Do Nerf Guns Have Recoil?

Nerf guns are hands down the coolest toy out there. You can play with them indoors and outdoors – whether with or without kids. The list of possibilities is limitless when you’re having the time of your life with these powerful dart blasters.

The only setback that many older players face with these Nerf guns is the missing kickback action.

So do Nerf guns have recoil?

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The majority of the Nerf guns manufactured by Hasbro don’t feature a recoil trigger. However, the Overwatch series does have the relevant mechanism to create a kickback action.

Here’s a closer look at Nerf guns with recoil and DIY hacks to create a makeshift version. To see the most popular Nerf guns just click here. 

Do Nerf Guns Have Recoil?

The answer really depends on the toy gun you purchase. If you have one of the fantastic Nerf guns from the Overwatch series, it includes a recoil action in its design. 

The blaster will light up, and you will feel a sudden jerk whenever you prime the gun.

If you are interested in purchasing the models with recoil than these Nerf guns do:

1. Overwatch D.Va Nerf Rival Blaster

2. Overwatch Soldier: 76 Nerf Rival Blaster

3. Overwatch Soldier: 76 Nerf Rival Blaster: Rival Blaster and Targeting Visor

If you’re in the market for other options, you can consider other brands that manufacture dart blasters with a recoil mechanism. 

The X-Shot Kickback (2021) from Zuru fits into this category. It’s part of ‘The Recoil’ model that they released a few years back. 

How to Add Recoil to Your Nerf Gun?

If you own a Nerf Reflex, you can create a detachable mod that gives your Nerf gun a recoil. You can use this hack to operate your dart blaster in two modes, recoil-activated and silent.

You only need two things for this hack:

1. Your Nerf Gun (preferably a Nerf Reflex)

2. A Philips small crosshead screwdriver

Here’s what you need to do:

● Step1. Disconnect. You need to remove the metal rod and small spring present inside your Nerf gun. Use the crosshead screwdriver to unscrew the bolts present on the slide of your gun.

● Step 2. Remove. Your slide should break down into two parts and give you access to the metal rod. Remove it and keep it somewhere safe.

● Step 3. Reassemble your Nerf gun. Use the screwdriver to rebolt both slides.

● Step 4. Prime your blaster to activate your recoil mode. For this to work, your slides should stay back before you shoot.

Alternatively, you can make your Nerf Reflex work in a silent mode. You need to shift the slide forward instead of backward after you prime the gun in this mode – and then just shoot!

Are Nerf Guns Realistic?

Nerf dart blasters manufactured by Hasbro do not align with most requirements necessary for real guns.

Here are some of the factors within their design that stop Nerf guns from work like real sporting weapons:

● Nerf darts are lightweight. This prevents them from gaining trajectory, especially when shot from a long range.

● The rubber and foam tarts can’t hit a target accurately when shot from a distance.

● Nerf guns rely on air pressure to release their bullets (aka darts and rubber balls).

In comparison, real guns have heavier bullets. They work on ignited gunpowder, which gives bullets more momentum and is less likely to be affected by the wind.

The primary reason for this is that Nerf’s target audience comprises children and young adults. Due to this, they are designed as low-risk toy guns for indoor and outdoor play.

What Is the Most Realistic Nerf Gun?

Nerf gun designs have received significant upgrades in the past few years, starting from elite foam darts. Some models come with trigger lock systems, high-capacity magazines, and well-integrated scopes within the design.

The features mentioned above make the prospect of owning a realistic Nerf gun more real.

None of these Nerf guns have recoil, though.

Our top picks for the most realistic Nerf guns include:

1. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

2. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS 10 Blaster

3. N Strike Elite Infinus Blaster

4. The Ghost OPS Evader

Feel free to check out online reviews before pulling out your wallet for these realistic Nerf guns.

Are Nerf Guns Expensive?

Various elements come into play when you’re buying a Nerf gun. The total price depends on its functionality, market availability, demand, and how well you can play with it.

Individuals interested in purchasing new Nerf guns can prepare for a $20+ budget or splurge on big, bold Nerf guns that cost over $100. Themed series and collaborations with cartoons, comics, and action movies might result in a steeper purchase price.

However, you can always wait for seasonal discounts and clearance sales to buy a Nerf gun within your budget. There are also knock-offs and rival products that can work out for you when you’re on a tight budget.

Online auctions and yard sales can also lead you to a rare find if you’re a collector. In these instances, Nerf guns found in original packaging and mint conditions can result in a hefty price. 

The innovative design of these dart blasters and endless hours of fun they bring is what keeps the cost on them relatively high. These factors are also what make Nerf guns a worthwhile investment for you (and your kids).

Why Do People Modify Nerf Guns?

Many enthusiasts and collectors modify Nerf blasters or the dart inside to extend the shooting range and the rate at which their blaster fires. These changes include adding denser darts, restructuring the blaster, and making cosmetic adjustments for aesthetic purposes.

Others wish to add new features not found in the original design (like the recoil trigger).

However, there are safety issues involved in some form of modification. That’s why you should always consider the risks before you make any drastic changes to your Nerf gun.

Final Thoughts

The question of whether or not Nerf guns have recoil depends on the model you plan to use. Most dart blasters don’t follow realistic mechanisms, which is why Nerf guns with a kickback action are rare to find.

You can only find two dart blasters with the recoil feature, one from Hasbro and one from Zuru. There are also ways to modify your toy to activate a kickback action mode if you pull out the metal rod before priming your gun.

Do you think new Nerf guns should have recoil?  

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