Do Lego Boxes Have Extra Pieces? (Why?)

If you have Legos in your home, then chances are, you’ve stepped on a piece at least once. Another thing that you or your children have probably done is lost Lego pieces only to find them in weird places several months later.

That’s one common problem with Legos, considering that each brick is so small and easy to misplace. This is especially true when little kids and toddlers are the ones playing with the Legos. 

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Since Legos are lost so often (sometimes even when opening the box) you might be wondering whether the Lego sets come with extra pieces in them or not. 

Lego generally DOES include a few extra pieces inside the box in case of them getting lost. The extra pieces are often the smallest ones since these are the easiest to go missing. 

Lego does this so that you can enjoy your Lego structures and build them down to the smallest detail even if when opening the package a tiny piece disappears on you. 

However, this can be pretty confusing to a lot of people when they finish building their set and have a few small pieces left over and can’t figure out where they go! 

So if you have built a Lego set recently and can’t figure out what the couple of small extra pieces are for, this is it. They are for those people who accidentally lose one when building the set. 

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What are the Common Extra Lego Pieces?

Lego adds extra pieces in the set in order to make sure that you have a spare one should you lose one of the tiny pieces. This is a very effective way of ensuring a perfect customer experience even if the customer was the one who lost the Lego piece. 

You get an extra piece from the start. So if you lose one, you don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting the retailer and asking them to send you a replacement.

The pieces that usually come with spares are the smaller elements and details. Tiny parts of a Lego structure can easily be misplaced or get lost during packaging, shipment or opening the item. 

Lego recognizes the possibilities of having these issues, so they make it a point to add a few extra pieces. If none get lost, then it’s an added bonus and precaution that users can enjoy.

Some of the common pieces that Lego adds as extras are:

  • 1×1 plates
  • 1×1 tiles
  • 1×1 studs
  • Antennas
  • Cheese slopes
  • Flower petals
  • Levers

Large pieces don’t usually come with extras. So if you build something and you have a few large pieces you weren’t able to use, the chances that you missed something is high.

Other Reasons Why Lego Packs Extra Pieces

More pieces, wider imagination

Aside from making sure that you have a spare in case one is lost, Lego’s customer service team says that they also add extra, random pieces to go in the set.

This is to ensure that the players can widen their imaginations and use the random extra pieces for purposes other than what the instruction manual suggests.

Packaging methods

Imagine having to pack dozens of tiny little pieces in small plastic bags and making sure that the count is a hundred percent exact.

That would take ages to finish! 

Considering the production demands for Lego pieces, the company cannot afford to take this much time and use this much manpower.

Lego has its own packaging technique where several like pieces are put in small plastic bags and calculated based on weight. The weight is the main determinant of whether or not the pieces are enough or are missing something. 

Because of this, the numbers of small pieces cannot be a hundred percent accurate. There may be some extras, but they never want there to not be enough so they always try to err on the side of extra pieces. 

For the company, it’s a smarter move to lose a little income for small pieces rather than to have missing pieces and have customers running back to claim them.

With this packaging method, it’s also possible to not have any extra pieces at all. In others, you can get over 10 extra pieces. The circumstances would differ, depending on the Lego set.

What to Do With Extra Lego Pieces

Some people throw away their extra Lego pieces for the simple reason that they no longer need them, especially if they’ve already built the structures that they were aiming for.

However, there are a lot of better things to do with them. Don’t waste your extra Lego pieces and opt to do these things with them instead:

Collect them

If you put away all the extra pieces you find in every new Lego set you buy, soon enough, you’ll have a lot of spares just lying there and waiting for you to use them.

With these small elements, you can add decorations and more details to your existing structures. Or you can even create a new and unique miniature structure using them.

These extras that you’ve collected can also come in handy if you lose pieces in the future and need a replacement immediately.

Extra Lego pieces, along with bricks that you don’t want or use anymore can be donated to charities and foundations so that other children can experience the joys of playing with Legos as well.

Or maybe you can ask around for someone who might need that extra Lego piece to complete their structures.

There are various people in forums, groups, and other platforms looking for extra Lego pieces that they are missing. So you might want to check the Internet and see if someone is in need of your spares.

With your bonus Lego pieces, you can end up making someone else happy and help them complete their Lego experience. You just need to know how to properly make use of them.

Return them to Lego

You can also opt to return your extra pieces to Lego for recycling or donating. Lego has a campaign, which they call “Lego Replay.”

In this movement, they accept donations and returns from Lego fans and repackage the bricks to donate to special organizations like Teach for America and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

To contribute to this cause, you just need to ship your bricks using the post office and send them to the Lego warehouse.

The donated bricks also go through quality control. If they do not meet the Lego standards, they aren’t donated. Instead, Lego can opt to grind them up and use the material to make new pieces.


Most, if not all, Lego sets come with a few extra pieces so that you can complete your structure even if you’ve lost some invaluable parts.

Smaller pieces are often provided in larger quantities than you need just in case one or two go missing.

Just make sure that you don’t lose any big Lego pieces and you’ll be able to complete your structure without any problem. 

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