts is the most time consuming. 

In the next section I will go over exactly how you should take apart your trampoline.

How To Dissemble A Trampoline

Taking apart your trampoline isn’t hard but it will take a bit of time. To make it easier just follow these simple steps. 

Remove Any Accessories Attached To The Trampoline 

If you have a safety net surrounding the trampoline, it will need to be removed before disassembling the trampoline. If you have any ladders or step stools around, be sure to move those out of the way as well. 

Remove The Safety Pad

Most trampoline pads are a single piece. Untie the trampoline pad from the frame. As you are removing the pad, be sure to take note of any repairs that are needed.

Remove The Springs

While removing the springs, be on the lookout for any rust or damage that has happened.  Use the spring tool and pull the spring hook at the mat end toward the center. Once the spring is extended, loosen it from the V-ring of the mat. 

While you are loosening the V-ring, take apart the other hook from the frame. If you want to remove the springs quickly, you can pull the spring hook attached to the frame toward you and the spring should come off easily. 

Secure The Trampoline Mat

Once all the springs have been removed, you can fold your mat and prepare it for storage. Check for damage as you are folding the mat. 

Take Apart The Frame

Before you take apart the frame grab a marker and walk around the frame numbering each piece as you go around. Although you don’t have to do this it will make putting your trampoline back together a lot easier. 

Take a screwdriver and start disassembling the frame. You can also use an electric drill to make this process faster. After you have removed all the screws, put them all in the same place and mark them as screws for the trampoline. 

Once the screws are removed and secure, you can detach the legs from the outer ring. Be careful not to drop any of the poles, not only can they bend and be damaged, but you can also injure yourself. 

After the legs are detached, you can take apart the outer ring from the T-joints. 

Now that all the pieces of the trampoline are disassembled, it is best to label the different screws, bolts, etc. for easy assembly later. 

Is It Difficult To Move A Trampoline? 

It is recommended to move your trampoline at least once a month to ensure that your yard stays healthy. Since you will be moving the trampoline quite often, is it difficult to move?

A trampoline isn’t hard to move but it is awkward. Two adults should be able to easily move a trampoline a few feet without too much difficult but any more than that and having another person or two is better. 

The best way to move your trampoline is with some help. A trampoline can be very difficult to move by yourself (although you can drag it). It typically takes about three to four adults to lift and carry a trampoline carefully across the yard. 

What happens if you don’t have three or more adults to help you move the trampoline? Full-size trampolines weigh over a hundred pounds. That is a lot of weight for any one person to move. 

The best way to move a trampoline is with help. If you do not have anyone to help, here are a few tips that you can use when moving your trampoline. 

Clear A Path

You need to make sure that your pathway is clear. Once you have all the momentum going and all the weight of the trampoline moving with you, it would be bad to end up tripping over a few toys, sprinklers, or anything else.  

Add Some Wheels

If you can lift the side of the trampoline, you can fit some wheels underneath. You could use the scooters that were used in gym class and add those underneath the trampoline. Some trampolines also come with wheels for this very purpose.

If you can find a set of wheels to add underneath the trampoline, it will make moving the trampoline much easier. 

Use Lubricants

You can use WD40 or even cooking spray to help your trampoline glide across the yard. You can add the lubricant to the bottom bars and pull the trampoline across the yard. 

The lubricant method will only work if your grass is dry. If your grass is wet, the trampoline will just dig deep in the grass and get stuck. 

Roll it

If you can manage to get your trampoline onto its side, you can roll it across the yard. If your trampoline is a large size, it is not best to roll it through the yard. 

Never use your riding lawn mower or other equipment to pull your trampoline across the yard. While it may seem like a good idea, you could end up bending the base frame of your trampoline. 

Additionally, if you are moving houses and need to move your trampoline too, it is best to disassemble the trampoline.  

Can You Remove A Spring From The Trampoline Without Using Tools?

While disassembling a trampoline isn’t necessarily difficult work, it can be tedious. You need different tools to disassemble the trampoline properly. One of those tools needed is specifically designed to help remove the springs. 

Are you able to remove the spring without using any tools at all? 

Taking the springs off your trampoline is extremely difficult without a tool. However, you can use an old spring to remove the current springs. While you may not need a specific spring tool, you do need something small and sturdy to pull the spring through the slots. 

When you remove the springs, be sure to do a few in different spaces around the trampoline. Never fully disassemble the trampoline springs one right after the other. This can result in springs snapping back toward you. The best method for removing springs is to do a few springs in each section around the trampoline. 

Final Thoughts 

Whatever your reason is for disassembling your trampoline, be sure that you always check your trampoline for damage. This is the perfect time to take inventory and see if there are any springs or tears that need repairing. 

If you are working with rusty springs, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands. 

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