Can Chalk Markers Be Used On Dry Erase/White Boards?

Can Chalk Markers Be Used On Dry Erase/White Boards?

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Chalk markers are a great new trend. Chalk Markers contain a paint-like paste formula that provides great color and opaque coverage. Chalk markers work a lot like paint pens, they won’t smear and can only be removed with water.

Chalk markers can be used in a learning environment to make it more fun. 

Children can even use chalk markers for art projects and to express their creativity.

Since chalk markers can be used on all non-porous surfaces, they are great to use on dry erase/white boards. Chalk markers come in such a wide array of colors that it adds to the appeal of using them.

Dry erase/white boards are now used for so many things. 

Years ago, teachers would use a chalkboard when teaching. By the end of the day there would be a white residue covering the chalkboard and it would have to be washed. Many people were allergic to the chalk dust. 

Chalk markers are a great alternative because they are hypoallergenic, and they do not smudge or smear.

Dry erase/white boards have largely replaced the chalkboard, but they’re not just used in schools anymore. They are also used in video conferences in the workplace. 

People use them at home for schedules, calendars, menus, grocery lists and keeping lists while doing projects. 

Having so many colors of chalk markers to work with adds a little excitement to those mundane lists. Some chalk markers are now made in neon colors, and you can also purchase chalk markers that have glow in the dark ink that can be illuminated with blacklights.

Chalk markers can be used on other surfaces too. Just as long as the surface isn’t porous. 

People can use the chalk markers every day on things like metal, glass, household appliances, sealed tiles, stone, porcelain, plastic, laminated papers, and even on chalkboards. 

Chalk markers are great for making clear concise marks, or writing clearly on surfaces. They are even great for making signs for weddings or other events. 

There is an advantage to using chalk markers for outdoor projects. They won’t fade, and they won’t bubble or run in the heat.

If you are questioning whether or not the surface you’re working with is suitable for chalk markers, just test a small corner to begin with.

Chalk markers can usually be cleaned off a dry erase/white board with a damp cloth or a dry cloth. If you find the surface has absorbed some of the chalk marker, you can use a bit of vinegar and water mixture to clean the surface.

It’s best if markings of any kind are not left on white boards or dry erase boards for any length of time. It’s a good idea to clean off a white board just as soon as possible. 

If marks are left on a white board they tend to lead to “ghosting” over time. This means part of the color may not be able to be completely cleaned off, and you may be able to see a shadow of the former projects on your white board or dry erase board.

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How Do I Use A Chalk Marker?

Many people when they first open the marker think maybe it’s dried up, or isn’t a good product. On further inspection they realize there are a few steps to be followed before beginning to use the chalk marker. It’s a simple process, but it’s necessary.

To use a chalk marker, first you will need to shake the marker. The second step is to press and pump the chalk marker down onto a surface. The third step is to keep pressing until the liquid chalk flows into the tip. 

The tip of the chalk marker will start as tan or beige, but as you press down the color will flow into the tip. It takes a small bit of patience to get the flow started, but once you’ve gone through the steps, your chalk markers will be so enjoyable to use.

Look for chalk markers that are ergonomic in shape. 

A good chalk marker should be comfortable to use. This will ensure you won’t get tired of using it after extended periods of time. 

Also, look for the chalk markers that have an ink gauge to help keep track of how much ink you have left. There’s nothing worse than running out of ink in the middle of a project.

Chalk markers are made with various tips. You can buy chalk markers with jumbo tips for those bold art projects or for when you need your signage to be very visible. You can also buy chalk markers with chiseled tips, for those detailed signs or for when the space you have for your message is very small.

Many people even use chalk markers to decorate non-porous surfaces for the holidays. Windows, white boards, dry erase boards and metal doors in central locations in businesses and homes could be decorated with very festive artwork or quotes. 

This would be a great way to celebrate each season of the year without pricey decorations.

How Much Do Chalk Markers Cost?

The chalk markers come in a variety of sizes, colors and novelty options, therefore they vary quite a bit in price.

Chalk markers typically range in price from under $1 each to as much as $3-$4 each. The difference in price comes down to the size of the marker and what it is used for. 

The glow in the dark black light reactive chalk markers can currently be purchased for around $10 for 3 markers.

The fluorescent neon chalk markers cost around $20 for a package of 16.

The basic dust-free chalk markers with basic colors and chiseled tips can be purchased in a package of 24 for about $20.

Because chalk markers are considered to be items that can be used in an educational setting, you may find that your local department store, grocery store, or even the pharmacy may have discounts on some chalk markers at various times during the year. 

The back to school sales typically are in the late summer, and then again after the holidays before the Spring semester begins. 

This would be a good time to stock up if you have a special event coming up, or if you will need the chalk markers for crafting your holiday decorations.

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