7 Of The Best Places Where You Can Do Puzzles

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

There’s no doubt about the benefits of solving puzzles for one’s mental capability and health. However, sometimes, jigsaw puzzles can take up a lot of space. 

If you particularly enjoy solving complex puzzle sets, it can take from a few hours to up to a few days before the space is free again for some other tasks.

For those living in smaller spaces, the challenge of finding a place to do puzzles became especially difficult as more and more people work from home. As schooling and work have moved to people’s homes, there has been little to no space for other activities.

However, lack of space is not a good reason to skip on the fun of solving puzzles. The kitchen table and the dining room are some of the places in your home that are best suited to solve puzzles. 

Below is a complete list of the best places to do puzzles. 

Do Puzzles On The Kitchen Table

Who doesn’t love extra counter space? However, all the chores in kitchens are likely to give you limited counter space too. Any extra counter space is always used for extra stuff but what about using the kitchen table? 

Placing a puzzle set on the kitchen table turns the activity of doing puzzles into a family activity. Mom and Dad can contribute in the morning hours, while children can add to it after school or at night.

Don’t worry about the puzzle not leaving any space for breakfast bowls. Most people eat in front of the TV anyway now. 

If you need the extra table space to perform some culinary experiment, you can always wait for a couple of days. 

Solving puzzles on the kitchen table will likely mean that they will get done faster too since it will always be easy to see and do. 

Do Puzzles By The Bed

If you don’t want other family members to help you solve a puzzle, solving it by your bed might be ideal for you. The spot works even if the whole family wants to join in on the fun of doing puzzles. 

You and your family can sit around the puzzle on the floor while solving it. However, no one will know you’re solving a puzzle if you don’t tell them.

When working on a puzzle by the bed, you can solve the puzzle in its box, on a large tray, on a sheet of plastic, or just on the end table. 

If you are using a box or plastic tray you can slide the box or sheet under the bed once you’re done for a session and pull it out whenever you want to add to it. 

Place it under the bed when not solving and your puzzle progress should stay safe.

Do Puzzles In The Dining Room

A formal seating or dining area in the home makes for the perfect space to do puzzles. Even if you host guests regularly, guests would only visit your home and occupy the dining room for a few hours on the day they visit. 

In contrast, making it into a puzzle-solving spot can turn it into something more productive and fun.

It wouldn’t hurt your room’s aesthetic either.

It will, in fact, add character and personality to the room. Who knows? Maybe your guests might enjoy helping you solve the puzzle too! 

Moreover, you and your family can get more use out of the formal space than you would just by letting it sit empty.  

Do Puzzles On The Coffee Table

After the kitchen table, the coffee table is the second-best place in your home to solve puzzles if you want to include the whole family. Remove the coffee table books that nobody reads and dump the empty cups of coffee into the dishwasher. 

Clear the coffee table and dedicate it to having fun with the family.

If you and your family are puzzle enthusiasts and solving puzzles together is a regular activity in your home, you should look into finding the perfect coffee table solely for the purpose.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. You can thrift one or even build one yourself according to your family’s needs.

Do Puzzles In Your Home Office

You don’t have to have a dedicated room as a home office. Even if you have a small office space, you can probably find a corner there to place your new puzzle. 

This spot for doing puzzles can be a drawer under your desk or even one-half of your desk.

You can also take down your bulletin board and start solving the puzzle on top of that. After you’re done with a session of doing puzzles, you can put away the bulletin board over a bookshelf or a cabinet. 

Tucked away in a corner, your puzzle progress will stay safe too.

Do A Puzzle On The Floor

Your house, your rules. You can do puzzles anywhere, literally anywhere, if you don’t have little children or pets at home. You can explain your puzzle enthusiasm to your family, even your kids, and ask them to be cautious around your puzzle set on the floor.

However, to ensure extra safety for the puzzle set, include everyone in the family to solve the puzzle. Once included to help solve the puzzle, your family members will stay concerned about not messing up the puzzle.

Do Puzzles Online

Not having any space in the home doesn’t mean you should give up on puzzles. You and your family can make use of the many puzzles available online. There are quite a few websites where you can find jigsaw puzzles for people of different ages. 

Online jigsaw puzzles can also be turned into family fun if you have a tablet at home.

Like regular jigsaw puzzles, online jigsaw puzzles also come with various pictures and a varied number of puzzle pieces. Just gather around your family at the kitchen table or around the coffee table, and enjoy an evening of family fun!

Solving puzzles is beneficial for the brain. It can improve the cognitive ability and short-term memory of whoever is solving them. It also helps enhance focus and relieve stress. 

Above all, it is fun. Hence, a lack of space at home is not a good excuse to miss out on all the benefits of solving puzzles.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:47 pm

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