Can Chalk Markers Be Used On Chalkboards?

Can Chalk Markers Be Used On Chalkboards?

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Do you like to doodle anywhere and everywhere? Do you like to use the wonder that is chalk markers? 

Interesting thing, chalk markers; and to be honest it wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea what a chalk marker was. 

What is it exactly? According to one description

“Chalk ink markers contain a pigment-based, paint-like formula that provides vibrant color and opaque coverage. It is an innovative chalk alternative that works like a paint pen, with the same look and feel of chalk but without the powdery mess. Once dry, chalk ink does not smear or come off until removed with water.”

Now, to the question as to if you can draw with a chalk marker on an actual chalkboard.

As long as the chalkboard is non-porous you can absolutely use a chalk marker on it. To clean it off a chalkboard it would require you to use a wet cloth though so you couldn’t use a dry eraser like normal chalk. 

Chalk markers were created to only work with non-porous surfaces such glass, metal, porcelain chalkboards, slate chalkboards, or any other sealed surfaces. Important reminder though, you should always do a quick spot test before using the markers on the entire surface. 

This will help you not have to struggle cleaning it up if needed.

So, now that you know that, feel free to use chalk markers on the chalkboards that have been listed. Do your spot check before taking off and use water to clean up the work that you have done, unless you want to just keep it there. Completely up to you.

To see the most popular chalk markers just click here. 

How To Remove Liquid Chalk Off A Chalkboard

If you like to decorate and love the aesthetic of a mini chalkboard then chalk markers are probably a great decorating tool for you. Also, mini chalkboards are great to have for dorm rooms; they’re easy to write on and easy to clean and very easy to carry around. 

Now, how do you actually go about cleaning the chalk marker off the chalkboard?

You can use a wet cloth to clean liquid chalk (or a chalk marker) off a chalkboard but it isn’t the best method. The best way to clean it off would be to use a magic eraser. 

A magic eraser will require a lot less elbow grease to clean the chalkboard than using a wet cloth would. 

Of course the magic eraser is the answer, it’s the answer to many of those messy situations. All you simply need to do is take a magic eraser, cut it up into smaller pieces (if you wish to do so), and dip it in some water. 

Using this will get the chalk marker/liquid chalk off the chalkboard with no problems whatsoever. Afterwards, you may need to use a towel to touch up and dry the chalkboard.

Do Chalk Markers Or Regular Chalk Work Better On Chalkboards?

Are you a school teacher that hates that feeling of chalk all over your hands after teaching and drawing all day? Are you a student that feels this same way, but on top of that, you are the one that has to beat out the erasers later or clean all the chalk dust off the chalkboard everyday. 

Well, there is a simple solution, chalk markers. 

Because of the cost involved with chalk markers, normal chalk is the best choice for most people. Regular chalk is also easier to clean up despite it leaving more dust on your hands and eraser. 

Depending on what you may like, will determine whether chalk or chalk markers are better for you as each has their pros and cons. 

Each has a different feel, a different writing style, and a different way to clean them up. All these add up to there being a lot of personal preference. 

If money isn’t an object then using chalk markers can be a great choice. Below I will go into some of the benefits of using them versus using normal chalk. 

Benefits of liquid chalk markers

Chalk markers do not produce dust which means less mess and less clean up. Chalk dust can also be a health hazard to some kids that may have allergies.

Liquid chalk creates a more vibrant and fluorescent look, this effect can definitely help grab a student’s attention. Who doesn’t like nice colors, and who’s attention isn’t caught when there are bright colors involved.

Liquid chalk markers can be a very versatile tool. Not only can they be used on a chalkboard, but also, windows, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. 

So now you can draw all over the class room and not have to worry about the time and effort to clean all of it off later.

Lastly, liquid chalk markers are a lot easier to correct. If you write something incorrectly, you can erase it without the smearing or the ghosting effect. There will be no residue, nor dust left behind. 

For the most part, I would say that liquid chalk markers work great but their cost when compared to normal chalk is why they aren’t used as much in a classroom setting. 

What Can You Use Liquid Chalk Markers For?

Liquid chalk markers can be used for a variety of things. One of the best things is for decoration; they write on almost anything and do not take much to clean up afterwards. 

Below are some of the things that people are using these amazing markers for.


You can make banners, color, create drawings, or you can make a colorful design for a display in no time at all. The markers come in a variety of colors so that you can make that sign look bright and vibrant.


Liquid chalk markers can be used to advertise things for business or just for fun. You can draw on a plethora of things to let people know what you are advertising; you can make signs to promote sales, menu boards, or signs to discuss specials for the day. 

Most of the time, businesses will use an a-frame chalkboard stand outside, but sometimes, they will just simply draw on the window.

Welcome Signs 

These are another thing if you are the very friendly type that likes to invite others into your home. You can also make these for weddings, parties, or just small get togethers with friends.


Name tags for work, dog tags, luggage tags, or other things for identification are all great uses for chalk markers. 


Do you like to keep track of your day, week, month, year? Well, do it in style!! You can use chalk markers and have a blast to plan out any and all events that are going on in your life.


Do you want to write a cute or fancy letter to a friend, spruce it up with chalk markers!! They will love it, I’m sure.

Other uses can include labels, education for young children, gifts and gift bags, or just some out right fun!! Get as creative as you can get. 

There is almost no limit to what you can do with a chalk marker. The only limit is your imagination.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do with chalk markers. Be creative and make what you want when you want to. There is nothing that cannot be drawn or written, and virtually no surface that cannot be drawn or written on with a chalk marker.  

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