Are Lego Switch Games Multiplayer? (What Type Of Multiplayer?)

Are Lego Switch Games Multiplayer?

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The Lego videogames are a wonderful pastime that can serve to bring tons of enjoyment to kids and parents alike. It is a ton of fun sharing the experience of a Lego game with a friend or family member as well while playing on your Switch.

So, are Lego Nintendo Switch games multiplayer? 

Every single Lego Nintendo Switch game has multiplayer mode in one form or another. Usually, this comes in the form of offline split-screen, also known as cooperative mode, but some Lego Switch titles allow you to play online multiplayer with other players.

The most popular multiplayer for the Lego games on the Nintendo Switch is cooperative play. This is because it means multiple people can play together while trying to complete the objectives of the game. 

This allows the game to progress faster and also allows multiple children (or adults) to enjoy the game at the same time. 

You can learn more about the different types of multiplayer that the Lego  Switch games offer by reading on. We will also provide handy tips so that you can easily play your Lego Nintendo Switch games in multiplayer mode and enjoy them to their full extent.

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Local Multiplayer on Lego Games

As with many games that are intended to be played by families and friends, the Lego Nintendo Switch games come with a game mode known as local multiplayer. This mode goes by multiple names; local multiplayer, offline multiplayer, and cooperative multiplayer or “couch-coop” as referred to by some.

Local multiplayer is a great way to enjoy the Lego Switch games all from the comfort of your own couch (hence the name couch-coop!). This allows families and friends to build experiences with one another and enjoy the game far more than they could by playing alone. 

For most of the Lego Nintendo Switch games, you can simply turn on the other controller in order to allow the other player to “drop-in” on the game. After turning on the second controller, you will notice that there is a message displayed, usually in the top right corner of the screen that reads “Press Start to Join”, or another message that reads along those lines.

Simply press the button you are prompted to press on the controller for the player that will be joining and the game will pop that player right into the action. This is what makes the Lego Nintendo Switch games such a great choice for families since parents can hop in and play with their kids any time they want to.

Almost all of the Lego games on the Nintendo Switch support local multiplayer, and it is in fact one of the things that made the franchise so popular in the first place. From the classic Lego  Star Wars titles to the fan-favorite Lego  Batman games, you can enjoy some exciting and fun offline multiplayer with your kids or friends any time you want.

Lego Online Multiplayer 

While the Lego Nintendo Switch games, and Lego games in general, are famous for their playability in a living room setting, they are not very well known for their online functionalities. In the past, the developers of the Lego games did focus on some online multiplayer aspects for the Lego games, but they have dropped the feature entirely for more recent titles.

There are ways to play Lego games online on different platforms (like on a computer using Steam Remote Play), but when it comes to the Nintendo Switch there seems to be no way to play the flagship Lego titles in an online setting.

This seems to be done in order to promote the more family-oriented feel of the Lego games. It also has the possibly inadvertent effect of lessening any potential issues that may arise from a child playing an online game with strangers.

Even if you sadly cannot enjoy such big games as Lego Harry Potter and Lego Jurassic Park online with other people, there is one Lego game for the Switch that can be enjoyed in an online multiplayer setting…

Lego Worlds Online Multiplayer

Lego Worlds is a Lego game that can be played on the Switch in an online multiplayer environment, and it is in fact designed to be enjoyed online as well as offline with a friend or family member!

In Lego Worlds you explore a vast procedurally generated world (think Minecraft) with a friend or by yourself. You can enjoy this Lego Switch game with a friend by your side on the couch or with a friend in online multiplayer from anywhere in the world. .

The only thing you will need to enjoy Lego Worlds’ online multiplayer mode is a Nintendo Switch Online membership. 

This membership service enables your Switch to access online features and enjoy a plethora of different elements that are not available to those without a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Nintendo Switch Online memberships run from $3.99 for 1 month to $19.99 for a yearly subscription.

The Benefits of Multiplayer On Lego Nintendo Switch Games

As stated previously, the ability to simply jump right into a game when playing offline cooperative multiplayer with someone else makes the Lego Switch game super accessible. For parents, this is a wonderful feature, as it allows them to pop right into the game to play with their children for a while without needing to restart an entire level.

They are also able to leave whenever they need to since the game instantly replaces any player-controlled characters with computer-controlled allies, so your child is never left alone without assistance.

When looking at the online aspect of Lego Worlds it is also a great thing. 

Perhaps your child has a friend that they have not been able to play with due to recent events. Well, by getting a Nintendo Switch Online membership they will be able to play Lego Worlds online with that friend all from the comfort of your own home.

While it does cost a bit of money to get the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, it may be worth it if you are looking to have your child (or yourself) enjoy the fun of playing a Lego Switch game in online multiplayer.


The Lego Nintendo Switch games all come with multiplayer in one form or another. The great thing is that every single one, even Lego Worlds, comes packed with offline, couch-co op, built right into the game itself, so you can pick the game up and play with a friend or family member right from the beginning. 

If online multiplayer is more your style, the Lego Worlds game is definitely worth a try. It does take a Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to enjoy it, but if you want to be able to experience the online aspect of the Lego Switch games then it’s definitely worth a try.

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