Can Dry Erase Markers Be Used On Glass Or Mirrors?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:21 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:21 pm

Everyone likes a good pep talk. It gets you ready to tackle anything that comes your way during the day. 

Maybe you like to leave your family notes around the house. Finding a sweet message can also be a highlight of your day. 

One of the ways you may try to leave these little notes around your home could be on the bathroom mirror. Or maybe you like to be creative and you make designs on glass. 

Your children also like to draw on pretty much anything including the mirrors. Whichever of these fits into your lifestyle, if you are writing on glass and mirrors you need the right kind of marker. 

So what about dry erase markers? Can these be used on glass or mirrors? 

You can use dry erase markers on glass or mirrors. Dry erase markers work well on any non-porous surface.

Creating scribbling and drawings on  mirrors can be a lot of fun. Children enjoy drawing on anything and everything. 

You may be proud of their artists abilities until you realize that the tool that is being used to write is permanent! To avoid leaving a stain behind on the glass, have some dry erase markers handy for you or your children to use to draw or write on the mirror. 

Dry erase markers are specifically made for white boards or glass boards but can work on any glass surface.

Dry erase markers are a great thing to use for mirror or glass art. Their markings can be cleaned easily off the glass with a soft material like foam, felt, cloth, or paper towels. So you and your kids can have fun without worrying about leaving behind a huge stain on the mirror. 

When writing on glass or mirrors with a dry erase marker, you can get clear lines and marks that wipe off easily. Now, you can leave those sweet notes or pick-me-ups on the bathroom mirror by doing it the right way.

How Do You Get Dry Erase Markers Off Of Glass? 

Your kids were enjoying the afternoon by drawing all over your sliding glass doors. They made colorful pictures of flowers and smiley faces. 

The cute little drawings make you smile but when it’s time for cleanup, how do you remove the dry erase marker from the window? 

Dry erase markers are easy to remove from glass or mirrors by using Windex and paper towels, fingernail polish remover, or even just a wet cloth. 

To remove the dry erase marker off of the glass, use a soft material like foam, felt, cloth or paper towels to wipe it away. If you need a little more umph rubbing alcohol, acetone, or fingernail polish can be used to help lift the marks off the glass. 

If you have a damp paper towel or cloth it most likely will wipe away the dry erase marker off of the window or mirror but if you’re having difficulty using one of these chemicals will dissolve the marks easily.

Dry erase markers are meant to be temporary and erase easily from non-porous surfaces. If your child has discovered that they like to draw on their face or outfits just as much, you may have a problem getting the ink out of their clothes. 

If you need to wash it out, blot the stain, use some rubbing alcohol and rub it into the stain until you can’t see it anymore. Then rinse the fabric and wash as normal.

Can You Write On Car Windows With Dry Erase Markers? 

You’re taking your artistic ability to the next step as you have been asked to write on a car window for a surprise. Not sure what to use, you instantly think of a dry erase marker. 

Will this work for your task? 

You can write on car windows with dry erase markers. The markers work well on the car windows and are much easier to clean off than the chalk markers that many people use on car windows. 

Drawing with a dry erase marker on a car window can be done for many occasions. 

“Just Married ” can be written on the back window as a bride and groom drive away from the wedding ceremony. 

You can surprise your family or friends with “Happy Birthday” being displayed across their windows. 

Graduates often have “Congratulations’ ‘ written on the car and sports teams proudly promote their team names and wins on the windows of their vehicles.

It is easy to remove the dry erase marker from the car windows by using the tips that I mentioned above.

It can be fun to write on a car window with a dry erase marker and since they offer many colors you can create some cool designs. Make sure to use the best brand you can as cheaper brands will be harder to remove from the glass especially if they are left on it for quite some time. 

What Markers Can You Use On Glass? 

Who doesn’t love to be artistic? By using markers on glass you can do everything from create signs for a business, to displaying artwork. You can write notes for an office meeting or simple notes around your home.

But which markers work best on glass? 

Markers that can write on glass include glass pens, dry erase markers, liquid chalk markers, and paint pens. If the marker says it can write on non-porous material, then it can write on glass.

When using markers on glass and mirrors, and you want the most bang for your buck, there are a few that are considered the best. Glass pens and glass markers are perfect since they are made to write on any smooth surface, don’t fade out at the end of every stroke and dries quickly. 

Dry erase markers and liquid chalk markers offer vivid colors and erase easily. Paint pens can write on any surface and the marks they make are almost opaque with fine tips for crisp lines and drawings.

Let’s look at the top ten best markers for use on glass.

  1. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens
  2. Quartet GLass Board Dry Erase Markers
  3. Chalkola LIquid Chalk Markers
  4. Arteza Wine Glass Markers
  5. Acrylico Store Glass Paint Pens
  6. Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers
  7. Name It Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens
  8. Emooqi Paint Markers
  9. W OUTWIT Liquid Chalk Markers
  10. The Rainbow GLass Pen Liquid Paint Markers

All of these writing utensils are perfect for use on glass and mirrors. They provide you with vibrant colors and write smoothly on surfaces for quick note writing in the classroom or office or easy design making or drawings for all the artists out there.

Final Thoughts

Dry erase markers can be used on glass and mirrors and offer great results. 

Whether you are creating designs and writings for a business, scribbling notes down from an office meeting for classroom lecture, or just putting your art skills to the test, dry erase markers will help give you the color and smooth writing you need in a marker.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:21 pm

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