Do Markers Come Off Mirrors?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:29 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:29 pm

When you want to leave a note for someone, you typically go and find a pen and piece of paper to leave your note. However, there are other places you could leave notes, for instance, the bathroom mirror. 

You can leave an encouraging note on the bathroom mirror for your family to find and brighten their day. Or if someone has an appointment, write it nice and big on the mirror for everyone to see, this way someone is sure to remember about the appointment because everyone saw it. 

Whether you are leaving a note of encouragement or a note of reminder, you will want to make sure that it can come off before you write it. But will marker come off of mirrors? 

All kinds of markers do come off of mirrors. If for some reason you reached and grabbed a permanent marker by mistake, the marker will still come off the mirror. It may take more time and a bit of elbow grease to erase it, but the marker will come off the mirror.  

Most of the time people will use a washable marker on the mirror and that will come off by simply wiping it with a wet cloth. A permanent marker will require some Goof Off, Goo Gone, or a Magic Eraser to remove it. 

What Can You Use To Write On Mirrors? 

It can be fun to leave little messages around the house for your family. One of the ways you can do this is to write messages on the mirror. You want the note to stay for a bit, but not be entirely permanent. 

Or maybe you even want to leave some kind of encouragement to co-workers and write on the bathroom mirrors at work. Whatever reason you have for writing on mirrors, there are a few options that you can use to write your encouraging messages on the mirror. 

Dry erase markers are the most common and one of the easiest to clean options to use on mirrors. Some other markers you can use on mirrors are: 

  •  oil-based markers
  • acrylic paint pens
  • chalk markers. 

Also, if you aren’t interested in using a marker, lipstick will also work pretty well in a pinch for writing on mirrors. All these options can be cleaned off easily with just glass cleaner. 

Will Permanent Marker Come Off Glass? 

If you accidentally reached for a permanent marker to write your message on glass, do not worry. Also, if you are working and writing with a permanent marker for a project and you slip and get it on your glass windows, doors, or even backsplash, the marker will come off. 

There are a few different ways that you can effectively remove permanent marker from glass. 

To remove permanent marker from glass you can use dry erase markers, alcohol/acetone, Magic Eraser, or toothpaste and lemon juice. All four of these will actually work great to remove permanent marker. 

Below I will go into more detail about how you can remove permanent marker using these four methods. 

Dry Erase Markers

That’s right, a dry erase marker can effectively erase permanent marker ink from glass. This method is by far the easiest to use as all you need to do is write or scribble over the permanent marker with the dry erase marker. 

Make sure to cover the entire area that was written on in the permanent marker. Then use a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe away the ink. 

You will see that the writing left by the permanent marker is starting to fade or has been completely removed. 

This method works because the dry erase marker kind of reactivates the ink allowing you to erase it before it sets in again. Once you feel that all the permanent ink has been removed, use glass cleaner to clean the surface. 

This will help to remove any oils left behind from the mixture of the dry erase and permanent markers. 


If you have a bottle of nail polish remover, you will be able to easily remove permanent ink from your glass. This stuff is powerful and can remove the ink from the glass and also other porous surfaces. 

Also, if in a pinch, hand sanitizer can be used as a cleaning agent. Since it contains alcohol, you can use the hand sanitizer to help remove the permanent ink from the glass. 

Magic Eraser

Just like its name, the magic eraser is just that, magic. It can not only remove permanent marker from glass but walls and other non-porous surfaces as well. 

Get the magic eraser wet to help activate its cleaning magic and be sure to squeeze out all excess water. 

Next, tackle that ink stain until it’s gone. You do not need to wipe the stain too hard as that could end up doing damage, especially on painted walls.  

Toothpaste and Lemon Juice

If you are in a pinch and really need to remove permanent ink from glass and have none of the other listed items, toothpaste and lemon juice can get the job done too. The toothpaste alone is not strong enough to remove the ink, but when you add the lemon juice it becomes strong enough to remove permanent ink from glass and even skin. 

Just take some toothpaste, add a few drops of lemon juice, stir the mixture, and add the mixture to a clean cloth or soft bristle brush. 

Apply the paste all over the stain, wait a few minutes, rub gently away, and your glass should be as good as new. 

What Kind Of Markers Can You Use On Car Windows?  

Writing on car windows has been around for ages, but not without some trial and error. If you are writing, just married, on a car window, the lovely couple may not want that message lasting forever on their back window. 

Or if your car is all decked out for your team sports on the weekends, you might want to change it up week to week. So what markers are safe, stay for a little while, but can also be easily washed off when writing messages on car windows? 

When writing on car windows the best options are liquid chalk markers or Dabber window writers. Both of these will stay on without too much difficulty but are also easy to clean off when the time comes. 

I will go into more depth about both of these options below. 

Liquid Chalk Markers

There are so many different brands of liquid chalk markers in stores but there are even more online. Liquid chalk markers are all designed to stay when you want them to and wash off whenever you are ready. 

You can choose which set of liquid markers you would like based on what colors you need. Many come in neon colors and all write on car windows. 

Just because they can write on the car window does not mean that it will always show up well however. The tint on your car windows also determines how well the writing will be seen. 

Dabber Window Writers

The Dabber window writers look a lot like bingo dabbers. Make sure that you purchase the kind that is designed specifically for car windows, otherwise the writing may last a bit longer than you anticipated. 

The Dabber writers are good for bright and bold messages. Instead of looking or writing like a marker, the dabber is more like writing with a big circle. 

Both options are guaranteed to stay on your car come rain or shine, but also will come off with a bit of cleaning. You can typically get rid of the writing by using some form of glass cleaner or soap and water. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:29 pm

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