Are Lego Friends Compatible With Classic/Regular Legos?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

Lego Friends sets were first released in 2012 and have been quite popular over the years. There are many people who purchase them for their children but then as the child ages they will begin to wonder if the Lego Friends sets are compatible with normal Legos or not. 

Well if this is your question then you are in the right place! 

Lego Friends are compatible with most classic and regular Legos, but they are not compatible with all sets/accessories. Often there will be odd shaped bricks or accessories that won’t work with Lego Friends in some specialty sets. 

Lego does it’s best to make sure that as many of its products are interchangeable and work together as possible. That is why the Lego Friends sets are compatible with normal Legos and you can use them together to build the creation of your dreams. 

If you use your creativity, you can even combine all of your sets and build an amazing little world using only Lego pieces.

Primarily designed for girls, the Lego Friends set is a product range construction toy that was introduced as “mini-doll” figures.

These miniatures closely resemble the traditional models but are presented in more realistic and detailed design structures.

These sets pair well with other Lego models so building with all of your Legos and your Lego Friends sets together can be incredibly rewarding. 

Reasons Why Lego Friends Are Not Compatible With Some of the Classic and Regular Legos

As mentioned earlier there are some sets/accessories that the Lego Friends sets/characters are not compatible with. There are a few different reasons why they aren’t compatible with everything and I will discuss some of those reasons below. 

Lack of wrist articulation

Wrist articulation allows you to adjust the actions of a minifigure and allow it to hold different things. If matching Lego Friends characters with the other sets will only limit you, then it’s probably not a good fit for them. 

It’s extremely limiting especially when you want to try poses of them using the different Lego accessories and the Lego Friends simply won’t work. 

The minifigs from classic and regular Legos, on the other hand, offer flexible wrists making them easy to move and position as needed. 

The hands of the Lego Friends characters are not angled forward the way normal minifigures are which means some accessories that fit normal minifigures won’t fit Lego Friends. 

Lego Friends head sizes

Unlike classic and regular minifigs, Lego Friend’s heads are not compatible with all of the Lego accessories and this could even cause the accessories to break on you if you force them on to the Lego Friends. 

Lego Friends mini-dolls look good with the headpieces and other Lego accessories if they perfectly match them but if they are the wrong size they won’t look or work like they should. 

The tab that connects the waist to the torso is completely incompatible

Most standard system connections do not match the Lego Friends tab.

Although it is ideal for joining the waist and the torso of the dolls, the ones from regular Lego sets have different tab structures which do not work well with special or other special characters from different products. 

Regular Lego sets only have standard system connections for their minifigures while Lego Friends have their own special system. 

It is nearly impossible to pull the legs off

When matching pieces, players will really appreciate the ones that are movable in order to form other figures based on their creativity and imagination. 

Since the legs of Lego Friends are quite impossible to be pulled off, they limit the players from exploring other methods in building a particular model or mini person. 

This notion makes it clearer that Lego Friends pieces or mini-dolls are complicated to match with any other sets as individual pieces.z 

The left and right legs are on the same hinge

The Lego Friends mini-doll’s legs do not move independently of each other. This limits players from exploring the poses of such pieces and restricts movement available without some further modification.

If these parts have separate movable hinges, then it could be a lot easier to match other accessories, play with other pieces, and for them to work well with any Lego models. 

Nose causes complications with some fully-enclosed headwear.

Other sets come with headwear for the minifigures that come with the set. However, the nose shapes of Lego Friends do not exactly go well with such accessories.

If you prefer to fit the pieces in different forms altogether, you will be damaging both of your collections at once. 

The chin of the Lego Friends minifigures is also a bit higher which means any hats/headwear with chin straps will cover the Lego Friends mouth and not go under their chin. 

The head is approximately the same dimensions as a normal minifigure head but tapers towards the chin which is what causes the sizing issues. 

It could fit but it can clearly display an unfavorable form and spoil the fun by sliding over the mouth way too often. 

Pieces with similar dimensions do not always work well together, especially if they are naturally from two different set models. 

The neck has a standard 3mm bar connection and is not compatible with a stud-width.

The Lego Friends dimension is a challenge for players who are trying to quickly match the two models.

The regular minifigure torsos are unfortunately not compatible with the heads of Lego Friends.

The connection of the neck and its measurement greatly impact how the heads cannot fit perfectly with the rest of the normal minifigure’s body. 

Legs have a very slight backward sweep on the way down.

One major issue for fitting these pieces together is that it’s impossible to form the miniature dolls on any area of 1 x 2, which has anything behind the parts.

The stud connection point on the feet is in front.

The connection point for Lego Friends is specifically found more or less directly under the body and under the doll’s center of gravity.

Also, the feet are slightly in an oblong shape. This is a complicated example of incompatible Lego pieces. Stud connection points are parts that will make the joint pieces pair or match so having them in different spots makes connecting them difficult. 

Classic and Regular Legos That Are Compatible With Lego Friends 

LEGO Star Wars

This set is an example of a Lego-themed collection that mainly incorporates the phenomenal franchise and saga of Star Wars.

Originally, Lego Star Wars was only mass-produced during the period of 1999 to 2008. Yet, the manufacturers extended the license for this set up to 2022 because of the popularity 

Star Wars is one of the most in-demand Lego sets ever created and it is fully compatible with Lego Friends. 


Formerly labeled as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, this special Lego set was developed during the peak of the TV series in its name.

Lego Ninjago sets are fun, interactive, and magical to play with. The narrative of the game starts as the players get lost in a world where ninjas are battling in a colorful landscape.

Being able to use Ninjago sets with your Lego Friends sets means you can expand them both and create a world of your own. 


Lego Friends are special Lego toy collections that may not be compatible with every set or accessory that has ever been made by Lego, yet it has its own adventures and fun to offer.

Ninjago and Lego Star Wars are just two of the possible sets that could also work with the Lego Friends sets. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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