Does American Girl Make Boy Dolls?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:50 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:50 pm

I remember when the toy market was buzzing with rumors of an American Girl boy doll a few years ago. The anticipation was as exhilarating as a family member’s birth announcement.  

Due to this, there were many tongue-in-cheek headlines about the product launch.

Despite the initial commotion, many parents are unaware that the popular American Girl lines include a few boys.  So if you’re wondering if American Girl makes boy dolls? The answer is yes, it does.

American Girl does make boy dolls but they only make a few of them in comparison to the hundreds of girl dolls that they have made over the years. 

Although there are not many American Girl boy dolls there are enough that you can find one and give it to your child or grandchild that has requested a boy doll instead of a girl doll. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, recording the arrival of the first boy in this girl-populated world.

Meet The American Girl Boy Dolls

If you are an avid American Girl fan like so many people are, you may already know that Logan isn’t the first male doll from these infamous doll makers. Before his arrival, children and older collectors could purchase boy dolls through the Bitty Twin lines.

The original twin set got launched way back in 2003 with the introduction of boy and girl cherub-faced toddlers. With time, the doll makers aged up the Bitty Twins by introducing older versions. 

These dolls switched their onesies and diapers for denim-style clothing.

By 2008 a diverse Bitty Twin line emerged featuring dolls with different ethnicities. Purchasers could choose between different sets and genders without any restrictions. 

This led to over a hundred combinations of Bitty Twin sets. This includes two African American boy dolls, one white and one Latino American Girl boy dolls, etc.

The flexibility gave kids a chance to create blended families with fraternal twins.

The Perfect American Girl Boy Doll: Logan Everett

The Bitty Twins were discontinued in 2016, leaving room for another boy doll in the American Girl family. Logan Everett filled this void with his cool boy-band brown hair, fashionable ‘Play Loud’ t-shirt and dark-washed jeans.

The drummer’s backstory was heartbreaking, and he had the terrific Tenney Grant to keep him company.

Unfortunately, his controversial face mold (altered by Kaya mold) and the ‘boys will be boys’ storyline resulted in a lukewarm response.  

It’s probably why his days were numbered, and he became part of the limited AG doll collection after his termination in 2018.

Truly Me American Girl Boy Dolls

The Truly Me American Girl male dolls entered the toy world a year later. The boy line included dolls #74, #75, #76, and #77, each featuring basic face molds with small alterations to create a unique appearance.

The first two boys are white, while the other two are African American. They come with similar boy doll accessories and clothing to promote fair play.

How to Play with American Girl Boy Dolls?

Introducing American Girl boy dolls expanded man RV young players’ scope of imagination. It allows kids to create more realistic storylines with male counterparts working alongside the signature American Girl dolls.

It also gave boys a chance to role-play and become a part of the AG family.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the male line of toys released by American Girl. 

Are There American Girl Boy Doll Accessories?

Like its OG doll collection, Truly Me American Girl boy dolls and bitty babies come with accessories. The only difference is that their accessories aren’t as diverse as the girls.

All the Truly Me boys come with similar ‘cool accessories’.

These include:

• A fake digital watch

• Shark-print miniature water bottle

• A stylish zip-front corduroy vest with collar and tiny pocket flaps

• A few five dollar bills

• A smartphone with a case and reversible screens

Most of these faux gadgets are a reflection of the tech-savvy generation. Yet, we would have loved an American Girl boy doll with athletic gear, surfing accessories, or vintage items.

Hopefully, future renditions can meet those expectations.

Can You Create Your Own American Girl Boy Doll?

Many doll owners and collectors diversify their American Girl collection by using the Create Your Own service. It allows users to customize original American Girl doll molds by mix-matching accessories and altering features.

Some creative customers use this service to create a one-of-a-kind version of a male American Girl doll. They do this by selecting a shorter haircut, choosing gender-neutral clothes, and picking generic accessories.

Alternatively, these enthusiasts can switch things up at home by making DIY alterations. These include haircuts at home, tailored outfits, and off-brand boy doll accessories.

In both cases, your imagination comes to play when you transform iconic girl molds into masculine versions.

Can American Girl Boy Dolls Visit the Doll Hospital?

Like its female counterparts, you can admit American Girl Boy Dolls for emergency treatment or wellness service at the official AG Doll Hospital. Popular services include spa care to ensure your playthings look brand new, surgery options (for replacement and reattachment of broken limbs), and hearing aid fittings.

You can send your playmate for routine checkups at the hospital or come along for an in-person visit. The latter allows you to meet doll doctors that take good care of your friend.

Besides healthcare services, the hospital offers wellness accessories and healthcare-related merchandise for a more immersive experience. 

For instance, each doll receives a Certificate of Good Health after treatment. There are hospital gowns and cute doll-sized stuffed toys too.

Alternatively, you can purchase Feel Better Kits, Berry Wheelchair, and Bitty Better Kit to support recovery at home. These fun services give kids a chance to experience real-life hospital scenarios in a safe environment.

Final Thoughts 

Long story short, there are American Girl boy dolls available on the market. You can also create custom-made playmates if you want to expand your collection. 

Despite this gender-diverse step, the line of male dolls remains far narrower than the trademark vintage AG girls we adore and cherish.

Here’s hoping for more creative and inclusive renditions in the future. Have you added a boy to your American Girl collection yet?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:50 pm

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