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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:41 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:41 pm

First launched in 1943, Clue has managed to maintain its popularity among children and adults alike. Since then, the board game has evolved with numerous spinoffs, variations, and even video games now available on the market. 

Later versions of the original murder-mystery game were also updated to make the game more challenging and exciting.

If you want to get on board the popular board game’s bandwagon but don’t know how to play it, below are some of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the game answered. 

How Many Players Can Play Clue At A Time?  

While the original version of the board game was designed for 3-6 players, two players can play the game on their own as well.

What Do Players Have To Do To Win The Game Of Clue? 

To win clue the players have to find the correct answers to the following three questions:

1. Who murdered the victim?

2. Where was the victim murdered?

3. What weapon was used to murder the victim?

The player who first answers the three questions correctly wins the murder-mystery game.

How Do You Decide The Correct Answers To The Questions Asked In Clue? 

The game pack comes with three card decks. Each deck has options for various answers to each question. 

Before the game begins, players should carefully shuffle each deck individually and choose one card from it. These cards that are chosen are placed in the envelope that goes in the center of the board game.

These three cards are now who did it, where it was done, and what weapon was used. 

What Else Does The Clue Game Come With? 

The game of Clue comes with the following items:

1. A board game designed to play the game

2. Six figurines representing the six characters of the gameplay

3. Six miniature toy weapons

4. One rolling die

5. One card deck with six cards containing a character’s name on each card

6. A second card deck with six cards with each card having a name of one of the six weapons

7. A third card deck with nine cards with each card containing the name of one of the rooms in the house

8. An envelope to keep the cards in the center of the board game

9. Notepads for note-taking

How Can The Players Move Around The Clue Board? 

The players move around the Clue board by rolling the die. Rolling the dice once allows only one move, and players can use it to either enter or exit the room. Players can also move through using secret passages.

What Are The Steps To Playing The Clue Game? 

The first step to playing the Clue murder-mystery game is to shuffle the decks of cards. One card from each deck is then placed as one answer in the envelope in the center of the board. 

Each of the weapons is then placed in a different room. The players then choose their characters from the figurines. The players start from their defined positions on the board.

The card decks are then mixed and shuffled together before the players can distribute them among themselves. Each participant is supposed to hide their cards from other players. 

The players move around the board and visit different rooms by rolling the die (or using secret passages between corner rooms).  They can make suggestions or assumptions with the help of the cards in their hands.

The cards are designed to help make assumptions and reveal information about other players. Listening to suggestions and assumptions other players make can help the participants with good deduction skills identify which cards are in the envelope in the center. 

Once one of the players has made an accusation, the cards in the envelope are taken out and that player (and only that player) looks at them. If they are right then they win the game. If they are wrong they are out of the game and gameplay continues. 

The first player who guesses all three cards correctly wins the game.

Clue Gameplay Rules

• All the characters should be present on the board for every game, even if no players claim them. For example, if only three players are playing the board game, all six characters will always be involved and present.

• Players can make accusations about who committed the murder and with what weapon any time during the game. However, their character has to be present in a room to accuse that room as the place of the murder.

• Players take turns. The turns always start from the red-colored figurine/character named Miss Scarlet. Players can only roll the die and move their characters when it’s their turn.

• Players do not need the correct number on the die to enter a room. For example, if a player rolls the dice and gets the number 4, they can enter a room by using only two steps and ignoring the rest of the number. But they cannot visit a room that requires six steps if they get a four on the die. The players cannot ‘save’ the steps either. One turn only allows one movement for each player.

• Players can move through secret passages as many times as they want. They only have to announce to their fellow players about their move. However, a player can either roll the die or use a secret passage to move their character. They cannot do both in a single turn.

• Players can note down assumptions made by other players or their assumptions before announcing them. Players are not supposed to show their notes to other players.

• If a character figurine is placed at a room’s entrance, other players cannot use that entrance to enter that room. However, they can enter that room through different doors or via secret passages.

• Players can move extra characters or characters of other players during their turn if they make a suggestion about that player. 

• Players can also move weapons from one room to another along with the characters.

• If players are confident in their accusation on the murder-mystery game, they can choose not to wait for other players to make an accusation and look at the cards in the envelope. If the cards turn out to be the player’s assumption, they can show them to other players and end the game by winning it. If any card is different from their assumption, they must put the cards back in the envelope and wait for the game to end. 

However, they will not participate in the game by moving their character or making any more assumptions or suggestions.

While the rules may seem overwhelming, Clue is, in fact, very easy to play. The number of possible answers keeps the game enjoyable to play it again and again too. 

Just like Monopoly, Clue can get really heated. Hence, you should play with people you’re comfortable with since accusing other characters and misleading their train of thought is an essential part of the fun.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:41 pm

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