How To Clean Play-Doh Out Of Hair, Clothes, Carpet, or Upholstery

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

​Play-Doh is one of my children’s favorite things to play with, but it can be frustrating when they get it stuck in their hair, on their clothes, in the carpet or on the furniture. 

I thought my wife was going to have a stroke the first time our youngest son got Play-Doh stuck on our brand-new couch. You could almost see the smoke rolling from her ears. 

So, what is the best way to get Play-Doh out once it is stuck?

​There are many different ways to remove Play-Doh once it is stuck on something. The location that it is stuck in will determine which method you should use for removal.

When trying to remove Play-Doh from the carpet or from furniture and other upholstery you should allow for it to completely dry and then use a stiff brush to remove it. For Play-Doh on clothes you should use ice on it then scrape the hardened putty off. 

Cleaning Play-Doh from the carpet or upholstery can be difficult as it may take a while to dry and you do not want to work it into the area causing it to be more stuck than it was originally. Once it has dried you should try to loosen the Play-Doh with a stiff brush. 

You may need to repeat the process of brushing it out a few times in order to completely remove the Play-Doh from the surface. 

You can also wash the area with gentle soap and cold water if needed, do NOT use hot water or other cleaning solutions of any kind.

If the Play-Doh is stuck on your clothes, you should use a spoon or another blunt object to scrape away as much of the Play-Doh as possible. You should then try to chill the putty which can be done by rubbing ice cubes on it or placing the clothes in the freezer. 

Once the Play-Doh is fully hardened, you should again try and scrape away as much of the remaining putty as possible. If there is a stain, you can use a cotton ball to blot at it with rubbing alcohol or a fabric cleaning liquid and then wash the item as you normally would.

Anything getting stuck in your hair can be a disaster. 

If Play-Doh becomes stuck in your hair you should rub baby oil into the hair and massage it into the scalp and wherever the putty has become stuck. Once you have the baby oil coating the affected area you should use a fine-tooth comb to gently comb through the area. 

This should remove most of the putty that has become stuck. After getting as much out as you can, you should then wash the hair and rinse it out thoroughly to remove the rest of the putty.

​How To Remove Dried Play-Doh From Toys 

​While Play-Doh is great for sparking creativity in kids, it can be a pain to clean up. If you have ever played with it and used one of the many toys or accessories that you can purchase with it, you know how difficult the cleanup can be afterwards. 

When I was growing up, I loved playing with the toys that made it look like hair was coming out of the top. Inevitably though, the Play-Doh always ended up stuck in the top of the toy and it was hard to get it all out when I was done. 

What are some effective ways to clean toys after the Play-Doh gets stuck inside of them?

​There are multiple different things you can do to try to remove Play-Doh from toys that it has become stuck in.

The best way to clean Play-Doh from toys is to do it while the Play-Doh is still soft. It will be considerably easier to get it off the hard toys this way. 

​After you are done playing with the Play-Doh, you should attempt to clean as much of it off of the surfaces of the toys as you can before it dries. Any toys that can be easily taken apart should be in order to get as much of the Play-Doh cleaned up as possible. 

If any of the toys cannot be taken apart or you are worried about breaking them, losing pieces or not being able to put it back together it is fine to leave them assembled. 

Just be sure to get as much of the Play-Doh cleaned up as you can. 

Pick up any bigger globs of Play-Dog that you see and use your fingernail to scratch harder to reach areas as necessary. You may need to clean out under your nails once you are done to remove any putty that may have gotten stuck. 

You can also use the Play-Doh itself to pick up smaller pieces that may be stuck in the toys. Take a small amount of the putty in your hands and roll it into a ball, next flatten the ball into a disc shape and press it down over any areas of small Play-Doh that you see to try and pick it up that way.

​If the Play-Doh has completely dried, you can try and scrape it away from the surface with a blunt object. 

Spoons tend to work well, and you can use either end which is another advantage for harder to reach areas in toys. Toothpicks also work well for tiny holes or hard to reach areas as they are thin and can get into the tight and hard to reach areas of the toys that you may not otherwise be able to reach.

Another option you can use would be to try to rehydrate and remove the Play-Doh that way. 

In order to rehydrate the Play-Doh, you will need to add water to the areas that have become dry and are stuck on the toy. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to get a washcloth wet with hot water and leave the cloth sitting on the spot for approximately one hour. 

This should allow the putty to rehydrate and allow you to remove it as you typically would.

If using the washcloth is not effective another option you can use would be to leave the toy to soak in the sink with some soapy water. After soaking the toy, you should be able to hand wash it and easily remove the leftover Play-Doh from the item. 


Although playing with Play-doh is a ton of fun for kids (and even adults) it is far from being the cleanest thing to play with. 

As long as you know these methods on how to clean up the Play-Doh and are sure to clean it up as soon as you notice it then you shouldn’t have too many issues with Play-Doh being stuck somewhere forever. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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