Do Washable Markers Work On Dry Erase/Whiteboards? 

Do Washable Markers Work On Dry Erase/Whiteboards? 

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We’ve probably all had a teacher at school use a dry erase board or a white board. Normally it is used to write assignments on, or your teacher may have used the board as a visual aid to help you understand a concept. 

Or if you were like me, your name was written at the top because you just couldn’t stop talking! It would then remind the teacher to send a note home to mom and dad! 

Although I seemed to get my name written on the baked quite a bit, somehow dry erase boards still fascinate me. 

If I’m ever in a room with a dry erase board, it is incredibly hard to actively refrain from finding that marker and starting to write or draw something for the whole world to see. I love drawing or putting funny sayings on the board. 

But what about regular markers? Will washable markers work on dry erase/ white boards?

Some washable markers can be used on dry erase boards (such as those made by Crayola). However most normal washable markers should not be used on a whiteboard as it will stain it or won’t come off easily. 

I still remember the thick red, green, blue, and black markers that my teachers used. If anyone had to use it during practice drills, the teacher would always remind us to be careful! We had to press gently, and not blend the colors on the board. Only the teacher would blend another color, and that was generally the black over a different color so it wouldn’t upset the clean color look on the lighter colors. 

Only those special markers were allowed to be used. 

Sharpies or any other regular marker were strictly prohibited for use on the board as that could destroy the board’s sharp, clean look.

However, a few years ago, Crayola came out with special washable markers. They come in 12 colors and can wash out of clothes and off skin super easy! I even bought them for my kids to try, and it really does come out of everything very well. 

But what about the dry erase boards? Will they come off that as well? The answer is yes! 

Having these markers to use brings a great variety of color to your dry erase board. The markers are able to erase easily from the board leaving it with a crisp, clean look once again.

Even if you do see something left on the board, a cloth with warm water will quickly wipe the rest off.

So say goodbye to large, bulky, and sometimes very stinky markers! Find yourself a pack of Crayola washable markers, and enjoy a whole new set of colors to use. 

If you’re a teacher, you will love this product even more, as children are always attracted to beautifully marked boards and you will have an easier time keeping the kids’ attention. I know my kids sure love them, and they are just great to have around as cleaning them up is now super easy!

To see the Crayola washable markers that you can use on dry erase boards just click here. 

Can Crayons Be Used On A Dry Erase Board? 

Every kid on the back-to-school list of items needed, have crayons listed. When I was a kid, you were super cool if you had the 64 pack of Crayola crayons with the crayon sharpener! 

If you had that sharpener, you were popular as everyone wanted the crayon sharpener, but it was every teacher’s worst nightmare as that meant crayon shavings could be anywhere and everywhere. 

Plus it took time away from kids getting their work done as they all wanted sharpened crayons! 

Many times it was reiterated in the early years of school that you could never use crayons on the dry erase board. But what about now? 

Is there some sort of crayon that has been created for a dry erase board or are we always doomed to be repeating what our previous teachers have told us many times?

Normal crayons should not be used on a dry erase board. However, Crayola has released some crayons recently that can be used on a dry erase board if you wish. 

Crayons are awesome, as they help kids be able to grip them easier than chalk and sometimes even markers. Teachers praise crayons as they are small enough to be carried anywhere for any project. 

Plus they don’t leak through papers, thereby destroying other perfectly fine papers or desktops. Moms however may have an issue with crayons as they can be found in the pockets of kids and if not caught in time, can melt inside a pocket in the dryer. 

School is always a time to be extra vigilant with checking pockets before putting something in the washer or dryer.

But can crayons be used on the dry erase white boards? Thankfully, one of my favorite companies, Crayola, has answered that question! 

They have created crayons specifically for dry erase boards!!! 

Teachers love it as they don’t slip from students hands as much as chalk for a chalkboard. Another plus, chalk dust gets everywhere! Crayons do not shed as chalk does, so no messy surroundings, and no messy clothes as children wipe their hands on their clothes when they finish! 

Teachers also like it as the crayons grip the board in a different fashion. Not to mention you will no longer need to remind students to put the covers back on the markers. 

Even at the end of the day, a teacher will need to double check the covers for her markers to make sure they are secure and proper. So that is another win for crayons!

To see these dry erase crayons just click here. 

But what about regular crayons? 

Can Regular Crayons Be Used On A Dry Erase Board? 

Especially because crayons are so popular, and you can find them in just about any class room, crayons would be a lot more accessible than dry erase markers. Plus you get so many colors to choose from. 

Regular crayons won’t work very well on a dry erase board as it can be difficult to get them off. However if a child accidentally colors on one with their crayons you can clean it off most of the time. 

You will need a microfiber cloth to clean the crayon off a dry erase board, but you will need to apply a lot of elbow grease to get it off. If you want to make your life easier, get some white board cleaner, and that will also help to clean the board much easier. 

If you wish for specifically dry erase crayons, you can find them at Walmart for those who like to shop in person. If you like the online options, Amazon is a great favorite for shopping. 

Not to mention Amazon offers 2 day shipping if you need it quicker than normal. 

Target also offers an option for dry erase markers. There are so many colors that can be used with crayons. Plus more crayons can fit on a board’s ledge than markers.

As crayons are a much cheaper option than dry erase markers, they may become more popular as time goes on. Crayola is my all-time favorite company for school supplies, so I may just be more loyal to their brand. 

Not to mention, their products are mostly non-toxic and extremely kid friendly. 

If you choose to use crayons instead of smelly, dry erase markers on your dry erase white board, you may decide you enjoy that better than tradition will dictate. It all depends on your perspective. 

However you decide to work your dry erase white board, you now know you have options for what products you can use! Hopefully this works out for you and helps you if you need to be creative with your students!

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