Does Barbie Dreamhouse Go On Sale?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:36 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:36 pm

Barbie and all her accessories are typically the go-to item on most little girl‘s birthday, Christmas, and just every day wish lists. Since her debut in 1961, Barbie has been a hit toy among young girls. 

Now, Barbie is so much more than just a toy. She has movies, TV shows, great fashion, many careers with outfits to prove it, tons of accessories, and best of all, the perfect dream house. 

As a parent, purchasing all the things to go along with Barbie can really start to add up and be a strain on the wallet. 

Does Barbie, any accessory, or Dreamhouse ever go on sale? 

While there is never a set time when Barbie’s Dreamhouse goes on sale, it typically will go on sale around Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Thanksgiving Holiday). 

Sometimes, the deals and sales on Barbie’s Dreamhouse may come out around mid-November as well. 

So, keep your eyes peeled around that mid-November mark and watch for the Dreamhouse to go on sale. Amazon will also offer a few deals on Barbie, her accessories, and the Dreamhouse throughout the holiday season as well so you don’t always have to check in stores. 

What Does Barbie Dreamhouse Come With? 

Barbie’s Dreamhouse is one of the ultimate accessories to go along with Barbie. 

Barbie’s Dreamhouse is three feet tall and four feet wide. Inside the Dreamhouse has three stories, eight rooms (including a carport but car not included), home office, working elevator (capable of fitting up to Barbie and three of her friends), a pool and a pool slide, five pieces of transforming furniture, lights, and over sixty additional accessories that help you to decorate Barbie’s Dreamhouse just the way you like it. 

Some of the cooler features in the Dreamhouse include the couch that can turn into bunk beds, the coffee table that flips and turns into a bed for Chelsea (sold separately), the fireplace can be turned into Barbie’s home office, the refrigerator can be turned into an outdoor food stand, and the oven can become a barbecue. 

In addition to these cool transformations, many items within the Dreamhouse light up or create sounds. Barbie’s Dreamhouse will be the envy of all other dollhouses and will make for some great playdates and use of imagination. 

What exactly comes with the ultimate Barbie accessory, her Dreamhouse? 

While no dolls are included with the Barbie Dreamhouse, there are quite a few accessories to help make up for it. 

Some accessories that come with Barbie’s Dreamhouse are: 

  • Barbie’s adorable little puppy. 
  • The puppy also comes with its own dish and bed. 
  • There are also quite a few household items, such as lamps, dishes, cookware, etc. 

These items are designed specifically for the Dreamhouse as they are “plug and play.” This means that they “plug” into place and don’t get knocked around when exploring and setting up other items in the Dreamhouse. 

Every Dreamhouse will have a few different accessories but none of them produced so far come with Barbie dolls or cars. 

What Age Is Barbie’s Dreamhouse For? 

If you are looking to get a Barbie Dreamhouse for your kids, grandkids, etc. you might be wondering what the best ages are for this popular Barbie toy. 

The box containing Barbie’s Dreamhouse states the suitable ages for it are three to seven. This does not mean that when you hit the age of seven your love for Barbie just disappears. 

Going past the age on the box, typically Barbie’s Dreamhouse is suitable for children ages three to thirteen. 

While you may be reluctant to allow your three year old to play with Barbie, her accessories, and Dreamhouse (that might actually tower over your toddler), there are actually a few benefits to allowing them. 

For example, it can help to develop their fine motor skills. Dressing and changing Barbie’s outfits, bending and making her to sit, stand, and walk through the Dreamhouse, maneuvering the plug and play pieces through the Dreamhouse will use and enhance your child’s fine motor skills. 

In addition, it can also help you see where your toddler is emotionally. 

How your child plays with Barbie can clue you in to how they feel. It also helps them learn socialization skills, either by using their own imagination and playing with Barbie and friends, or by playing with you and friends of their own. 

Lastly, it also helps your children entertain themselves. If you are not available to play with them at that moment, they can create their own scenarios with the grand Dreamhouse, Barbie, and all her friends and accessories. 

How Long Does It Take To Assemble Barbie’s Dreamhouse? 

Now that you are the proud owners of the glamorous Barbie’s Dreamhouse, there is some assembly required. 

But how much, and how long will it take? 

It typically will take around a half hour to an hour to piece together the Dreamhouse. In addition to the time it takes to assemble, the Dreamhouse also requires four AAA batteries which are not included. 

Once assembled and the batteries are placed, Barbie’s Dreamhouse is ready to go. The batteries are used to power the lights throughout the Dreamhouse in addition to some of the sounds that are made (the kettle on the stove and the timer on the oven).

Can You Visit Barbie’s Dreamhouse?

Playing with Barbie’s Dreamhouse is lots of fun, but what if you were able to visit it for just one day? Imagine that Barbie’s Dreamhouse was actual size and you could experience all the “magic” of it like your child does during playtime. 

Barbie’s Dreamhouse does actually exist and is in Malibu. During 2019 to help further the promotion of Barbie’s 60th anniversary and The Barbie Dream Gap Project, guests were allowed to stay in the Dreamhouse! 

Not only would you and your friends experience the Dreamhouse, but there were extra bonus features as well. There was a coach to teach sword fighting, a stylist to give you a glam look, and a chef to cook amazing food. 

However, shortly after this promotion, Barbie’s Dreamhouse was no longer available for the public to rent or enter. As of now the status of Barbie’s life size Dreamhouse is closed with no plans of reopening. 


Barbie’s Dreamhouse is a great purchase and addition to your child’s collection. Make sure that you have a big enough area for your child to comfortably play with the Dreamhouse which is sure to be their new favorite toy. 

Also, if you choose to use real water for the pool, make sure the Dreamhouse is located on a surface that you don’t mind having water splashed on. Enjoy the hours and hours of playtime fun with the grand and glamorous Barbie’s Dreamhouse. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:36 pm

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