Are Trampolines Hard To Assemble? (How Long Does It Take?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:39 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:39 pm

If you are thinking of purchasing a trampoline and have the space, go for it! Trampolines are a great addition to any home. You can have endless hours of fun and make memories of jumping on the trampoline. 

Now that you have brought home a trampoline, the next step is the assembly. Is it difficult to set up a trampoline yourself? 

Would it be easier to just pay someone else to install the trampoline? 

Assembling a trampoline works best if you have two or more people. The assembly process can take an hour or two but it really isn’t too difficult. 

Although pulling the springs for the mat and assembling the net can be time consuming it isn’t difficult and the instructions are super easy to follow. In simple terms you just have to put the frame together, add the mat, stretch the springs and add the net. 

Of course it sounds easy on paper but in real life doing all of that takes time. 

Having a couple of people when putting the frame together does make it go a bit faster and it definitely makes it easier as well. In the next section I will give you some step by step instructions on the best way to assemble your trampoline. 

How To Assemble A Trampoline

Although assembling a trampoline isn’t hard it does help to have some step by step instructions which is why I decided to write these instructions out. 

Follow these steps for a quick assembly of your trampoline. 

Set Up All Your Trampoline Pieces 

The best way to assemble a trampoline quickly is to have all your tools and pieces separated in front of you. 

Screw The Frame Together 

You can use a power drill to secure the frame together. Start by putting the circular pieces of the frame together first. This allows you to see just how big the trampoline will be and where to put it. 

With the top frame on the ground, you can screw the legs into their specific spots. If the legs are giving you a hard time going in, you can use a mallet to help secure them. 

Once the frame is all snapped into place you can add the bolts and screw them in. 

Flip Over The Trampoline Frame

Even if you are quite strong, it can be very difficult to flip over the frame with just one person. 

Once you set the trampoline on the ground properly, make sure the frame does not wobble. If the frame does wobble, check to see if the frame is secure.

 If the wobble is not because of the frame, you may need to find a different spot with level ground for your trampoline. 

Set Up The Mat

You can set up the mat by yourself, but it goes much faster with someone else helping. If you set up the mat with a partner, be sure that you are directly opposite of each other. Attach the springs to the metal hooks on the mat. 

After the springs are placed in the mat rings, use the spring pulling device to place the spring into the slot. The springs will become harder to place as you are about halfway through the process since the mat will be tightening. 

Add The Protective Pad

The protective pad is there for safety purposes. It protects against any falls that may happen on the springs or even the bars. The protective pad should have holes that will line up with the frame. 

The pad will either have hooks, velcro, or ropes to secure it to the trampoline. 

Attach The Net

Not all trampolines come with nets but many of them do as it makes them safer. If your trampoline comes with a net you will want to connect all of the net poles and then put the net ring in the top of the pole before lifting them into place. 

Once you have the ring up (with the net attached to it) then you will want to tie the net down to the frame or mat. I will normally use the metal triangle pieces on the mat to tie the bottom of the net into. 

Start at the net’s entrance and work your way around making sure to keep the net tight at the bottom. That will help prevent anyone or anything from sliding out underneath. 

How Do You Anchor A Trampoline Properly? 

Trampolines are a lot of fun to use in the summer. However, if you live in a windy area, it will be a challenge to keep your trampoline in your yard. 

 A quick fix to ensure that your trampoline stays in your yard is with anchors. You can anchor your trampoline to the ground and prevent it from becoming your neighbor’s trampoline. 

To anchor a trampoline properly you will want to use auger style anchors or U shaped stakes. If you get a lot of wind gusts on your property I recommend using the auger style anchors. 

There are two different ways that you can anchor your trampoline. 

Auger-Style Anchors

A standard trampoline kit comes with four steel augers and four nylon straps. These anchors are strong enough to withstand most weather and high-speed winds. 

Screw the stake in the ground

Place the auger stake in the ground and twist it in a clockwise direction until only the circular hook is above the ground. If you are having trouble screwing the stake in the ground, you can wet the ground to minimize resistance. 

Be sure to screw in the stake straight up and down and avoid screwing it in on an angle. Your anchors will hold better if placed in the ground straight up and down. 

Loop the straps over the frame of the trampoline

Make sure both ends of the straps are the same length on each side of the bar. Attach the straps to the stake in the ground. 

Most auger-style anchors come with adjustable straps. Be sure to adjust the straps as tight as possible to ensure maximum security. 

If your kit does not include adjustable straps, you can wrap any excess strap around the trampoline. There should be no give in the straps. 

U-Shaped Stakes

These stakes are shaped just like their name. They are made of solid steel and are sure to keep your trampoline in place. Always be sure to check that your U-shape stakes are fully in the ground before jumping.

Position the stakes over the legs of the trampoline

Center the stake over the trampoline frame leg. It is best if the stake is directly in the center of the base of the trampoline. 

Pound the stake with the hammer

It should only take a few taps before your stake is in the ground firmly. If the ground underneath your trampoline is soft, a U-anchor may not be your best option. 

You need the ground underneath the trampoline to be firm for the U-anchors to hold strong during the weather. 

To remove the stakes, use a screwdriver

If you ever need to move your trampoline, you can remove the U-anchors with a screwdriver or something similar. Work the screwdriver between the U-anchor and the base and use the screwdriver as a lever to pop up the anchor. 

What Wind Speed Will Pick Up A Trampoline? 

Everyone has seen some type of news report where a trampoline is sailing in the air. While trampolines are heavy, they can still easily be picked up in the wind. 

A trampoline weighs anywhere between 100-200 pounds. Typically, you do not see a person flying through the air during a storm even though they are the same weight. 

If you don’t sail through the air during a storm, why does your trampoline? 

The air circulating from the storm can sweep up your trampoline. Since the trampoline is not flush with the ground, the air can get underneath and sweep the trampoline off the ground. 

The shape and position of a 150-pound trampoline is why it can soar through the air during a storm and not a 150-pound person.  

Wind speeds need to reach at least 40 mph before picking up your trampoline. The best way to prevent your trampoline from flying through the neighborhood is by using auger anchors. 

Grounding your trampoline will keep it still when the wind tries to blow it away. I have personally seen auger anchors hold a trampoline down in wind gusts of 70-80mph so they definitely work and they do really make a difference in holding your trampoline in place. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:39 pm

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