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Does American Girl Replace Doll Wigs?

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When you’re a parent, your online searches will feature the oddest queries. American Girl doll wigs became my latest search entry when I found our Kitt Kittredge donning purple and pink streaks.

The realization led to a mad dash to wash away her tinted tresses in the bathroom sink. To my dismay, my baby niece used permanent markers for the impromptu makeover.


After multiple failed attempts to salvage Kitty’s hair at home, I opted for plan B. A quick search on how to find genuine American Girl doll wigs online.  

So does American Girl replace doll wigs?

American Girl does not sell replacement wigs as of right now but you can get a doll’s hair replaced by sending in the doll or by heading to an American Girl “Hospital”. 

If you have the budget for an authentic wig, you will want to stick to the original manufacturers. AG might not sell wigs at the moment, but they do offer rewigging services.

You can send your doll to replace her hair by contacting their doll doctors. These specialists can give your doll’s hair the TLC it needs after rough use and getting damaged.

In this article I will discuss the prospect of replacing the American Girl doll wig in greater detail with a few tips of doll hair care.  

How To Replace Your American Girl Doll Wigs?

Whether your doll’s hair needs TLC or an entire makeover, AG offers official wig replacements for its manufactured dolls. You can send your dolls to the American Girl Hospital to repair severely damaged hair. You can also send your doll for routine checkups and wellness services.

These services ensure your damaged doll hair returns to its prime condition. There are times when the specialists might replace your doll’s head when the damages sustained are impossible to correct.

How to Register Your Doll For Wig Replacement?

Like a real hospital, the AG doll doctors follow a strict code of conduct. Owners and collectors need to keep official guidelines in mind to ensure everything goes well.

Here are some rules you need to follow:

1. The AG hospital doesn’t accept dolls with clothing or accessories on their body and hair. These items include detachable earrings and accessories that must be removed before sending your American Girl dolls.

2.Mail or drop off your dolls in a simple box along with the hospital admission form and fee.

3. American Girl Hospital doesn’t return damaged wigs, limbs, or broken parts once you send your doll for repairs.

4. All American girl dolls must have a head and body for replacements and repairs.

5. The total cost of international orders for American Girl Doll wig replacements can include shipment costs and additional charges.

If you’re experiencing difficulties understanding the procedure or need help with the shipment, you can call customer support for assistance.

Why Do People Need American Girl Doll Wig Replacements?

Rewigging services are not confined to accidents. You might need a new wig to create a custom American Girl Doll. You can buy an online wig to create a cute lookalike or give it a brand new hairstyle.

Other common reasons for buying a wig replacement includes:

● Fixing unkempt matted hair

● Detangling knots and snags

● Replacing severely weather-damaged hair (exposed to moisture, sun, or mildew)

● Hiding a bad haircut or hairstyle

In most cases, owners opt for rewigging to ensure that their old doll or second-hand purchase looks brand new.

Can You Replace an American Girl Doll Wig at Home?

You can try DIY hacks to replace or repair your doll’s hair at home however you can’t do it with the official AG hair. There’s a diverse market for doll wigs and accessories for those interested in revamping her look.

Before you begin, wash and condition her hair thoroughly to make it softer. These steps make shaving more manageable. 

Use a knife or sharp-edged tool to shave off her head. Cut excessive hair with scissors to remove the remaining hair so that the replacement wig can stay intact.

Then carefully fasten the wigs as per manufacturers’ instructions.

Are American Girl Doll Wigs Made of Human Hair?

American Girl Doll wigs are not made of human hair. Their premium quality wigs are made with a blend of mod-acrylic fibers. The company uses different color fibers and textures to accommodate its inclusive line of dolls. 

The rich variation of hair color and texture gives these dolls realistic looks.

The doll makers fasten the hair with a strong adhesive instead of rooting the hair like its counterparts. It allows you to style her hair any way you desire.

Can You Buy An American Girl Doll Wig Online?

You can purchase a high-quality doll wig online but as of right now American Girl doesn’t sell the hair separately online. Websites like eBay and Amazon will have wigs that you can use for your American Girl doll but they won’t be the offices wigs. 

You can use any of these services to purchase different types of doll wigs or send the doll into the American Girl Hospital to have it repaired properly. 

Buying third party wigs for your American Girl doll is a great way to change its looks while also saving some money.  Third party wigs will be much cheaper than getting the official hair redone at the “Hospital”. 

How Much Does an American Girl Doll Wig Cost?

On average, American Girl Doll wigs can cost $10-25. If you want a genuine wig for your 18-inch doll, then you will spend more to get it done by American Girl. Likewise, luxury wigs made of real human hair might cost over $50.

If you have the budget, you might make a pricier purchase to prolong your doll’s hair life.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can find American doll wigs and replacements in the market. They are relatively cheap purchases compared to other doll accessories. Most doll wigs cost less than fifty dollars. 

Variation in prices indicates a difference in brands, materials, or product quality.

At present, the best options for safety and quality include the official source at the AG hospital. You can search for replacements online by browsing for an ecommerce platform or websites that can replace your doll’s wigs.

Got more queries related to American Girl dolls? Watch this space for more insights and doll care tips.

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