Are Toys From Wish Or Aliexpress Safe? (Should You Buy From Them?) 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

The online shopping world has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. There’s nothing you can’t find online these days, and toys are one of them. 

Both Wish and Aliexpress are praised for their low prices and fantastic deals. But are toys from Wish or Aliexpress safe? Should you buy from them?

Generally, Wish, and Aliexpress are safe platforms with millions of loyal customers. You will, without a doubt, find scammers on both of them however, but there are some safeguards you can take before making an order.

As for the toys that are sold on either platform, they might or might not be safe. 

Anything you find on Wish or Aliexpress is most likely going to be a knockoff with lower quality than what you’ll find with the originals. Additionally, toys from Wish or Aliexpress do not go through rigorous safety control checks, and dubious manufacturers can sell toys with illegal substances on the platform.

How Safe Are The Toys From Wish Or Aliexpress?

Like we’ve mentioned before, the toys on Wish and Aliexpress are knockoffs. This is because these online platforms merely act as the middle-man between sellers and buyers. 

They don’t have complete control of what is sold and the majority of sellers on those sites are from overseas where knockoffs are rampant. 

Usually, toys come with certain guarantees and safety standards that need to be adhered to. This is not the case with toys from either platform. 

So unless otherwise stated, it’s a good idea as an awesome parent to assume that some toys you’ll come across on Wish or Aliexpress will contain a toxic mix of chemicals. 

This is of course a great cause of concern.

The quality is also usually lower on these sites than the toys sold in physical stores. Because you can’t really trace the source or the manufacturer, it’s impossible to say with certainty that toys from Wish or Aliexpress are safe.

Below are some major recognized toxins that you may find in toys on these platforms:

● Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)

TPHP has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, which is the system of glands that is responsible for producing hormones. This has an impact on the many vital functions of the body. 

TPHP is used to make plastics and can slow down the spread of fire.

● Phthalates

These are added to most plastic toys to make them softer and bendable. Unfortunately, these chemicals have also been linked to disruptions of the endocrine system. 

They emit these chemicals in the air, where children either breathe them in or take them orally through the mouth while they play.

● Lead

This was the primary culprit for many Victorian poisoning fatalities. It seeps through paint unknowingly and slowly poisons its victims leading to severe neurological disorders.

● PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

This is a widely used plastic that often contains harmful chemicals, including carcinogens such as vinyl chloride, dioxin, and phthalates. 

These chemicals have been linked to asthma, allergies, and reproductive problems.

● BPA (bisphenol A)

This is a chemical found in many plastic products. This can cause harmful developmental effects in children and has been linked to attention disorders, cancer-cell growth, early-onset puberty, and obesity.

Wish, and Aliexpress offer great value for money, but the major downside of this is that both platforms have no control over who sells you what. The risk of buying a dangerous toy for your child is much higher on these two websites.

Are Toys From China Safe?

The number one question on everyone’s mind is, are toys from China safe? 

Aliexpress gets the majority of its products from China. In contrast, Wish gets its products from all over the world but mainly from Asia.

Over the years, there have been numerous studies and complaints about Chinese safety standards. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 170 million units of jewelry with origins in China have been recalled since 2004. 

It doesn’t seem that the standards in China have improved at all over the years.

We’ve talked about the harmful chemicals you’re likely to find in toys from Chinese manufacturers. So it’s entirely possible that any toy you buy from Wish or Aliexpress may contain any one of these chemicals.

Buying toys from China is like playing Russian Roulette with your child’s health. It’s best to avoid toys from these sites so you don’t risk their health just trying to save a little bit of money. 

What Toys Should You Avoid Buying From Wish or Aliexpress?

Buying toys from Aliexpress or Wish is really hit or miss. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a great toy for your child at a reasonable price without any chemicals. If you’re unlucky you risk hurting them. 

So is there a way to tell which toy is safe? 

There is really no way to know which toys from Wish or Aliexpress are safe and which aren’t so I would recommend avoiding all toys from those websites. 

Purchasing anything from those platforms is like gambling. You might get lucky but you also might risk hanging your head and asking yourself why. 

If you are willing to risk it or feel that your children are old enough that they won’t touch the toys and then stick their fingers in their mouths, there are some tell-tale signs that you can use if you do want to try these online marketplaces out.

Firstly avoid brightly painted toys regardless of the material. Most of the knock off manufacturers in China use paint loaded with lead, and you definitely don’t want your child near this poison.

Secondly, try to read reviews to get a better idea of the product you’re buying. If you’re fortunate enough, you might get honest reviews that could help you make a better decision. 

Remember, however, that you might not be as lucky as the person who left the review, and you could end up with a pretty dangerous toy. 

At the same time, another buyer got away with a safe toy.

Lastly, buy from established sellers who seem to have a good feedback score. Look at their feedback from other buyers and make your decision afterward.

Are Wish Or Aliexpress Toys Fake?

Both Aliexpress’ and Wish’s websites and the apps are definitely real. Your credit information is safe, but the products on them often leave a lot to be desired. 

Both these platforms sell brands you won’t find in the U.S., and while they might not be fake per se, they are significantly lower in quality.

You will find many fake toys on Aliexpress and Wish, especially if you’re planning on buying well-known toys such as Legos or Barbies. Any name brand item on these sites is more than likely a fake or knock off. 

So keep this in mind when you think you’ve scored a deal on that expensive toy your child has been hammering you for.

Which Website Is Better For Buying Toys;  AliExpress or Wish?

Both of these platforms offer a wide selection of toys to choose from. However, while you may find the same products on both sites, some differences make one platform better than the other, depending on what you look at. 

Let’s break it down a bit further.

In terms of affordability, Aliexpress is normally cheaper than Wish because Wish takes 10% of the price of the products from the seller, whereas AliExpress only takes 5%. 

When it comes to credibility, Wish seems to fare better than Aliexpress. Why? Because almost all the products on Aliexpress come from China, while Wish has sellers from all over the world. 

This makes Wish a bit more credible concerning quality and safety standards, although there really is no guarantee with that site either. 

If you’re looking for low prices, Aliexpress is better. 

However, if you want toys that are somewhat safer, then Wish should be your go-to.  


Based on our research, toys from Wish or Aliexpress are not safe, and we don’t recommend that you buy them for your little ones. The safety concerns alone should give you a heart attack! 

So it’s probably best to buy your toys locally or through reputable websites. That way, you can examine them, and you’re guaranteed some measure of quality control.

That said, always double-check the origins of the toy you want to purchase. If you have any concerns, either leave them or ask the store/seller to assist you.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

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