Are Legos Allowed on Airplanes? (Best Ways To Travel With Them)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:09 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:09 pm

If you travel a lot and love Legos, have children who do, or are trying to take them as gifts on a plane you might be wondering whether you will have any issues flying with them. 

Legos can get through airport security without a problem, however they will often have to examine them carefully since they will look odd in the X-ray machine. This means it’s possible that any new or sealed sets will have to be opened when going through security. 

So, if you are looking to travel with Legos that are a gift you probably will want to send them directly to the location you are going rather than possibly having to open a brand new set that you are wanting to give away. 

Airport authorities are careful with the items they allow on flights and when things look odd or different they will always pull your bag aside and do further checks. 

You can often get away with putting Legos in your checked baggage but again, if it looks odd enough when it’s X-rayed they might pull it out and open it up. 

However, if you are wanting to take loose Legos on the plane with you for you or your children to play with then that won’t be an issue. Since the box/bags are already opened even if you are stopped by security they will just look them over and you should be able to proceed without too many issues. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that with such small areas on the plane if your Legos get dropped and the little pieces go flying (see what I did there?) you will have a hard time finding them all again. 

How To Travel With Legos

If after reading the above information you are still wanting to take your Legos with you then here are some tips on the best way to pack them for your trip. 

Whether you need to go through all this trouble or not though really depends on if you are taking the Legos to play with on the trip or once you arrive at your destination. 

Step #1: Prepare the packing supplies

To pack your Lego sets, you will need suitable cardboard containers, soft packing paper, and sealable plastic bags.

It’s better to reuse the original Lego boxes, but you can also look for plastic storage containers, office paper boxes, and standard small moving boxes.

Using Ziplock bags are highly encouraged to secure the pieces and make sure that none get lost. 

Step #2: Put the disassembled bricks in sealable bags

You might want to sort your Lego pieces by purpose, type, or color for easier packing. When the pieces are already grouped, place the bricks into different plastic bags.

Seal the bags completely to avoid the pieces from spilling out during transit. Insert the Lego building instructions in any of the containers if you are planning on building an actual set and not just free building with them. 

Step #3: Label the bags.

Using a marker, write the Lego model on the corresponding plastic bags. This is to avoid accidentally switching the models if you intend to gather all the bags in a single container.

It also helps you identify which is which when unloading them and building them later on. Each of the plastic bags should have the model number, color, or design to help keep the sets separate. 

Step #4: Sort the bags into containers.

Although the bags are carefully sealed, you still need to store them in one place to stay organized and keep from losing them. 

Small-sized standard cardboard boxes are a good way to keep them together. You can also use transparent plastic storage containers for additional protection or just so you know where each part is at if you are taking a lot. 

Step #5: Use packing paper.

Packing paper can help keep the plastic bags from moving inside the box and provides sufficient cushioning for the pieces.

It serves as a filler material to hold the bags together and minimize the impact as well. Extreme movement of the box might damage the Lego pieces inside (although it’s unlikely) so taking this extra precautionary step to protect them is worthwhile 

Step #6: Seal the containers

Next you will want to shut the lids of the containers tightly. You won’t want to tape them shut as it’s possible that they will need to be opened by the TSA as you go through security. 

Once through security though you can use tape on the containers if you like. 

If using boxes you will want to fold the flaps where the box is “closed” but can be easily opened by security if needed. 

Step #7: Label everything 

You will want to label any cardboard boxes or other containers that you use  to easily be able to sort them when it is time to unload/build your sets. 

Write the label on a piece of paper and avoid jotting it down directly on the plastic boxes as you may have to store other items in there next time.

Tape the paper to the side of the plastic bin and make sure the label is readable. 

Will TSA confiscate your Legos? 

Many people have read or heard horror stories of some of the stupid things that TSA agents have allowed on planes (they miss so much stuff) while also hearing about stupid things they won’t allow through security. 

Many people wonder if they will have an issue with the TSA when flying with Legos or not. 

Although it is incredibly unlikely that TSA will confiscate your Legos, there are many people who have had brand new Lego sets opened or ripped apart when going through security. If the Lego set that you have is a collectors edition or valuable, then it would likely be better to not fly with it. 

Most people don’t want to risk their expensive Lego set being damaged by shipping it but it is just as likely (if not more) to be damaged by TSA agents who are “doing their job” by opening it, crushing it, etc. 

So although your Lego set will get through security, if the packaging is important to the value of your set you will likely want to ship it or take a car instead. 


Legos and other toys are naturally harmless. However, some of them can also be used as a potential tool, ingredient, and object to induce violence in the middle of a flight.

No one has reported having issues with Legos not being allowed on flights but many people have reported the boxes being damaged, crushed, or opened. 

So if your Lego set is extremely valuable I wouldn’t recommend taking it on the plane with you. Instead ship it ahead of time. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:09 pm

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